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Capcom Will Tease A ‘Surprise Or Two’ At PAX East


Capcom has confirmed via a press release that it has a few surprises up its sleeve for this years PAX East. The company will be showing off a number of previously announced titles at its booth including Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, and Resident Evil Revelations for Wii U, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. During the World of Capcom panel Capcom producers and product managers will discuss this years releases, along with “some new product announcements.”

66 thoughts on “Capcom Will Tease A ‘Surprise Or Two’ At PAX East”

  1. Ah Hell ya!!! Come at me with everything U got Capcom!!
    I am Fully Prepared to be Disappointed by U guys, I’m ready!

        1. The second game to me felt like a spin-off, the multiplayer for the campaign took away what made the 1st game good and thats one against everything thats trying to kill you. The 3rd seems to be going back to the 1st fomula and thats a big plus for me..Totally hype for it. :)

    1. NO! I love okami and I don’t want them to ruin it anymore. I mean look at what they’re doing to megaman

      1. As I said, a PROPER DMC5. Not that complete waste of everyone’s time and Capcom’s money that they released.

  2. We’re way way way way way overdue for a new street fighter game! No doubt it will come to wiiu as long as it no doubt runs on the beefy little bugger…

            1. What are you even talking about? Please explain your sentence, “It was going to happen if Tatsunoko x Capcom didn’t pan out for a worldwide release”.

                1. When that’s exactly what you’ve done in multiple articles in the past and your shitty attempts at alt accounts on here.

                  Practice what you preach, faggot.

  3. how about fucking mega man 3 for europe?

    oh and.. you’ve got SO MANY great franchises, do something with those…..

  4. resident evil 7: with more action, explosions and guns than ever!

    Play as new characters that you’ve never heard of before and embark on 26 different campains that last 9 minutes each*

    *Only 13 campains will be available at launch, the rest will appear as over-expensive DLC later this year

  5. Ace attorney vs. layton localization?
    Resident evil revelations sequel?
    Megaman battle network 3DS?
    I swear if it’s some iOS game i’ll be pissed.

    1. Cross off Battle Network. That series is over (and after the events of 6, it should stay that way). A new Megaman game would be nice though.

  6. Please:
    Localization of amazing games.
    -Megaman and Okami related news for Nintendo 3DS or WiiU. please..
    Megaman resurrect from the ashes! T__T

  7. I hope they give megaman a reboot, a 3d version of the first game, add two new robots, combine game play of dead space (fighting & aiming) and alice :m r (movement & level design)
    and I thing you could have a grate new game for Wii U and other new systems

  8. Ugh, I may come off as sounding harsh, but I really hope Capcom goes under sometime soon. They have handfuls of great, iconic franchises and they’re doing diddly dick-all with them. Shit or get off the pot, Capcom, for fuck sakes

    1. Yeah but nintendo seems to ignore many of their key franchises too. When was the last metroid or f zero. Game companies just don’t know how to make good games anymore.

    1. Nah man. That was totally our fault. Yep. We weren’t “supportive enough”. We suck as a fanbase. Crapcom is innocent.

  9. All I want from Capcom is Breath of fucking Fire. If it’s a Breath of Fire announced they go back to doing as many RE and Street Fighters they want.

    …if not BoF then at least Dino Crisis and having another go at Beatdown.

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