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Best Buy Selling Wii U Basic Set For $50 Off Until April 1st

wii_u_basic_packagingFor a limited time, Best Buy is selling the Wii U Basic Set – that is, the bundle with 8GB and without Nintendo Land, for a reduced price. Until April 1st, you can grab the Wii U Basic Set from the American retailer for $249.99, which is $50 off its regular price of $299.99. When the Wii was first released, it also costed $249.99, so this deal from Best Buy is totally worth it, especially considering the fact that all Wii U consoles play Wii games… Will you be picking one up?

29 thoughts on “Best Buy Selling Wii U Basic Set For $50 Off Until April 1st”

    1. Best buy is also having many good games on sale for the big spring doorbustes. on Friday and Saturday. You can get darksider 2 wiiu for $19.99. Ninja gaiden 3: razor’s edge for $29.99. And many more.

  1. Tony Lane also known as N-Dub Nation

    Cool. I think I’ll buy another Wii U to add to my large collection instead of paying my electricity bill this month.

  2. It doesn’t matter how cheap it is if it doesn’t have a large library of games,Most people wont buy it and Nintendo is already selling at a loss.
    It hasn’t even been 6 months, Cutting the Price WON’T solve the Problem,Bringing out More games will,Which Nintendo is working hard on doing.People Just have to be PATIENT like with the 3DS. I’m sure we’ll get a lot of games sooner than we think.

  3. We’ll see if a price cut will have any effect on sales or is Nintendo right on the money regarding the need for price cut. IMHO if they just release SOME GAMES they should start seeing the consoles sales pick up!!! Seriously, I don’t understand Nintendo!!! It’s been nearly 2-3 months (before LC:U) since they had any significant game released. Rayman: Legends really screwed them up by going multi-plat and delaying the game; leaving Feb2013 barren of new releases.

  4. Instead of cutting the price of each model by $50 I think Nintendo should make the deals sweeter. Put Nintendo Land in the Basic set and put both NSMBU and Mario Kart U in the Deluxe. Sales would increase exponentially.

  5. Virus: Looking forward to U Launch #2

    This semi-drought must be really tough, but If Nintendo’s doin’ what I think they’re doin’, its gonna be war when the PS4 comes out. And Sony will be out-gunned in every sense of the word.
    If not, I’d be pretty surprised and disappointed. But I’m not so short-sighted that I’d start thinking Nintendo’s doomed.
    Those kind of ‘I’m-so desperate-to-get-a-rise-out-of-fanboys’ statements I treat like Pachter click-bait: I steer clear.
    My ‘Launch 2’ prediction, if true, would probably anger early adopters of the Wii U. But it was probably seen as Nintendo’s best chance to combat the copy- I mean, competition. Flood the U with at least 5 AAA IPs and drop the price. 3rd parties had their fun at
    ‘Launch 1’. E3 2013 and ‘Launch 2’ will be Nintendo’s.
    ^Too much?
    *Shrugs and goes back to YouTube*

    1. It was bestbuy that cut the price, not nintendo. dur. bla bla bla.
      Honestly if it were to buy it again i would consider the basic cause nin land doesnt seem to have lasting appeal for me.

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  7. Deals like this always come at the worst possible times. I already borrowed the money from my brother for the Pikachu 3DS XL. I’ll have to wait about the Wii U.

  8. I’m not going to buy the wii u until I am garuntee a good experience. Without a dynamic online infrastructure and with those slow load times( slow CPU) it doesn’t matter how low the price is.

    I’m still not buying until these two issues are resolved because the current games on the wii u are nothing new.

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