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EA Is Nominated For The Worst Company In America For The Second Year Running


Consumerist has nominated video game giant EA as the worst company in America for the second year running. EA is pitted against notable companies such as Google and Facebook to win a Golden Poo award. EA took the crown last year as the worst company in America, so it will be interesting to see just how they will fare this time around. Who would you say is the worst company in America in 2013?

152 thoughts on “EA Is Nominated For The Worst Company In America For The Second Year Running”

              1. I told you not to bring that joke of a game(Crysis3) up again, some people will never understand terrible games. -_-

              2. Hey, I remember you another night, I saw you went in the Gay Bar, somehow you got gangraping during the dark alley. There’s no need for you to put it up with another people, just let it go. :)

      1. crysis 3?
        imao… that game is SO bad, lol

        only 10 year olds will find such a game interesting, wtf is wrong with you, bill?
        so stupid lol

          1. name any EA title that is more popular than those three… are has sold more than one of those 3 franchises
            you cant, because EA sucks, you suck and Nintendo rulez!

            you’re just butthurt
            you prefer crysis 3 over the one masterpiece video game franchise (Zelda) ?

            you’re so dumb, you little troll
            crysis 3… same old same old fps…. but a really bad one
            shitty characters, shitty story (oh wait..there is none), shitty combat, shitty game

            dumb ugly virgin piece of shit, useless retard
            and yes.. i play Zelda, Mario, etc. because those are actually good games, you fucking retard
            hate brainless pple like yourself : )

            1. Ladies and Gentlemen, I now show you the typical “NintendoDrones”. “masterpiece video game franchise (Zelda)” Dude the gameplay is almost the same as OoT and hasn’t changed much. Pokemon has been the same since R/G/B and hasn’t changed much. Don’t get me wrong, they are fun, but its not a masterpiece (well maybe it was at the time, but today, no its not).

          2. Just cause a game is rated E or T means kids can play it since they aren’t supposed to play Rated M games isn’t making every rated E or T game bad. There is no E in kid or child. E is EVERYONE. Yet most of these 5 year olds your talking about are actually on Xbox and PlayStation playing COD and other Rated M games they shouldn’t be playing.

          3. I bet Bill is your real name, i already feel sorry for you and your random outbursts of anger, don’t worry Bill, your shameful life will someday have meaning, even as a troll named Bill.

            Dem feelz!

      2. Oh please, that game is such a snooze fest. Graphics are cool but if that’s all you have the game is gonna suck.

            1. I really like that one. Because cakes with shitty icing taste shitty. And games created nowadays with shitty graphics are shitty too.
              You’re really awesome for making this analogy, thanks for that. And I’m not being sarcastic or anything. Really, I’m not.

                    1. I see what you mean. But there are those who don’t enjoy cupcakes due to the icing, for instance. Well, it is all about personal taste…

      3. DarklordNintendoFan

        Weak U? Um… fun fact… Crytek actually got Crysis 3 running on the Wii U. It’s just that EA refused to publish it. The fact that they actually got such a powerful game running on the Wii U in the first place just tells you how powerful the Wii U actually is.

      4. You mean the tech demo for their new engine? Yeah, it is a good game…

        …If you have never walked outside your door and want to see something that looks more like real life than anything you have ever seen. I personaly have been out there in the real world so I have no desire to waste my time on a game with crappy gameplay but with visuals that are closer to the world outside than most other games.

        1. Companies taking personal information is a needed evil, but when the companies start giving bad use to that information, well then… that is really bad.

          1. That is not a necessary evil, exactly what does my information do for them besides they can give it to companies and advertisers?

        2. Then don’t give them personal information. “Let’s post my SSN on Facebook and Google+ along with my full birthday, address, and phone number”.

    1. No, Google are not ruining any consumer market, like EA does. Google only features apps in exchange of your information.

      1. EA is hardly ruining the entire video game market and even if they were, your information is much more important than a video game.

        1. I completely agree with your main point about personal info, however EA is at the forefront for screwing their customers with locked disc content and pay to win micro transactions on full priced games. There is nothing wrong with dlc, but locked content on the disc you have bought, where you have to pay more to use something you already own? BS

  1. I wonder how many Nintendo fanboys are going to vote for them just because they are butthurt because of Crysis 3, Madden 25, and other games. They are completely right for ignoring pathetic and unmanly Nintendo. Cry away, babies! HAHAHA

            1. there are many reasons….
              1) we aren’t stupid enough to let everyone buy a gun if they want to
              2) we aren’t war-loving retards
              3) we don’t think soldiers are heroes – just stupid people led into war by stupid people
              4) NA = 95% fat + brainless
              5) 90% ugly sluts and skanks over there
              6) we couldn’t care less about all this “school-sports-prodigy”-shit
              7) we do not have sympathy for rapists:


              the list goes on and on, but i’d sit here all night so i’ll end it here
              should be enough to make you realize that you suck

                1. just face it, you and your country suck
                  madden… ahahahaha that’s just awesome

                  madden in top 10? would’ve been reason enough to declare that your country sucks
                  man, you little troll virgins just suck.. go to ur faggot sony/microsoft sites, you clearly have no life if you have enough time to waste it on things you don’t like
                  fking retarded fatass virgins, so damn ugly

                  1. DarklordNintendoFan

                    Oh, look at that… someone else who doesn’t live in American and just accepts random stereotypes as facts, despite that not being the case. Dude… get your bigoted head out of your god damn ass. Okay? I live in America, so I can safely say that you guys have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. America’s full of fatasses? Really? I guess America’s the only place that has fat people, then. America’s full of morons? Guess stupid people don’t exist outside of America then, eh? All Americans are virgins? Hmm… don’t virgins exist in all countries? Last I checked, most people who are younger than 18 are virgins. Please do some ACTUAL research before you speak.

                      1. DarklordNintendoFan

                        You know absolutely nothing about NA. You have no right to say anything negative about America. I could easily say that the French are smelly and do not bathe and that their women are completely ugly. Or that Canada’s comprised of nothing but cowards. Those are stereotypes, of course, which means that they’re not true. Same goes for the stereotypes of America. Just because our president is a complete fucking moron… that doesn’t reflect the rest of America. So yeah, stop being a moronic bigot and open your mind a little. Okay?

                2. Dude, please don’t lump us Canadians in with the U.S.A. We are North Americans. Although… We do seem to have lots of fat people :(

                3. Dude this is by far the racist comment i seen here, you just show how much of a fucking retard you are not knowing what America is. You Europeans are calling us retards but from what i seen is you guys buying aliens (a.k.a) a garbage game and guess what it sold very well for a garbage game. Bunch of hypocrite Europeans thinking they are better than the world.

          1. Bill are you okay seriously dude I feel slightly sad for u . Do u have friends …loved ones … Any1 ..? No ? Thought so douchebag saddact ! Your very welcome

          2. Madden sells in the USA…not really anywhere else. Canada likes Hockey games the UK likes Soccer. Point is if you consider just the states making a game popular you’re and idiot.

          3. Nintendo Commander


            Are you trying to be funny are just plain retarded?…

            Madden, what a joke and a complete blasphemy to the Gaming Universe…

      1. Who cares about madden…. Hell who cares about crysis?… Capcom are making games for wii u they can still get a nomination in and have a chance at winning… What’s the basis of your reasoning?

      2. Crysis 3 is being ripped to shredds by non-Nintendo fans as being terrible. Granted it would have been nice to have it on the Wii U since it was already done, but it certainly isn’t a loss to not have it. Make no sense at all to say that.

    1. Can someone please tell me if need for speed most wanted is on the north american eshop yet? And the file size if it is available?

    2. Wow… Is EA really that bad? Why? I’ve played their games and they are pretty good (some). Exactly how are they “worst company”?

      1. They do release great games… It’s their company decisions like micro transactions and there hope for a digital only world so they can save money and not make it cheaper… Because if it went digital only they won’t reduce any price… They want done away with the preowned market not realising that, that market pretty much improve new sales… Online pass is ridiculous and they are one of the first to introduce it… And I’m sure more than that but fuck it I’m lazy

        1. How does the used market improve their sales? Every used game bought loses them money. They’re making good business decisions.

          1. Used sales market is used to bring someone into game franchise. Lets say you may buy used Dead Space or Mass Effect game as you may not know much about it. Once you like that game you are more likely to buy next game brand new. It is difficult to pay $50-60 dollars on untested product, but once you played the prequel, you know what to expect with the sequel. It is truly very easy theory to grasp. I also have no beef with EA games, but hate they are doing exclusives only on origin and I despite origin. BTW Origin has been proven to grab your information without your knowledge so I think that’s worse than Google or Facebook as those companies do not run spyware on your computer but you voluntary give up your information. With EA you are forced into Origin with every game you buy now from them.

      2. EA dont make the games, their devs are good, when they arent forced to do what EA wants and fuck up and rush a game, and change it, all for the sake of profit.
        EA just have no respect for the consumer, that’s why everyone hates them.
        I played all the Mass Effect 3 DLC, and you can tell it was all supposed to be in the original game, and that the ending should lve been better, but no “more money”.

    3. Worst company in America? The US Federal Government*–EA is a piker in comparison.

      *Yeah, it’s not a company, it’s actually a lot worse.

    4. good at sucking money, charging you full price in an incomplete game and charge you another full DLC to make it complete.. just wow

    5. hummm what makes them so bad? I mean sure the new sim city had some problems but every game needs updating these days, but why elce? I mean ubisoft is pretty bad (I know they are Canadian)
      apple is scum, but god forbid we ever talk trash about apple, I tell you its a F**** conspiracy that no one realizes how bad apple is.

      my big favorites though are HP, Samsung, nokia, ikea, Microsoft, Nintendo, lows, tesla, solar city, golden egal log homes, Netflix, and ….lol well their are more but that’s a good start…..

      Sony is another bad one

      1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

        IKR. Everyone is so Apple crazy. iPhone isn’t even the best phone, and a lot of people think it is because it sells so much. iPhone and other Apple products just have their name and their company’s name. That’s it. The company used to be good but releasing the same freaking product every year is ridiculous. Then there’s Apple Maps and the new charger (look at the retail prices for anything Apple related).
        iPad Mini anyone?

        I love IKEA xD Best place to go shopping. It’s so much fun haha

        1. windows phone is the best for being user friendly and have services like music, xbox, office, and cloud. but if people like the way the iphone looks then android looks similar but is so much better in terms of a OS. iphone I-crap on customers and take their money

    6. I hope Peter Moore(EA’s possible replacement, & runs EA’s Sports division) can turn EA around to be like they used to be a long time ago, before they became So Greedy & Corrupted.
      Peter has a nice Fondness towards Nintendo and I doubt he Holds a Grudge against Nintendo, unlike Riccitiello. (;

      1. I would like Peter Moore to take over. He’s had good things to say about Nintendo in the past. He could be key in patching things up. I always respected the work he did at Microsoft as well. I REALLy give him props because he was desperately trying to get Killer Instinct III made while he was at Microsoft only to be turned down.

    7. After what happened with the Origin deal on Wii U, as well as Medal of Honor Warfighter and SimCity, I’m sure that EA is gonna get voted “Worst Company In America” again. 2 Golden Poo awards in a row should teach them a lesson, and perhaps convince them to support the Wii U.

      1. How would that convince them to support the Wii U? It’s sales are still low, it makes perfect business sense.

    8. EA dev team is pretty damn good but the Management Dep just come and say: “1 Game= $.; Half game = $ + DLC to complete = $$$$$$”
      thats where the company just fucks his own image

    9. EA is the best company ever. Microtransactions are the best thing to come in gaming history.
      I don’t get into football mode more than when I buy the yearly updates in Madden NFL.
      The servers in SimCity are so popular you must go into a waiting line. Nothing says fancy more than a waiting message.
      And don’t get me started on my love for their game “Surviving High School”

      1. “EA is the best company ever”
        no they are not.
        ” Microtransactions are the best thing to come in gaming history.”
        um its not popular and not a smart move to begin with.
        “The servers in SimCity are so popular you must go into a waiting line. Nothing says fancy more than a waiting message.”
        EA fucked up that game and you are happy about it?
        ” And don’t get me started on my love for their game “Surviving High School””
        who the hell buys EA games just to survive a high school? talk about peer pressure.

    10. LOL! It’s SO true! Just about every game I have that’s by EA is something that completely SUCKS or looks totally pathetic.

    11. No wonder. Not only do they steal your money but they are never on time or always complain or least summit always goes wrong. I heard their customer service is terrible.

    12. The only games I like from EA is Sims, and SimCity (SimCity from SNES to SimCity 4.) But pretty sure there are worst companies, like NBC and CBS, just to name a few.

    13. Nintendo Commander

      Let’s see if this Pete lifeform extends the Electron Army’s hand to our Empire…

      If not, let’s make our voices heard so that this Pathetic Organization Overall (Poo) Award is garantued to them…

    14. EA sucks big time. They will lose again. Why is Google nominated??? I love Google!…Facebook, not so much.

    15. FoolyCoolyUpInHere

      So aside from youtube copyrights and horrible apps and making searching trouble on it, why are we supposed to hate Google? Seriously, I’m wondering what puts it in the same league as these guys, cause I’ve never had too many issues with them myself. Heck, I love the Google+ hangouts, and Google’s basically website searching Wikipedia, plus doesn’t Google Fiber internet blow everything else in the US out of the water. Maybe I got a biased result searching for information about that on Google though lol

    16. See, the reason Apple isn’t nominated is because they give good customer service. EA is bottom of the barrel with most forms of service.

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