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Sega Says ‘No Comment’ Regarding Aliens Colonial Marines For Wii U


GameSpot has contacted Aliens: Colonial Marines publisher Sega and developer Demiurge to find out exactly what has happened to the Wii U version of the game. Aliens: Colonial Marines was meant to launch on Wii U at the end of March, but we’ve barely had any news about it. Here’s what both the publisher and developer had to say about the long overdue Wii U version.

“We’re still not commenting on Aliens: Colonial Marines at this point. Sorry, I don’t have better news,”

– Sega representative

“I’m sorry to say that we at Demiurge can’t really comment,”

– A representative from the Cambridge, Mass. developer

66 thoughts on “Sega Says ‘No Comment’ Regarding Aliens Colonial Marines For Wii U”

  1. At this point, I don’t care. We all know the game’s horrible at this point, I’m sure no one’s gonna miss it on the Wii U. Leaves more room for a better, more deserving title to bear Nintendo’s Seal of Quality.

  2. watch it get canceled cause it fucking blows so bad that even the devs don’t want to play it. I’ll wait for a better game from them.

    1. lol, honestly it still looks like it is better the the walking dead game that was just released. I’m a fan of walking dead but that game looks like crap.

  3. Hopefully they are trying to sort the game out so that it is more like what everyone was told originally.

    They know how badly it has been received & they surly know that only a tiny number of people will buy it for the WiiU, it is not a case of them saying it is not worth porting the game to the WiiU because it has already been made for the WiiU, so the only thing i can think of is what i have said, that they are trying to radically improve the game to at least try & save face & make a return on the game on the WiiU.

    1. That would be cool!! I hope you are right about them trying to fix the game based on feedback from the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.

    2. Thenintendowatcher

      its a game that was stuck in development hell, finally comes out and then another version of it gets stuck in its own circle of development hell, this game is cursed

    1. Well they might as well release it, if the game is done. If not improve upon the criticism from the earlier release.

    2. if it were, then it would be “canceled”. At this point it’s an enigma lol. Either it is still being worked on as another poster said or they are looking into it to see if it’s still viable.

      1. Sonic…has pretty much only had bad days…Nintendo was either thinking about buying out sega or they were in discussion with Sega about it.

      1. Really? After playing the first two Riders, I assumed every Sonic racing game would be an awful. I’ll look into that.

  4. Cool. By not releasing the game, they are only boosting the Wii U’s Metacritic average.

    Official idea by Albert Einstein. No takeseez

  5. Im happy the dead island thing and this is happening at the same time. This has been the best for Nintendo fans.

    1. The dead island producers should take a leaf from THQ, Vigil and now EA. Humble companies reap rewards. Don’t bash nintendo and act like you are cream of developers lol.

      1. Actualy the reason they give now is the real 1 they came from a big investment so is logical they are trying to minimalise risk but the lie they say about the engine could have costed millions to the developer of the game.

    1. I Know Right! That Chainsaw Long sword! I stopped my player at the village just to look at it lol. Wait there was a game named Aliens colonial marines touted as epic by gear box studios lol. Word is that some one moved money to a known game of the lands we share lol.

  6. You know what would e cool? If SEGA recalled the game and fixed it up for the Wii U and the game was half decent. I know what your thinking. Pretty much not gonna happen…

    1. What SEGA should do is give us a Sonic exclusive and the grinder from high voltage lol. This is amusing and refreshing to the heart. I cannot stop laughing.

    2. Thenintendowatcher

      they need to make it sonic themed then we can get that sonic first person shooter everyone wants. Might as well they’ve tried every other genre except survival horror on sonic to try and keep him relevant.

  7. yea the game sucks and they knew it, retarded people who bought it, they got exactly what they wanted, make a shitty game without trying to make it good, to get your money

  8. Even if it is a bad game, you guys do realize it has made some money eh. It was one of the best sellers on consoles in the UK. No idea how it has fared in other countries or on pc.

    1. Thenintendowatcher

      it has been one of the highest selling games in the U.S. for 2 weeks now I think, don’t know why, guess people want to see if it’s really that bad

      1. Thenintendowatcher

        … it still hurts my head how they made a game that looked so good so bad… ugh never should have outsourced this game sega and gearbox!

        1. Well, did you know that Demiurge actually made part of Borderlands. One of the best aspects actually.

          “Here at Demiurge, we were responsible for preliminary development of the Arena mode. These special locations feature both team-based and free-for-all style competition. We worked quickly, building a functional player vs. player mode within our first week. Our goals from there were creating interesting maps, balanced combat, and endless fun!”

          So I still wouldn’t count it out. But once again… Ya never really know till/if it’s released.

  9. lol, This game is NOT coming to Wii U.

    There’s no point, its terrible. They would lose more money by releasing it.
    Not having this game in the Wii U library would’nt effect Nintendo at all.

    1. Why? Most people don’t read reviews or forums like these.

      I bet it would sell fine. Also if it is like the initial demo shown as opposed to what was released then it might be good. That demo showed better atmosphere and better story tie-ins, of course the graphics as well, and certain parts in the game that looked great that were cut out entirely.

      These are small things that can make a crap game great, or vice versa.

      The first part is fact, the second is opinion.

  10. nonspecificactionfigure

    Unless they are making this version look like the initial demo they first unveiled, I have a feeling this game is either scrapped or it will be D.O.A. !!

  11. Sounds like they’re too ashamed of the lack-luster job they did on the game to release it on yet another console.
    They’re either considering scrapping it entirely, or they’re holding it back to re-do a HUGE amount of key aspects.

  12. Either release what you have and take your lumps or put this horse out to pasture and call it a day. Stop stringing this along.

  13. I’m hoping they do what Team Ninja did with Ninja Gaiden 3 and make a better Wii U version that fixes all of the main problems of the main game.

    1. The Nintendo Reviewer

      My thoughts exactly. That would be much better than just canceling it. Give the devs a chance to right all the wrongs.

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