Miyamoto Hangs Out With Luigi In New York

Nintendo designer and producer Shigeru Miyamoto visited New York a few weeks ago and hung out with Luigi, who’s lately being increasingly recognized because this year belongs to him. Nintendo uploaded a few pictures, including the one above, from Miyamoto’s trip onto its Facebook page. Click here to view more photos of Miyamoto and Mario’s taller brother.


      1. LOL, I can totally see this Happening.
        Everyone just Spinning around Spamming the “Hey” Command. XD

    1. “Iwata: Watcha thinkin’ about Miyamoto?
      Miyamoto: Oh you know, Luigi things.” – blerp2

  1. Damn! You know the economie is fuck when real buildings looks like they came out of fallout 3.

    1. “Damn! You know the econmie is fuck when real buildings look like they came out of fallout 3.” – Macarony64

      1. And by trust….. I mean trust U…… FACEPALM………. . what the hell am I typing??!!

  2. Just came home from work to a Miiverse community about Luigi and one about Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon :D Greatest thing ever.

    1. “Luigi was always my favorite character in Mario spin offs such as Mario kart :)” – Nintedward

  3. Meeting this man in person is definitely on my bucket list. I will do it someday, even if I have to go to Japan.

            1. Japan has the highest life expectancy at about 82. He’s in his early 60’s I believe.

    1. Speaking of bucket list , recently bought the film with Morgan freeman and Jack nicholson . It’s a great film XD

  4. …And this is why Nintendo is the best.

    On an unrelated note; Sickr, I’d be more than happy if this site required accounts – anything to get rid of these trolls.

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