Renegade Kid’s First Person Shooter Is Called Cult Country


Renegade Kid, the developers behind Mutant Mudds and racing game ATV Wild Ride, have announced that their Nintendo 3DS first person shooter is titled Cult Country. Details on the game are fairly scarce, but it seems to involve a horror theme. The game will be compatible with the Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Pro.

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  1. Our alliance with the Renegade Kid Tribe is getting stronger…

    This game sounds interesting right now…

    Let’s hope it doesn’t let us down…

    1. the eShop logo being the only thing shown indicates that it will only be on the eShop and not retail.

  2. It’s worth checking out the images on a 3DS by scanning that QR code.

    The screenshots suffer greatly from GoW 1 syndrome (lack of colour). But it’s nice to see them in 3D and on the actual screen the game will run on.

  3. Damn it! I wanted a sci f fps !! Grr. Ok well. Can stil hope for a metroid prime 3D I guess.

  4. well, i have no opinion on this game yet lol. until i see some actual gameplay/play the game, i have no real idea how good/bad this game will be.

  5. looks like it will be the first FPS game on 3DS. I hope it supports the second circle pad attachment.

    1. Weren’t Metal Gear and Resident Evil FPS’ or at least had a feature that allowed you to change from 3rd to 1st?

    1. It’s obviously going to be about hunting demons and creatures from the occult… What did you expect?

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