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Dead Island Riptide Game Engine Could Work On Wii U Say Developers, Still Not Coming


Techland international brand manager Blazej Krakowiak has told Digital Spy that the Chrome Engine, which the game is based on, can run on the Wii U without any problems. Dead Island: Riptide Creative Producer Alexander Toplansky previously told news publications that the game engine would have to be rewritten if they decided to bring the game to Wii U. As it stands both the publisher and developer say that Dead Island: Riptide won’t be coming to Wii U.

“Chrome Engine runs on Wii U without any problems. We tested and confirmed that long time ago, back in 2012.”

“While it’s true that Nintendo’s latest console would be a new platform for us, there were simply no plans to develop a Wii U version, but that decision has nothing to do with a need to rewrite our engine.”

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48 thoughts on “Dead Island Riptide Game Engine Could Work On Wii U Say Developers, Still Not Coming”

  1. ol’ boys are very lazy not to make a penny for themselves isn’t that point of this industry to make pennys or just be a lazy manatee

    1. The west + Konami hates Nintendo

      It has nothing to do with being lazy. The western developers + Konami hates Nintendo. That’s been obvious since the start of the N64 era.

    1. i know….. every single engine that runs on them will run perfectly on wiiu probably much better when games are built from ground up…

    2. the thing is that deep silver said that for the game to come to wii u they would to rewrite all the engine, wich as you can see are lies

    1. No we dont ps3 was in worst shape and look at it now. Kids this day just have to wait trust me this is not my first console launch.

      1. I’m just hoping Nintendo gets the big games coming out later this year. Not getting Dead island wouldn’t really matter if we’re getting GTA V.

        1. We have to remember that we are lucky getting ports this early the ps3 ports started to come in 1 year even when anounced at the same time.

  2. I never cared about Dead Island anyway. Keep your game. But, then again, it’s better than F1 Racers or Cricket game.

  3. eugh as much as i would enjoy dead island on the wiiu, i’m going with pc on this one anyway. the first dead island had way too many issues on consoles, and i wouldn’t trust them with porting it to the wii u, especially if they don’t have their 360 and ps3 issues sorted out.

      1. RE: Gustaf

        Userbase is pretty much it which is why Nintendo needs a couple Killer first party titles to get the units off the shelf. Twilight Princess was a big factor in the original Wii’s take off success and once people played the console it kept on selling. Super Mario Bros. U is a fun game but not a Killer Nintendo title.

    1. Because there are over 100 million Xbox and ps3 so publishers will go after the larger userbase. Wii u probably isn’t worth the financial risk right now due to the relative small number of users. That’s why we keep getting old ports as they are cheaper so less financial risk involved. The problem is its catch 22 as dirty ports what help expand the install base much etc etc. As much as it sucks you can’t really blame businesses for making business decisions. At least ubisoft seem to be on board. Nintendo needs to try and drive the install base before the other two consoles come out which I believe they will do. New financial year starts in April and with it a new budget which they could use for marketing etc. I think they should setup demo booths in shops with a human guide to communicate the premise of the console clearly

    2. Userbase and they don’t want to learn to program for a new system. Although they will be forced to when the PS4 and next Xbox come out lol.

  4. Not every multiplatform game is going to come to Wii U. I think people need to realize that. Not every game came to the Xbox 360 and PS3 when those systems launched, so I don’t see why people make a big deal out of every game that isn’t coming to the Wii U. Were getting Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, Injustice Gods Among US, Need for Speed, Watch Dogs, and Project Cars. Plus, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Lego City Undercover just launched. Plenty of Content for March and in the coming months.

    1. Pretty much this.

      I don’t know why certain people get so worked up over a game here and there not being announced for the system. It hasn’t even been out for 6 months yet. Give it time.

      No new system gets every game that comes out. When the Next Xbox and PS4 launch, you can believe that a lot of games will still be coming out for the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U that they won’t get either.

      This is not uncommon. Sometimes I think half of these people just started gaming within the last few years.

  5. Wow, so they blatantly lied, and now they’re keeping their mouths shut about the real reason?

    My guess is someone is paying them off, or convincing them some other way, to keep the game away from the Wii U.
    Not that it matters much to me unless Riptide addresses many issues I had with the first one, but I still think that there’s something rotten going on behind the scenes here.

    1. Actualy this is nothing new all consoles pass trough this when released . Deep silver was just using pr to promote the game if it comes to wiiu like saying “we rewrite the code to run better on wiiu blah blah and they would just port it.

  6. MotherFucker. . . . .
    The Devs are fine, It’s the PUBLISHERS that need a Kick in the Ass!!!
    Stop giving Nintendo the Short end of the stick!

  7. I own ps3 Xbox 360 and wii u , I don’t think the developers are lazy , they have to know they will see good profits, i have cod black ops 2 for wii u on a good day 3000 online, we should look forward to 1st party titles instead of worrying bout 3rd parties.

    1. Alexander Toplansky said they had to rewrite the Engine in order to put it on Wii U, The Actual Developer said the Opposite. The Dev said they tested the game on Wii U in 2012 and it Worked Just FINE.
      The Publisher Blatanly Lied. They’re obviously being Biased against Nintendo & it makes me sick. >_>

  8. Oh man what a tease.
    “You want our game? Cool. Our engine runs on it. But… you can’t have it *trollface*.”

    1. Well, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t working on a game for the Wii U. They just aren’t putting THAT game on the Wii U. I rather get a game built from the ground up on Wii U hardware rather than another port anyway. You know?

      They obviously have a Wii U dev kit so they could be working on something else.

  9. It works on Wii U, that doesn’t mean it’s optimized for it. But of course there’s other financial reasons involved in the decision.

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  12. This does nothing to improve my opinion on the game. It stinks of laziness to be honest. I know that we may miss out on some good games, but try to support the developers/publishers who support our consoles, not the ones who begrudgingly throw us the scraps and expect us to adore them for it.

  13. This doesn’t look good. To come out with lies, the credibility is lost and we need to Creative Producer Alexander Toplansky stepping down. He seems to be unsuitable for making public statements.

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