Capcom Announces Chronicles Of Mystara

chronicles_of_mystara_screenshotDuring a panel at PAX East, Capcom confirmed that it plans to port its two Dungeons & Dragons games to the Nintendo eShop on Wii U, Steam, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. Both games will be compiled into a collection called “Chronicles of Mystara,” which will include Tower of Doom and Shadow Over Mystara, both of which were released in the 1990s. When it launches in June, all versions of Chronicles of Mystara will cost $14.99, and the Wii U console’s version will include Wii U GamePad enhancements, like touchscreen item management.



  1. It’s like they have reorganized their society and now behave accordingly…

    When will western ones change their corrupted ways?…


  2. *facepalm*

    So i think we can safely say, Capcom doesnt know what a “new game” is anymore.
    Nintendo does this stuff just in the background with the Virtual Console.


      1. I can safely say that capcom classics are on the same level has Nintendo but they dont know how to use them.


      2. I would love to play some MH3U online with you , but I can’t get online right now. I have the 3DS and Wiiu version and me and my little brother are playing locally together ^_^

        Add me – xNintedwardx


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