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Nintendo Release Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Launch Trailer

Nintendo of America has released a Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate launch trailer to celebrate the game’s release in North America today. The game brings all-new monsters, equipment and weapons and over 200 action-packed quests to tackle, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is the most expansive game in the series to date. The game launches in Europe on March 22nd.

Thanks, Eric

51 thoughts on “Nintendo Release Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Launch Trailer”

  1. Thank you Sickr. I forgot that this game launches today in the Americas. I’m going to get this game today :D

  2. Nice, let’s support it across all regions and possibly secure the MH franchise to Nintendo only…

    1. While you guys relish the anticipation Nintendo Commander, we on the NTSC front are seeing of the winter today with a fire Curapeco Axe, online and offline play. Testing and preparing for next month as our world wide armies combine for the good of gaming. Don’t day Japan is not included friends out there. The warriors in Nipon are gearing up for the release of Dragon quest X, and Pokemon on the U. We are always tasked with playing and releasing new tactical weapons as the commander states :).

      1. Our main swarm in the main region “Leave luck to heaven” knows no boundaries…

        Hopefully me and my legion gets support real soon to the north…

    2. Yes, please, keep such a nerdy and unmanly game series on the most unmanly console series. I doubt Sony and Microsoft (the sem-manlies), want this nerdy series anymore.

  3. i belive most cross plat form games should be like this for an example super smash brothers 4 should do this but better characters that are not use in the wii u version will be a difficult unlockable charcter on the 3DS version and then allows you to tranfer it over the wii U version of the game (via vise versa) if Nintendo do this im going to be throwing my monney on the screen!!!! ^_^

  4. That trailer kinda sucked. They did not showcase the awesomeness of this game well. They should have showed the intensity of the monster encounters and battles way more and the HD graphics! Who runs the advertising department for Nintendo?? But anyways, people will look the game up and see how great it is anyways and buy it! Wii U is still young. People love to bash on Nintendo and doom it with their words. It’s baffling to see so many Nintendo haters when Nintendo is the originators and like the grandfather of gaming. That’s just how this generation is, disrespectful and negative towards parents and leaders. Wii U will thrive cuz Nintendo is Nintendo man. I’m getting an Xbox 720. But I got my Wii U early. Give honor to whom honor is due. Stop hating on the trend setting originators of gaming!

    1. I think this particular trailer is geared towards the more social gamer, someone who likes to play with friends, as well as showing off the new cross-system functionality. Hardcore gamers have probably been following this game for months and have long decided whether or not they want to buy it, this is not for those gamers (a group which I expect includes you).

    2. Actually, it is probably a good thing they didn’t show much of the gameplay. It kinda isn’t that good… To be honest. I played the Wii U demo and my character was clunky as hell.

      1. Stop lying, you played a DEMO! monster hunter tri- monster hunter 3 Ultimate’s blue print got a 40/40 from famitsu. This game is better than retarded HALO series combined, even uncharted or red steel 2. We as players in the 100, 000s still play monster hunter tri and monster hunter freedom unite on the PSP. Crawl back under the microsoft pay for services that should be free xboxlive bridge troll and stay there. Trying to downplay a great Wii U – 3DS game that truly defines the real cross play and 3 years straight of fun.

      2. That’s because you haven’t play for more. My childhood since PSP when the MH Freedom came out, I keep on playing and fell in love with it, my friends who played it before didn’t like it, but now love it. You should give it a chance, though.

    3. Dude you are an xbox fan we get it, also you realized that Microsoft is in third place behind nintendo, then Sony in second in terms of game play. Imagine we have that much fun with our nintendo products at home and on the road. Listening to beats on our Memory cards and 3DS or occasional iPod while the ZUNE collects mold lol.

  5. The second best games developers putting their Gem on the best games developer’s machine, this is the true definition of awesome. No trolls will post under this one. Reason being nobody that makes games for Sony and xbox studios can match the sheer brilliance of Nintendo’s EAD and Capcom’s games division. Let the hunt begin.

        1. Sorry I went ballistic at you above. Monster hunter is one of my favourite games. It’s so good that I am in attack mode when some one tries to down play it. Especially since it is a game that plays like contra and NES games; it’s hard but more than worth while. What am saying is today for me marks the third beginning of my Wii U journey :). Am so happy I made breakfast for my girl. Anyways it’s off to wait until gamestop opens here on the westcoast.

          1. I see, no worries. In all actuallity I am a huge Nintedo fan. I’m just not so psyched about MH3. I did IN FACT play the Demo. Which is how I determine if a game is worth getting. I wasn’t impressed so I just simply won’t get the game. I will wait for MH4 which will hopefully have better, less clunky controls (that was my biggest drawback). I am planing on buying Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, LEGO City: Undercover and Bayonetta 2!(whenever that comes out..) I understand that Monster Hunters is an amazing franchise that many know and love.. it’s just not really for me I guess, at the moment.

            1. Dude, it’s because the demo was for veteran players, the demo actually sucked for first time players, I highly recommend you get the game though, you won’t regret it :)

      1. It’s because some people above started to show colors of being butt hurt that nintendo and the Wii U are now in second gear about to coast to third. Yesterday Lego city under cover released, with a stellar January that had low sales but profit none the less for nintendo. Then February the wonderful PS4 announcement and nintendo stock rose again. Then last few weeks Sony and nintendo stock rose on the Tokyo and US exchanges; guaranteeing we are getting a blue ray player for myself in the PS4. Wii U for nintendo marvels and third parties, PC for my MMOs, then as stated PS4 for Sony’s last guardian, Gran turismo ( best driving game ever ) and blueray movies.

    1. Agreed, we need to supervise the implementation of Miiverse on Smartphones and possibly other media along the path…

      But I know High Command will do their best…

    1. I love the fact the put a girl in the mix. Plus she was actually playing a really tough game, not stereo typical cooking mama, which I played a lot. My guilty pleasure, my girlfriend used to freak and wondered why I was not passionate about cooking in the real world; well that’s a story for another day!

  6. You guys should enjoy these comments am sharing. For after my fingers first move my character and he chats with the village Cheif, am taking a hiatus from mynintendonews. I have an appointment to gun down Rathalos as he tries to fly away in 1080P, 12 weapon X infinity modification classes, gathering, trying to prepare to school PAL region gamers, cooking, geming my armor to unleash awaken while wielding Lagi-electric armor. DD on gigganox; Wait I got to go. ‘ scampers of to save chacha. ‘

    1. Good, playing and having fun is the number one “Law” in the Nintendo Commands…

      Spread the joy, and obviously so shall we…

  7. Glad to see someone is trying to sell the Wii U. Thank you Capcom
    (I never thought I’d actually say that)

  8. DAMN YOU CAPCOM!!! We awesome folk in Australia can’t get this game until Saturday….STOP THE TAUNTING!!!! :'(

  9. Aha, I just went to Walmart and bought this game for the hell of it. I thought it’s already been a few weeks back. Guess I was wrong. xD

      1. Ahahahaha, it won’t even let me register the club Nintendo code that came with it.

        “Error! This game or system has not yet been released. To register, please return after this game or system has been officially released” LOL

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