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Nintendo To Meet UK Retailers After Wii U Price Cut Fails


Nintendo has announced to MCV that it plans to meet with retailers after a number of them questioned the company’s strategy. Retailers told the publication earlier today that their Wii U price cuts had failed to result in sales. Nintendo told MCV that it has a plan to revitalise sales of the console in the United Kingdom. Nintendo representatives will meet with retailers over the next few weeks to reveal their strategy.

“We’ll be speaking to our retailers directly over the next few weeks to take them through our plans for building Wii U momentum over the course of 2013. We have a strong and broad line-up of software launching this year and we look forward to updating – and exciting – our partners over the coming weeks.”

81 thoughts on “Nintendo To Meet UK Retailers After Wii U Price Cut Fails”

      1. What is a must have for ya? What gets your engine pumping? lol. A must have for me was actually ZombiU, and for my wife it was NSMBU, and now it’s Lego City. The rest of the games I purchased were filler, but Arkham city was epic.

    1. Thats probably what it is. Nintendo will say “we have plenty of games coming out for the system in the very near future. This will result in more sales”. I mean of course that is just a guess, but honestly, duh.

    2. the wii u is as dry as a desert at this moment. there’s no game that looks or plays like a game for a new console for it, all the advertising released so far is kind of boring, nintendo just has nothing ready at this moment to bring excitement, and third parties once again quickly abandoned nintendo. there’s too many factors going against them, and it looks like it’s going to be a very difficult uphill battle for nintendo to make an impact for wii u.

    1. I know! They should just leave everything alone and not bother to talk about their future plans, just leaving everyone in the dark for longer periods of time!

      Seriously, though, try thinking from the other side of the spectrum for once. Best they get this issue resolved now than when the PS4 and 720 hit later this year, even if some people like yourself think that their fate has been sealed even though we haven’t gone through even a year with the Wii U.

  1. The only Wii U games I’ve bought were released the week of or the week after the console launched (not counting eShop titles). So I can only agree wholeheartedly with that statement. It’s a shame really because Rayman Legends was a biggie for me, I couldn’t wait for it! Not to mention Scribblenauts Unlimited which appears to of fallen into an abyss of no release just three days before launch. LEGO City Undercover and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate can’t come soon enough.

  2. As much as I love my Wii-U, Nintendo’s marketing is horrendous and they currently deserve to be in the current position that they are with the Wii-U. Perhaps this scare from both 3rd parties and retail will give them the kick in the ass that they need.
    We still don’t even have Nintendo TV here in Europe, the Virtual console is no where to be seen, no release dates for Pikmin 3…they can’t wait till E3 to announce everything, they need to move now.

    1. WiiU problem is localized on UK
      Japan sales are increasing as well as USA ones
      WiiU will reveal its true potential after new games are revealed

  3. again
    UK has a lot of shitty gamers, CoD fans
    it is normal that UK has such a bad feedback toward consoles

    1. I agree, Nintendo isn’t popular here in the UK. It’s the minority, like myself, that keep them in business over here. Their marketing (UK adverts are always shit) and under powered (compared to the PS4) hardware is to blame. I’m know and believe those two factors aren’t what defines a good console, but sadly most UK gamers disagree.

      1. Nintendo handhelds have always been very popular in UK , the Wii was extremely popular but has now all but stopped except some casual gamers , who will hopefully jump over to the wiiu asap :).

        And people … please let’s not generalize gamers from certain countries. I know tons of gamers who play all systems , retro , collect etc right here in UK.

    2. I’m not from USA(Costa Rica) I only play 2 FPS(Team fortress 2 and Halo 2 online(i could count Metroid Prime Series but no)) the rest are RPG and adventure games
      I know im making an stereotype, but statistics show that UK holds most of the FPS fan community
      Costa Rica may be from America, but i find FPS really overrated
      I liked the first ones like 0007 or Halo but now everything must go FPS(gaming company’s logic)

    3. Not proper gamers huh, keep telling yourself that, Americans are not all the same, we all like different game genres and companies. Nintendo is quite popular where i live ( i live in florida). Whether you live in the UK, USA or anywhere else in the world we are all the same, we just have different tastes.

  4. It probably should have gotten a better name (Wii U is a bit confusing for non-gamers I think) and been released with a few more software titles. It just seems that, beyond gamers, not many even know there is a new Nintendo console out there and that there aren’t games that would compel them to buy when they do find out about the Wii U.

    It’s pretty obvious that a price cut won’t fix these issues, so it’s kind of silly for the UK retailers to even be trying it.

  5. Here’s the plan.
    Change the name.
    Help retailers coordinate price drops with software launches.
    Better pricing in the eShop.


    1. It’s too late to change the name , and I like the name wiiu.

      Don’t worry about this BS. There is still a lot of 2013 left and by the end of it , i guarantee you Wiiu will have built a nice momentum up. Especially when games like Windwaker HD launch. And if Mario kart and shit is announced at e3 . We can expect what happened to 3DS when Mario kart and 3D land launched.

    2. BTW , drybones did you get any of the new Wiiu games ? I got NFSMW and Monster Hunter today. Need for speed most wanted U has probably the best graphics I’ve seen on a console….

      1. Got both of them on Tuesday and I totally agree with you about the graphics!! Beautiful and such great gameplay graphics that It’s hard to tell the transition between some cutscenes and when gameplay is going to start again! Lovin’ it!!

        1. Yeah the night time graphics just look unbelievable almost. The resolution could be better , it looks 720p with no AA or maybe even a lower resolution with some AA. But the actual textures . lighting , draw distance etc looks miles ahead of the ps360 version.
          :) ANd it is a very fun game.

          By the way , have you figured out how to do father and son coop mode yet ? if so , how ?

        1. Fucking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a definite reason to own a wiiu. Graphically it’s an extrmemely sharp native 1080p wii game. That’s that , but gameplay wise it’s the best in its class hands down. and there seems to be an unthinkable amount of new content + DLC .
          And Amazing 3DS conectivity. Game is shaping up to be a 9/10 for me :)

            1. Sorry bro :( . You will get it one day right ?
              Moster Hunter Ultimate is just what you would expect. And it’s the perfect game to put hundreds of hours of Juice into your Wiiu!

      1. I love that idea!!! NES became Super NES. Wii shoulda been Super Wii!!

        Personally I think Ninty had expected Aliens Colonial Marines to keep some momentum with game releases and still nobody knows what’s happening with it so it’s took a whack there but, I totally agree the marketing over here is pathetic and the price really has to come down on both hardware and games.

    3. I agree they should change the name because Wii U kinda sounds like an add on, which is why a lot of people think it’s probably a wii with a gamepad.

      1. Fuck the whole name thing. Did anyone think the same from going PS1, to PS2, to PS3, to PS4? or going from Xbox to Xbox 360? Nope. People outside gamers meaning the causals are just idiots about this stuff.

    4. I agree with the Eshop price, but the WiiU is disc-based system. if they cut prices on eshop for games sold on retail too, the retailers will be pissed off with Nintendo.
      As you can see download-only games are always on sale with a great price.

      This is different from steam that all games are downloadable and there’s no hardware wich needs to be sold on stores, they don’t depend on retailers. Nintendo does, so they can’t break deals.

  6. They know what they are doing…
    It’s the western world that is as impatient as ever…
    Although HC should market in Europe more, not just UK…

  7. This is good news. I’m glad Nintendo will be sharing their plans for the future of Wii U with retailers. Maybe it will make them calm the hell down.

    1. Ding, Ding, Ding… We have a winner!!! Tell him what he’s won Johnny!!!!

      Well today he’s won a brand new marketing approach from Nintendo, wait nevermind we can’t actually tell him what he’s won… Nintendo will tell him what he’s won behind closed doors and make all the rest of us wait for them to come right out and say when things are going to happen!

  8. U see, they’re not Oblivious to what’s going on, They know what they’re doing.
    People just have to be a bit more patient like with the 3DS. :P

    1. yep. I remember the “3DS doom” when it launched. it was pretty much the same case. Everybody saying Nintendo should stop doing hardware, and that they were doomed. Also, the PSVita was about to be born, and everybody was expecting it to crush the 3DS and seal it down forever. and look at Nintendo’s heldheld now.

  9. Its because Wii and Wii U sound the same to people that why and no one understand its a different system all together thats why the console should not be called Wii U.

    1. PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4. Xbox, Xbox 360…See my point. Only idiotic casuals cant figure out the obvious. GAMERS no its different cause of the other systems I mentioned.

  10. The WiiU doesn’t need a price cut, it needs games and a little of time, I think by E3 the console will have solid sales, and after E3 it will be like a new launch, because I’m pretty sure Nintendo have some tricks under the hat, and I hope they will be releasing Mario Kart and Mario 3D this year!

      1. Nintendo’s strategy will obviously be sharing what games are coming out to the retailers. We just have to wait to see if someone leaks info.

  11. Put an exclusive FIFA game on Wii U, thats all the UK people want. Well and COD but Wii U aint getting an exclusive COD game lol.

  12. People don’t buy consoles without loads of games – developers wont release games on a console that people wont buy. Catch 22.
    Reminds me alot of the us tv situation. people wont start watching new shows because networks cancel them too quickly – networks cancel shows too quickly because people wont start watching them.

  13. Nintendo haven’t really had a strategy up to now. They’re just going with the flow, developing games and releasing them. Their strategy in the end would be to release the big-hitters and drop the price of the console before the PS4 and nextbox launch. All the thing needs is some games. It wasn’t their fault rayman got delayed and they didn’t forsee the delays of W101 and Pikmin 3. It would have gone better up until now, but things changed. Luckily, the west has 2 big games out this month (monster hunter and lego city) and japan has game&wario. Sales will be fine after that.

    1. Trust me, once Sony/Microsoft reveal the Price of their consoles, Nintendo will have no reason to cut their price since it’ll already be the cheapest on the Market. :P

        1. It doesn’t matter how cheap it is if it doesn’t have a large library of games, Most people wont buy it and Nintendo is already selling at a loss.

          It hasn’t even been 6 months, Cutting the Price will NOT solve the Problem, bringing out More games will, which Nintendo is working hard on doing. People Just have to be PATIENT like with the 3DS. I’m sure we’ll get a lot of games sooner than we think.
          If U think the PS4/720 Launch is gonna have an onslaught of killer, Must Own Games at a Modest Price, your wrong. :/

  14. To be honest I agree, in the first place I only got a Wii U for the ports of AC3 and Darksiders II because I didn’t have a PS3 or 360 and wanted to play them.
    There hasn’t been enough games out to justify buying one so far. :c

  15. the system isn’t selling because the retailers know jack shit about the product and don’t even try to sell it. cutting the price is not ‘selling’ the product. last time i was in toys r us i had to explain to a helpless mother the difference between a wii and a wii u b/c the useless employee knew nothing about it. i asked her if they sold the Wii U pin she was wearing, and she said, “no, a rep gave it to me” so obviously Nintendo is keeping up their end of the bargain.

  16. The fact that Far Cry 3, DMC, Dead Space 3, Metal Gear Rising Revengence, Crysis 3, Tomb Raider, Bioshock Infinte and GTA5 are skipping Wii U is disasterous.

    1. I think we can live without the mediocre Dead Space 3 and the worthless to Nintendo’s Empire, Crysis 3…

      However I wouldn’t mind MGRR, Tomb Raider or GTA5…

      Considering they allowed Snake to be a guest in one of our holy games, MGRR should come to the Wii U…

      1. The fact remains that all of these above mentioned AAA games are skipping Wii U. This is a fate that makes me pissed off at Nintendo.

        1. I think we should worry more if the newer next-gen games skips Wii U, ports not so bad…
          We are still getting plenty of them…

    2. DmC and Crysis can stay gone. One is riddled with too many horrible mechanics and plot tropes to make it a worthwhile successor to the franchise, and Crysis 3 is yet another eye candy game with little else going for it.
      Bioshock Infinity, as far as I’m aware, has only been given a “No plans at this time” statement, not a confirmation of non-release.
      Dead Space 3 and MGRR, those kinda sting, but not too bad.
      I’m ambivalent about Far Cry 3 since I know little about it, but I heard that they messed up with Tomb Raider’s storyline so that one’s another one I’m not really chafed about not seeing come to the Wii U.
      GTA5 can crash and burn, as far as I’m concerned. Never liked the series, not even when it was on Nintendo consoles all those years ago.

      1. All your opinions are valid. It would be nice if everyone got the chance to make the choice they want to about all those games the way the want to and not have to choose buying it for another console because Nintendo Wii U didn’t get it. If you wanted any of those games on the Nintendo Wii U, too bad, you don’t get that choice. At this rate, if this trend continues, we won’t get any choice.

  17. I myself am still waiting for Pikmin 3 before buying a Wii U. And until then, I don’t have any interest.

  18. I plan on buying a Wii U as soon as I can. The DS and 3DS had slow starts so I am not worried about the Wii U. It will pick up in due time. We just have to be patient and make the most of what we have.

  19. Maybe they’ll share. I would really like to inow!!! ;) Though it wouldn’t be a good thing for Microsoft and Sony to find out.

  20. I got the WiiU on launch, & the only games i have are the ones i got when i picked my WiiU up, i got ZombiU & NSMB2, the only other game i got was Black Ops 2 when it was released.

    ZombiU is tedious & NSMB2 is not as good as Super Mario 3D on my 3DS, Black Ops 2 is ok but there is not many people online.

    So yes the WiiU needs MORE games & fast !

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  22. poor WiiU, they should release zelda sooner if they want increase sales, because like me i still dont buy a WiiU because zelda isnt out yet, and maybe there are others like me who waits.

    1. Right, because releasing a half-finished Zelda game is going to get them sales and make their fans happy.
      It isn’t done yet, bro.
      That’s why we’re getting Wind Waker Reborn; as a hold-over until the REAL Wii U Zelda is ready for release.

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  24. Is it wrong that I’m a little glad to see the WiiU fail? Nintendo has twice thrown the fans a home console with an irritating gimmick that rarely meets expectations, they should release a cheaper version of the 32gb WiiU that comes with a Classic Control Pro and kill the touch pad controller, they are killing themselves by bringing gimmicks that worked beautifully on the DS and 3DS ( though I prefer games that don’t force you too use it and I instead use my Circle Pad Pro) too the home console, It prevented ZombiU from being a great zombie game and it is scaring away would be customers.

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