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Capcom Says DuckTales Remastered Was Made Because Of The Fans


Christian Svensson, Corporate Officer and Senior Vice-President of Capcom, has revealed that DuckTales Remastered was ultimately made because it’s what the fans wanted. Svensson also says that Wayforward were the obvious choice for the game and were requested by Disney to head the project. Svensson hinted that if the project is a success then we could see more titles on the way. Here’s what he had to say about the well-received project.

Frankly, you guys asked for it, here on Capcom-Unity. That’s why.

About two and a half years ago I started working toward this with Disney because people here kept asking for it (and because I’m a fan too). About a year and a half ago I completed the general outlines of the deal. Disney was on board (and really excited). I then sold the whole concept of the project to Japan as we took it through greenlight.

Wayforward was actually Disney’s suggestion given their creative director’s LOVE for the original and after we did due diligence we totally agreed. Matt Bozon is a star and their experience with Shantae, Contra 4 and Mighty Switch Force made them the right choice. Jake K. (“Virt”) on the music was also a deal sealer for us. They’ve been wonderful to work with and we’ve kept this title very underwraps, even internally. For example, I don’t think anyone in Japan has even seen a build at any point so far (maybe until today)

As for the future, I’d like to not get ahead of ourselves. I’m thrilled at the fan response this morning but for the moment, we’re going to stay focused on making this project a success. If it works, we can think about other opportunities later but let’s not put the cart before the horse.

58 thoughts on “Capcom Says DuckTales Remastered Was Made Because Of The Fans”

      1. I’m here. :P

        Kidding. Yeah, that was an epic fail… I hope Capcom decide to deliver a new Mega Man game soon.

          1. There IS a new Megaman game on the works. They haven’t blatantly said it yet (Oh, wait. They have! They just retracted quickly!), but they are making a new game.

            1. But my question why do that? they know the impact megaman have not just on the fanbase but in gaming all together why say it is then take it back if you know that’s what the majority wants? won’t that not get alot of people angry?

          2. Because last time they had Mega Man games in the works they were cancelled. So they don’t want to prematurely show a Mega Man game but cancel it for whatever reasons for a different MM game,

            1. But that’s dumb & retarted the last thing capcom should do cancel a megaman if they want save some money they should have cancel dmc alot i mean ALOT of fans did not aprove of that game still came out. in my opinion they need to invest most time effort money on a megaman game. why in my eye megaman is a hero not just his character but in gaming who save us in the 80s right with mario metroid & zelda.

    1. then there gonna pull a capcom move and say it was cancel because there wasn’t enough fans like last time.

  1. In my opinion, the Duck Family is way, way more appealing than the Mr. Mickey Mouse. And I’m not only talking about games; even the comic strips are far superior. Kudos for Carl Barks who made the ducks beloved and famous, and Capcom and WayForward for the upcoming gift. Let’s see if we can also get Quackshot and The Lucky Dime Caper remastered versions.

    1. Agreed! Imho, Scrooge McDuck is probably my favorite Disney character and Donald comes in second. Even when I read the comics, I usually skipped the Mickey parts of it and just read Donald’s or Scrooge’s.

    2. Yup, that’s your opinion. I would take Mickey over Duck Tales any day. No, I don’t hate on Duck Tales and I was a kid when it was on TV but I was never really into it. I loved all the Mickey, Goofy, Donald stuff. Goofy Olympics! So epic!

      1. Right! Goofy Olympics is so amazing and funny! But I’d say the Duck Family cartoons, unfortunately, failed to deliver the amazing atmosphere which we used to find in the comic strips – especially the stories written and drawn by Carl Barks. I confess I’m not fond of Mickey that much, because he’s always so right, so smart, so confident. On the other hand, for instance, Donald Duck (my favorite Disney’s character) is pretty much like us: he can be brave, but also fearful; hard, but also affectionate; he can make something wrong, but he always assumes his mistakes. I identify myself with him; maybe that’s why I like him better than Mickey Mouse and prefer the Duck Family branch over the rest.

  2. I watched a walkthrough of the NES game last night that took about 45 minutes. I also didn’t see what exactly made the game so special, it looked like a pretty average old school game. I don’t know, maybe I needed to grow up with it to see it’s magic :/

    1. Nostalgia is a large part of it. While it might not look like the best game, ,the music is frickin amazing, and gameplay is quite solid. It’s one of those gems from the past. Just like Goldeneye on N64 will always be.

    2. You definitely needed to. This game was made for the fans of the original. Younger people nowadays will never understand the appeal of this remake simply because they did not live through that golden era in gaming. Sorry, guys! Looks like you’ll have to sit this one out while we, the game’s target audience, have a blast playing through it once again! :)

      1. Actually, I wasn’t there around the NES era, but I was sold on this game before even watching the trailer! Probably because Ducktales was one of my favorite childhood cartoons.

    3. I watched someone beat it in 9 minutes XD

      It looks awesome! The NES was before my time. I’ve only played a few NES games like the Zelda’s , Mario , Megaman and a couple of others :) . But I’m completely buying into the who satisfying fans with a remake of a 1989 classic :). The original looks fun as shit aswell.
      Also wayforward being excellent also helps!

  3. You gotta be fucking kidding me.
    “Oh we suddenly listened to the fans for a 20 year old NES game”

    Errrrrr, what about the fucking game that made you famous?

    1. Er, guys…You’re behaving like Sony fanboys right now. Believe it or not, there are people (like me), that loved to hear about one of the defining games of our childhood being remade. I just…Oh, never mind. You guys are far too young to understand.

      1. …..

        Get the fuck out, you retard.

        1. I’m fucking talking about MEGA MAN. Ya know, the old school Nintendo game!? You might of heard of it.
        2. Sony fanboy? Whaaaat!? What sense does that make, what so ever?
        3. I have nothing against the remake of this game, i like the game, what’s bullshit is Capcom’s statement saying they made it “because of the fans”, something Capcom’s been pretty clear they don’t give a fuck about.
        4. Where the fuck do you get off being a pretencious twat?

        Take Nintendo’s dick out your fucking arse, stop beng fanboy, and shut the fuck up. People like you, along with Sony and Microsoft fanboy, and idiotic PC “master race” arseholes, are RUINING this fucking industry. Yo dont like it? Shut the fuck up! Go complain at something worth complaining at, like Capcom being totally dicks, or the video game crash that companies are causing thanks to yearly released games, and poir quality titles made to make a quick buck.

        1. Wow, that escalated quickly! They are listening to the fans if they are re-releasing this. Oh, and a new Megaman game IS coming. Mark my words! I know. I want a new Megaman as much as the next guy, and since that guy at PAX ran his mouth, I knew a new game in the franchise was coming.

          Oh, and I don’t know why I came off as a retard. I was just pointing something out.

          P.S. You just proved my point by coming off on me like that. Can’t we guys have a respectful conversation for once? My search for reasonable comment boards goes on…

          1. Yeah, that went kinda critical mass in no time at all, but you have to admit you did sound condescending. This game is from my era and I honestly an not too psyched for it, I think there were a lot better games out back then that might have been over looked that they should bring back but it makes sense for them to release this as there are so many people out there that will happily give them money as a sleeper is more risky. I just hope they keep them coming, so many good games and such an enormous collection to choose from.

          2. Actually hes right and you’re fucking wrong.. they’ve canned like three megaman games, totally removed megaman from marvel vs capcom. Cleary capcom doesn’t give a fuck about megaman fans ever since the creator of megaman lashed out at the Japanese industry. So capcom sees megaman as a reminder of his words towards the Japanese industry and we all know japan has very high values and honor.
            Megaman is in capcoms eyes as a wife that disrespected his husbands family and slept with another man.
            (Us developers way of games while bashing his own Japanese industry ways)

        2. this. just because capcom doing a few good things should not excuse what they said & done to the megaman fanbase. if 10000 & strong was on a hungry strike they all been dead by now.

      2. This.

        Like. This game is CLASSIC. And kids that haven’t played it don’t know what they’re in for. They’ll be eating their whiny words in a few months when you and I are screaming like school boys at one of the best platformers ever made.

  4. This is the best news of my entire adult life. I want Ducktales so hard right now. The original two were some of my favourite games of all time. This is like 25 Christmasses in one.

  5. DuckTales was one of best weekday afternoon cartoons in 1987. The NES game was one of the best as well. Now that Capcom and Mighty Switch Force! developer WayForward are releasing the HD rendition of DuckTales at the eShop for Wii U (also for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network), it’s gonna be an epic blast from the past!

  6. Ok i am happy for duck tales its a great game from my childhood one of the first games really. but doing for fans i don’t wanna hear that bullshit if they were doing shit for fans where megaman? for years fans beg for a new game they canceled 3 games but thats for the fans right? & i don’t wanna hear oh it be kept a secret that time over for the fans they love so much they should at least if they are making a game say one in development not have us thinking they don’t care about are opinion.

  7. This’ll be my first time playing it. Excited to play what is apparently one of the best platformers ever. After this though, they need to get their shit together and make a new Megaman game. I have a feeling one’s coming though. Just call it a hunch.

  8. A smart choice on Disney to pick WayForward to do the game. Only they will do it perfectly. I fear what Capcom would have done if they were making the game. Game lock-on content, playable Donald for 5.99 and triplets for 10.99

  9. But is it just a stupid digital download that people like me will NEVER download, or a physical copy game?

  10. lol even though the fans want Mega Man.

    Anyhow, I loved DuckTales, and I am really looking forward to this one. I’m glad Disney picked Wayforward for this project.

  11. “Frankly, you guys asked for it, here on Capcom-Unity. That’s why.”

    I call super-mega-hyper-total-becauseicanandbecausetheevedincebearsmeout-BULLSHIT!!!

    Capcom doesn’t give one fuck about their fans. IF they did, they would have done ANY of the following…

    1) Followed through on the promise of releasing the Legends 3 Prototype version instead of chucking it in the skip of history…

    2) Released Mega Man Universe and then said “We’re taking a hiatus from mega man to give our other IP’s a chance to shine, but rest assured, Mega Man will always be made by us.”

    3) Actually LISTENED to their OWN POLLING and included Mega Man X as the DLC Character in MvC 3, when he had TWICE AS MANY FREAKING VOTES AS THE 2ND PLACE FINISHER!

    4) Restarted the Legends 3 project under another developer so all they have to do is publish it.

    ANY of the above would’ve solidified the base of Capcom’s fans, which are the Mega Man fans, many of whom, like myself, love other IP’s of the company, such as the Ace Attorney series, and yes, their Disney platformers. However, they don’t give two shits and a fucking popsicle about their fans. Here’s what REALLY happened…

    Fuckwit #1: “Wow, our Mega Man trolling has actually HURT us, I thought people had a sense of humor.”

    Fuckwit #2: “I guess they really love that guy. Maybe we should actually give them a game.”

    Fuckwit #1: “We did, for iOS.”

    Fuckwit #3: “That was a shitty product meant to shut them up and you know it. Failed big-time too… I KNOW! Let’s distract them with a remake of another game we did a long time ago!”

    Fuckwit #1: “Yeah, that’ll distract them from this debacle. Those peons are chuzzlewits anyway.”

    Fuckwit #2: “Yeah, fuck ’em.”

    Hey Capcom… blow me.

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  16. Great idea. I got the deluxe version and i’m happy with it. It would be a greater idea if nintendo would have dropped the serial number bounded account.. it’s a shame.

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