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Fez Creator Really Doesn’t Like The Nintendo 3DS


Phil Fish, the creator behind the critically acclaimed Fez, has taken to Twitter to vent his frustrations about the Nintendo 3DS. Fish isn’t a huge fan of the platform and claims that the 3D selling point is a straight up gimmick. Here’s what he had to say about the system.

“Started playing my first monster hunter game last night. on 3DS. it’s not exactly playable without that circle pad pro atrocity… i don’t understand. why would you even release a game like that on a platform like that? why is it not out on let’s say… vita? you know, the one where you could control the camera. it’s too bad because MH looks like it’s basically phantasy star online but not in space. and i love me some PSO. the whole entire thing was a mistake if you ask me.”

“Also, im so sick of this dual-screen clamshell bullshit. a 2nd screen adds NOTHING. it’s a gimmick. 3D is a gimmick. it’s too bad the vita isnt a bigger hit because hardware wise it’s PERFECT. it has ONE AWESOME SCREEN, and TWO JOYSTICKS. there’s never been a single DS or 3DS that didnt make me go “i wish this was on a single screen”. and i’ve never played any game ever anywhere where i was like “i wish this had a 2nd screen”. and absolutely f@$#ing NOBODY ever went “i wish this had 2nd screen that is smaller and a different aspect ration and touch but not 3D” the gameboy micro was the best handheld ever. i wish nintendo would just make a slightly bigger more powerful GBAM-type thing.”


264 thoughts on “Fez Creator Really Doesn’t Like The Nintendo 3DS”

    1. taku bink bonk weeaboo

      come on man. nobody has time for that shit. you better get outta her before i hack your momma computer man n shit man.

    2. He can’t control the camera in Monster Hunter on the 3DS? I get that it’s not easy, but it’s definitely not hard to do. and if dual screens were such a “gimmick” why is the DS the second top selling gaming device in the world? I bet Fez would look a lot better in 3D than it ever did in HD.

      1. Adding hte lock on to the touch panel makes it way easier, I own the game with no addon, and I play it rather well. The original psp, which monster hunter first came out on(and got popular), had no second analogue stick…so I don’t see the complaining behind it…methinks he can make games, but sucks at playing them, that happens.

    3. If 1 is great then logically 2 is better. It’s the law of averages. It’s just that 3DS didn’t add a second analog unless u buy clunky yes, but nesicary, no. 2 is better. Yes! always better. Bet if u had two girls on your jock, u wouldn’t be saying one is better than 2! No f&@$ing different.

    1. I agree that the 3d is a gimmick and kind of stupid but the duel screen is still cool and fun, and WTF is fez never heard about it why don’t they just shut down their studio or start making fps because that’s the only thing people like, I think Nintendo for the next gen handheld should just have great battery life, add circle pad pro, and have amazing graphics a 720p screen or better, change the circle pad into analog clickable if possible or add a zl and zr for extra button support to make it a true console on the go

      1. 3D is a gimmick, sure, but so is HD. They are both graphical enhancements that add nothing to the game, yet no one complains about the second.

    1. I would be scare if it was say by carmack or kojima but this 1 hit boy got lucky and now thinks he is a genius.

      1. Not to mention that fact that it took him many years, cost him so much of his life (social aspects) and nearly ruined himself more then once with his endeavor. Considering his game has a bit of innovation you would think he could encourage Nintendo’s innovative technologies. The fact of the matter is that his game is a gimmick. It’s a 2d side scroller that adds a .5 dimension between shifting a 90 degree angle to another 2d surface. A good game certainly, but don’t expect anything too special out of him again any time soon. Watch the movie “Indie Game” to know what I mean.

    2. He talks about the 3d on the 3ds like you can’t fucking turn it off SMFH. 3d is a gimmick, but HD is not? exactly!

        1. it’s amusing they’re calling something that improves image quality a gimmick

          while 3D does absolutely no such thing

      1. People bitching about it on the 3DS have obviously never played it on the psp. Which makes Fish’s whining somewhat ironic.

  1. Nice way of endimg your carer fish. Look at wayforward the started on Nintendo consoles and they advanced quick whit out bashing anyone and now they are loved by all gaming fans.

    1. While his 3DS criticisms are harsh and it seems that he does have a bit of bias, I can’t agree that he’s “butthurt” about the Vita.

      It has a lot of good games.

      1. Is a marketing move by him he may not be butt hurt about the vita not having games but he sure is for betting on the wrong horse after all a nicalis developer call him a liar.

      2. taku bink bonk weeaboo

        nah man. u just a dummy head man come on.
        ps vita is dead n shit man. even in my home country japan ya hear.

      3. I agree that it has a lot of good games, but none of them are system pushers. The Vita has yet to get its must have blockbusters. It needs a GT, it needs a God of War, it needs a Ratchet and Clank, it needs games that will convince people to purchase. Look at the 3DS. It sold very poorly when it first launched, but the moment those must have titles like 3D Land, Mario Kart, Kid Icarus, and Fire Emblem started launching, it took off big time. It doesn’t matter if the Vita has some good games on it, if it doesn’t have an install base, nobody will play them. An install base is built with the games that gamers wait a long time for, new IPs do not sell the system as well as old IPs do. Logically, a system needs to start off with new additions to old IPs that will sell with no issues, then introduce new IPs when the install base is there. The Vita sells poorly because it tried starting off to new IPs and older IPs that weren’t big sellers in the first place. Whether you like it or not, it is often necessary to milk a franchise at least a little to get units moving. and that is a huge issue I have with Sony. Their IPs don’t last, their too focused on new IPs than they should be.

        1. I’m not a shareholder or a Sony employee, so I don’t really care about the system’s sales right now. The system isn’t going to be discontinued any time soon.

          I have been enjoying the games it has now. More games will come and while I’m waiting on those “bigger” more recognizable titles, I can enjoy the other games on the Vita right now, or play games on one of my other systems.

          Most Vita owners use their Vitas regularly, according to a recent report ( ). I know that every Vita owner I personally know loves the machine. It seems that the owners of the Vita support it and the games released on it quite a bit. For example, over 350,000 Vita owners in Japan got PSO 2 within 10 days of its release. Also, Retro City Rampage sold the most copies on Vita than any other platform (and it’s on just about every other system).

          The Vita will get better over time and the 3DS will continue to be great. I will continue to support both systems no matter which one sells the most. I just care about games and they both have them.

          1. Are you sure about PSO2 ? it’s barely over 100K in physical copies according to media create. Are you suggesting it mostly sold digital ?

            Infact is there a kind of F2P option for the vita version in japan ?

            1. PSO 2 is free to play. There were only special editions for sale. The special editions sold something like 90k for Vita.

              I’m just saying that 350,000 people played the game in Japan in 10 days on the Vita alone. I wasn’t comparing sales numbers. Simply stating (as some reports confirm) that people who own Vitas usually support a lot of the games that come out on it. Both from big releases like PSO 2 down to indie titles like Retro City Rampage.



  2. He doesn’t understand that the 3D might be the selling point but the games on the system are fantastic, indie devs (other than john blow) are stuck up pricks lmao

    1. I’ve been noticing indie developers are getting quite arrogant as well, first the Meatboy guys and than this.

      1. Meat boys guys where just having a fanboy moment. If you developed games you too will scream ” put my caracter in your awesome game”.

      1. I know. This guy is a FUCKING IDIOT. Nintendo has proved time and time again what the second screen does. Wow I could name 100+ great uses it has offered. Infact , th PS vita biggest problem is having 1 screen which requires all the HUD and touch screen features on it as well as the main game.

        And mosnter Hunter plays PERFECTLY on 3DS without a Circle pad pro thanks. In fact it works SO WELL I’m considering just not buying a CPP XL. The touch screen camera works perfectly although the lack of tactile feedback isn’t perfect. But just tapping and double tapping L works just fine.

        This guy is an idiot who knows nothing. The 3D makes certain games look better and gives them and the 3DS character and individuality. For example Resident evil revelations on 3DS is portable and in 3D with the option to switch off the 3D. The home consoles can only boast HD. that’s it.

        1. It is not like we need a second screen.
          We played fun very great video games before we had two screens.
          We could live without it but it really doesn’t hurt.
          I mean… Having a map displayed on the touch screen instead of having it displayed on the main screen is nice.
          It just makes things easier.
          For the 3D effects… I like it. I think it is really cool. I doesn’t change the game quality but it is nice. But those who do not like it can just turn it of by pressing down the switch which is not hard at all.
          I mean… If the 3DS was the same but just it did not have the 3D screen it would still be equally good in my opinion.
          I did not buy it for the 3D effects (why should I? The whole world is in 3D) I bought it because it has really good games that I want to play.
          I always play with 3D on.
          For the screen size… If he wants a big screen Nintendo has perfect solution. The Nintendo 3DS XL. And about the screen size being different… Saying that that makes the 3DS a bad console is just so FANboy-ishy.
          The vita has better technology than the 3ds… But every true gamer plays games for fun not graphics… I mean… If everyone would only play HD games… What would have happened to the gaming industry 10-20years ago???
          There wouldn’t be any games…
          The 3ds xl screen is about the same size as the ps vita screen…
          The ps vita has a touchpad on the back… The 3ds doesn’t… But it has a touchpad under its big screen… The 3ds XLs touchpad can even display stuff… I call it touch screen.
          I think having a extra touch screen is much better than having a touch pad on the back.

          To be honest… I think the touch pad is a bigger gimmick than the 3D effects on the 3DS.

          1. I completely agree with you. Although whether or not 3D increases quality or not is opinion. In my opinion Mario 3D land is not as good in 2D and the 3D boosts the quality of the overall experience 10 fold ! Same with many 3DS games. Although some 3DS games have poorly implemented 3D like Tales of the Abyss for example.

            Having a BIG map on the second screen allows for a streamlined top screen experience , Mario Kart DS and 7 proving this is litteraly better than having a small onscreen map :)
            The Vita’s capacative screen is a Gimmin with no real use or benefit. At least the 3DS with its resistive screen and stylus has benefited from Art games and aplications , precise touch input say for drawing a number on Brain training and Nintendo letterbox , flip note and much more. The 3DS touch screen knows what it is meant to do and it’s far from a gimmik. Sony and Vita just don’t know what to do with their new capcative screen.

  3. This is honestly considered news? Someone who has nothing to do with Nintendo doesn’t like their products? Well in another breaking news story, some people who have nothing to do with Nintendo DO like their products.

      1. well i enjoy reading the corresponding comments to such topics. but i hope it doesnt happen too often. (Patchter has his pach attack show more often than i thought)

          1. yep :) i mean will people be excited of duck tales comming to all consoles if wayforward bashed the other consoles?

            1. Not understanding what you were replying to then.

              I was talking about these type of stories being posted to get hits on this and other similar websites.

              1. The thing is that i was replying to the his mad reply you gave and i was explaining why it was dont know why it ended down here :(

  4. fool needs to get over it. the 3ds is an impressive handheld with great games. if it wasn’t it wouldn’t be on top right now.

    1. That is because it’s intended for kids and casual gamers just like the Wii. The Vita is made for people who are more serious gamers and like something more demanding than Mario Bros and Nintendogs. You can expect the same thing lime Wii vs PS3, the Wii is more successful than the PS3 because it is made for casuals and kids while the PS3 is made for real gamers. One thing that bothers me though is that Nintendo chose to make abother console weaker than the previous Playstation system. The 7th gen Wii is weaker than the 6th gen PS2, the 3DS is weaker than the previous gen PSP and the Wii U is weaker than the current gen PS3.

      1. And still Nintendo has some of the most hardcore franchises on their systems (like Monster Hunter and Dragon Quest).. You can’t explain that. The real casual console is if you ask me the x-box 360. I have yet to see a real hardcore game on that system.

      2. GTFO you retard LMAO. The Gamecube was considerably more powerfull than the PS2 and the Wii was considerable more powerfull than the Gamecube. The 3DS is straight up a LOT more powerfull than PSP. Resident evil revelations looks about 5 times as good as anything on PSP and it runs in 3D. Also Monster Hunter ultimate destroys the shit out of PSP monster hunter games case closed.
        And finaly although the Wiiu doesn’t exactly have the most powerfull CPU of all time , it is graphically superior to PS3 and 360 by default of having a better GPU with a better shader model and more RAM to express it.

        Please don’t make Idiotic statements like that in future. PSP more powerfull than 3DS , lol . That was the biggest laugh I’ve had all day…

      3. Wow, this is the most idiotic comment I have ever seen here.. First off, it is factually proven that the Wii U is significantly more powerful than the PS3 and 360. The Wii U uses an R770 graphics processor, which is technology from 2010. The 360 and PS3 are using GPUs from 2005, put it together. Do you really think a GPU from 2005 is more powerful than a GPU from 2010? Not to mention Wii U has 2gb of RAM, the PS3 has 250mb of RAM, meaning Wii U has 8 times the memory of the PS3. The only weak component in the Wii U is its CPU, which at worst is on par with the CPU in the 360, which actually isn’t too bad for a gaming CPU even today. Same with the 3DS. All you need to do is look at Resident Evil Revelations to know what you say is bullshit. That game would choke the PSP. And don’t go into Wii vs PS2, because it is also factually proven that the Gamecube was a more powerful system than the PS2, and the Wii was basically a Gamecube with motion controls, so yeah, try again man. And if you want proof, go look up comparison videos between Resident Evil 4 on the Gamecube vs the PS2 version, and you will see how watered down the PS2 version was compared to the Gamecube version. The PS2 version looked like shit.

        Secondly, yes, the Wii was geared more to the casual audience than the hardcore gamers, which I think it;s stupid to make labels like that. But then why is that a bad thing? Because do you not realize that if you are hardcore gamer, you are part of the minority of the market? True, companies like Sony gear more to us, yet look at how well that is serving them from a business standpoint. So I don’t see how catering to casuals and kids, as you call them, is bad. If anything, it’s a brilliant business strategy. Like it or not, gamers like you and me are no long high on the developers priority list Even so, who said the Wii was only for casuals and kids? There are tons of great hardcore games on the Wii and 3DS. Fire Emblem Awakening for example. Perma-death and heavily based on brilliant strategy? Yeah, that is so casual to kill off your characters permanently after they die only one time. I dare you to play that game and call it casual. What about Monster Hunter Tri? Or Red Steel 2? Or Xenoblade? Or Last Story? Those are games made for grandmas and their kids? Bitch please. Get out of here man. lol

        1. R”770″ is not confirmed; it’s in that ballpark, the GPU is custom.

          either way, the RV770 series dates back to 2008, so that is not “2010” by any stretch of imagination

          HD4850 or 4870 are utterly irrelevant by modern PC standards, so it’s laughable you make it seem like it’s a big deal what performance advantages it yields over nearly 7-8 year old consoles when against the new competition, it is completely and utterly outclassed, not to mention probably bottlenecked by that junk CPU assuming it’s in that ballpark. Oh and having to stream to the Gamepad, which is a very costly thing to do performance-wise to begin with….

          so who cares what it can theoretically do better in performance than PS3/360, it’s rarely showing the advantages over old systems a lot like the Wii.

            1. as will every other console and mediocre Nintendo product, so not a damn thing was accomplished with your reply

              now take your butthurt elsewhere, you stupid faggot :)

            2. The Wii U is already irrelevant compared to PS3 and 360.

              People like you can stick your heads in the sand all you like but when there is simply no evidence of any kind the general public can see with their own two eyes showing the Wii U is even on par with PS3/360 tech wise then regurgitating technical jargon you barely understand does nothing more than make you look like a delusional, pretentious child.

              If the Wii U’s magic GPU si so shit hot, why is there nothing on the console that matches up to games like Gears of War or Uncharted? And I’m talking the originals of those, which are years old by this point. I look at Wii U games and all I see are lame ports with gimped performance and visuals and upscaled 3DS games.

      1. Seems most people can though, judging from the 3DS so far failing big time to match the success of the DS. Smart phone and tablet gaming have rendered Nintendo handhelds irrelevant.

  5. I wouldnt like to play a game developed by him. his thoughts seem very limited. he even sounds unproffesional. my little brother can talk better than that. and he’s 8…
    ID: Hellstrike

  6. I’ve never liked this guy.
    It’s clear he’s a fanboy, and I can’t imagine games like Layton without duel screens.
    Duel screens adds loads to many games.

    This is coming from the guy when asked in an interview “do any Japanese games influence you on Fez” and his response was “Japanese games suck” or something like that.

    This guy is a f****** asshole and I refuse to buy any of his shit

      1. You just gave me a great idea for a yughio on wiiu. 2 pads each whit individual decks and the tv screen for beutiful battles like the tv show.

            1. This is one reason why I think a full Pokemon game would work wonderfully on the Wii U. Think of all the possibilities.

              It’s a shame they want to restrict it solely to handhelds. Yeah, handhelds are great for the series, but the Wii U would be pretty awesome too.

              A Pokemon card battle, RPG, or hybrid NFC game.

              You can bet that would move tons of Wii U consoles.

              1. I do hope Nintendo develop a full Pokemon title for Wii U, too. And, yes, it would be a striking console seller. By the way, you and Macarony64 brainstormed such nice ideas here.

                1. ” A Wii U Pokemon RED And BLUE , started from the beginning on the console. Original Pokemon, mmorpg like game play beautiful HDTV battles all with a gorgeous sets of amazing animation. A tad bit Combine the original with today and expand it from there. Plus a bundle with the system… Bam!!!

      2. hahaha i thought of the same. by the way id buy a yugioh 3ds game on day one. so long since they released one. last were WC11 over the nexus and tag force 6. After that konami just stopped, with no comments whatsoever

        1. A new Yu Gi Oh game was released on PSN and XBL recently, but it sucked.

          Macarony64 suggested a Wii U version where the gamepad acted as the deck and mat. I think that would be pretty awesome. Then let the battle carry out on screen.

      3. Reminds me that the Yu-Gi-Oh games on the DS were really fun and the touch controls were a great addition. I’m actually disappointed that there don’t seem to be any plans for 3DS sequels.

    1. Well then in that case, he has no logic in his arguments. The Vita IS from a Japanese company (Sony). If his really had some logic, he would be rooting for Apple or Microsoft or Google or any other American company that makes handheld devices… oh wait: there are none (not counting smartphones or tablets)!

    2. Wow, did he seriously say that about japanese games?
      It’s one thing when a regular gamer says it but hearing it from an actual developer is downright disgraceful.
      By any chance, do you have a link? I’m curious.

  7. Though I think his anger over the two systems is a little overblown, he definitely makes some solid points, especially concerning the fact that there are a lot of games on both consoles that would work far better on more traditional systems like the Vita.

    That being said, I don’t think he’s played any DS games where the dual-screen is utilized really well, mainly because the ones that use it the best are third-party titles.

    1. Pretty much this. The dual-screen option works well with a lot of games. I thoroughly enjoy my DS and 3DS (although DS a little more than 3DS =p). At the same time, while it might seem logical to put some games on the Vita, they can still be enjoyed on the 3DS just fine.

    2. Actually they can work just as well as the traditional, as the second screen can be used for quick stats and info, while the top

      screen can be used for pure gameplay. Yes, there’s no dual sticks but we have the Circle Pad Pro for that. Yes, that’s still a problem, but still, it’s the only solution. Both systems have their strengths and weaknesses, but ya, I see you’re point to an extent.

      1. For some games that works great (IE Ocarina of Time 3D). For some, it’s better to have an overlay, especially if the game requires twitch precision and focus.

        The Circle-Pad pro is a lazy addition to the system for developers trying to cram games onto the 3DS that, quite frankly, don’t belong on it. It’s like the Wii Zapper except even less intuitive. Design with the system in mind, don’t force a product onto it just to cash in.

        1. About the comment about design: I agree with you there. I think that Nintendo should have either stuck with that decision or added it in the first place. Except the part about the Wii Zapper: I think the Wii Zapper was fine and it would’ve been better to release that than a completely different controller (unless you’re not really attacking that. In that case, I’ll take back my statement).

          As for the first paragraph, the latter case that you made can be done on the second screen, but you have to add the right information. While it depends on the type of game, what you can do is to put in the most essential information in the top screen and put the lesser known, but still important info on the other. I’m probably making a bad example on the spot, but a truly good developer should be able to find a way to do that, because I believe that the reason why the case may be bad in this case is that the developers didn’t utilize the screens to their advantages. Yes, there may be exceptions to this rule, but it can be done. Once developers do that, they can make a better game and people WILL notice AND appreciate the amount of work that they have done.

          But again, I agree with you. But to a certain extent.

  8. Why is this important? What does this have to do with upcomming releases of new information regarding the video game market revolving around nintendo? Is the market so stagnant and empty right now that all that is left to report is some random guy (regardless of him being a developer or not) doesn’t like the 3DS and posts that on twitter? I mean seriously its not like Miyamoto himself is bashing the 3DS, so who cares?

  9. I actually can’t go without the second screen anymore. I like how in Pokemon I can just tap through a few menus, get an item, switch Pokemon, etc. I just find it a lot faster and more convenient than pressing buttons over and over. But that’s just me. 3D, I’ll agree, I can’t remember the last time I’ve had 3D on. I think it’s a nice touch regardless, and looks fantastic in Fire Emblem Awakening.

    1. Woooow. What a jackass.
      Ironically, the only face on gaming he’s become is the face you want to punch.

  10. I agree that nintendo handhelds in the DS and 3DS line are designed terribly. Lack of dual analogs, low rez small screens. And just the dumb fact that there is two screens is just useless. But I don’t own them for their features.(if I did I would have never bought them) I own them for games such as pokemon. Why is he acting like a little mad 10 year old lol. His game is better than his pathetic atitude. Really though that game is awesome!

  11. Think isn’t a fan is a bit of an understatement. If he don’t like it then don’t buy it then! Does not sell millions of handheld consoles for a reason! I like the second screen because there are some epic games to use it with and 3D is just there for people to have a go at. Why can’t people be satisfied for once. If he does not like a console so much then maybe he should go and make one himself!

  12. Phil Fish you are no Kojima, you will never have the talent of Randy pitchford. Vigil insulted nintendo, they are no more, THQ said falsehoods about nintendo they are no more, EA a giant were butt hurt about their origin hated on nintendo and now they have lost a CEO, voted worst company in the USA last year. On line to be worst company again this year is EA. You are next, watch this space, Phil fish and your bizzare little game.

  13. To each his own… adding a second stick REALLY would’ve helped out this game. I love the 3ds, but still hate the circle pad. I’m use to it, but I don’t like it. I’m sooo glad they took it off the Wii U game pad. That was the only issue I had with it when I played with the prototype at e3 ’11…but I love the idea of having two screens.

    1. Yeah, that’s one of my very few complaints with the 3DS – The circle pad. Other than that, it’s still a great system with tons of great games.

      1. I have no problems with the Circle pad(s) at all :). It’s better than having two errect analog stick wannabes imo.

        And how is a clam shell design possibly a bad thing ? lol

        1. I like the clam shell design. I actually have a theory behind that being one of the factors contributing to the DS/3DS’ massive success.

          To make it short: People like time for personal gaming and privacy.

          As for the circle pad, when I got my 3DS, brand new, the circle pad stopped working a few days after playing it. Sent it in for repair, got it back, stopped working again. Sent it again – got it repaired again. Nintendo was good about not charging me for repairs though.

          I take care of all of my belongings, especially tech. So I know it wasn’t from misuse. My items last for years and years without problems on the whole. So the circle pad annoyed me a bit in that respect.

          I was so happy when Nintendo ditched it on the Wii U. I’m still happy with my 3DS otherwise though. The circle pad is more of a minor irk now.

          1. Oh yeah…. Circle pads on the WIiu would of been pathetic. Digital triggers and Circle pads lol. What the fuck were Nintendo thinking there I do not know. Something along the lines of ”Let’s have an arguably worse button control input than the N64” LOL!

            The clam shell design is perfect for portability. I mean you pretty much have to buy a good quality carry case for Vita if you want to not get it scratched.

            All in all – this outburst by fez guy feels like an immature attack towards Nintendo fans. People always do it , because they know it gets under our skin. It seems like some humans have a bully/troll instinct that they just can’t help….

          1. Im sure with tech next generation they wouldve come up with analog sticks that compress down when you close the system or something

            1. I completely prefer the circle pads over sticks, but sticks are ok. Also don’t really care for dual analog, I mean people aren’t tanks why should I control them like tanks.

              But hey I am an arcade type gamer so I am up for trying any style game play. Cause that is one things I miss in allot of gaming there are two few chances took.

  14. The monster hunter games for psp didn’t have another stick either, I don’t see him complaining aout that. The 3ds version controls better than the psp.

  15. Yeah okay Phil… there’s a pretty good reason to NOT have 3D on the bottom screen ya know. Good thing you make games and not hardware…

  16. 156 million people think Fez is shit and this guy is an idiot. And 30 million plus 3DS owners.
    This is just stupid.

  17. Though what he says may have some value (not much), there certainly is a right way to address your concerns and it doesn’t include such rude language. Is your vocabulary skill so inept that you can’t say what you need to say without sounding like a jerk?

  18. Wah wah wah!! Vita is PSP2 (let’s face it) and seemingly nothing Sony adds make any difference to Nintendo’s dominance. I hate 3ds cause I’m not getting any royalty cheques from it. Wah wah wah. Grow a pair you twat.

  19. Phil who? This guy makes one absolutely god-awful game (don’t kid yourselves–it’s barely a game and makes that other vastly overrated ‘gem’, Braid, look like a masterpiece) and now people care what he thinks why?

    (And this is the guy that slagged off Japanese game dev, which is what most 3DS owners love about the 3DS–the fact that it’s mostly driven by JAPANESE, not *****y Western software, where the pubs shovel whatever garbage they can onto a cart and sell to you for $40.)

  20. Even though I think the Wii U version is better to play than the 3ds one so do I think the game is better on 3ds than it would be on the Vita. I mean, it would be too much stuff to have on one small screen.

    1. No, he refuses to release a 3DS game because he “personally” hates the console. Even though it would mean him making more money. He’s ignorant AND stupid..

    1. Unfortunately, in the gaming industry, this type of personality is not uncommon. The industry is flooded with elitists and douches.

      There are some true professionals of course, but these other guys really can get under your skin for an unpleasant ride.

      1. Yeah.
        It’s obvious which people in the industry are worth listening too, like Hideki Kamiya, Ken Levine, Eiji Anouma, Gabe Newell (most of the time xD we all remember his PS3 comments), and of course, Miyamoto, and then the guys…like this..

        1. Basically people who are amazing devs and humble VS devs that are complete head up their arse , wankers .

    2. And ok, i can see how the 3D Effect can be seen as a gimmick, i personally like it, and it does make a difference, play Ocarina of Time 3D, or Mario Kart, Resident Evil Revelations or Monster Hunter, ect they all add depth, and bring the game to life on what is a small screen, i can see that it is a visual “gimmick”, but you have to be pretty fucking stupid to say dual screen is a gimmick. Dual screen has been used for SOOOOOO many games, over and over, and made the experience better.

      Just sound like he’s saying “i bought a 3DS, got Monster Hunter, but im shit at it, so i better complain”. Monster Hunter is balls to the walls hard…

      1. I have wiiu version and 3DS version. I litteraly don’t even need a CPP XL for this game. It controlls perfectly with a touch screen camera D-pad and just tapping L to center the camera and face the enemy. I rarely spin the camera on the Wiiu version it’s easier to tap L….

        1. I dont like it that much, a second analong would be preferable, the thing i dont like is you cant continuosly lock on, like in Zelda.

          1. Yeah , the lock on system is a bit stupid. It locks on faces you towards them and just dissapears. It’s like not even a proper lick on system :S . A Zelda style lock system would be great for MH . But would it make it easier ? Maybe Capcom feel its more challenging the way it is…

            1. No, i think the game is challenging as it is, with timing your dodges, and how tough the enemies are, the camera shouldnt factor as a challenge aspect, thats just broken game design. Probably why im going to stick to the WiiU version when i get one.

  21. Clamshell design is awesome, both screens are always protected when you don’t play.
    Unlike PSP and Vita…

    1. I agree, clamshell is perfect for handhelds. Very easy to put in your pocket and not have to worry about messing up the input controlls or scratching the screen. Meanwhile, the Vita has analogs sticking out just waiting for you to mess them up when you put the system in your pocket.

  22. What the fuck is a gamboy micro? oh, that badly designed GBA which died quicker than the Virtual Boy…

    Phil Fish, shut up.

  23. So why should I care about this guy? Do you know how much I actually give a crap about a game called Fez? Trick question, I don’t at all. What is up with small time indie devs getting so arrogant? His opinion will hold no weight until he is able to make a handheld and have it sell better than a 3DS as well as have a library better than 3DS.

  24. I don’t like the PSVita because of it’s games. I admit, the PSVita could’ve killed the 3DS. But it hasn’t got a lot of games that match the 3DS. You can make the most powerful system in the universe but if it’s got crappy games then I’m not buying it. The PSVita hasn’t got Monster Hunter because developers want to hit the place where it has big market. If you really like the PSVita, then making some fucking great games of it, Fez creator (Dunno his name..)

  25. Step 1: Take off your fucking diaper
    Step 2: Quit wishing the 3DS is a Vita and Monster Hunter is PSO
    Step 3: Get Phantasy Star Online 2 and a PS Vita
    Phil Fish: a complete moron or just mentally retarded? More at eleven.

  26. this is why everybody hates sony drones, you can tell by the way he acts, but seriously no circle pad pro for xl and no use on luigies mansion or monster hunter, noa is going to kill nintendo, and whoever named the wii u that name should be fired, nobody knows its its a new console, even people who know about video games dont know. im like wtf nintendo. this is worse than i even thought. reggie needs to get the fuck out, he will bring nintendo to its grave

      1. OK IM NOT REPLYING I JUST CAN’T FIND THE COMMENT BOX LOL REALLY I CAN’T!! Now I need to ask you something computer DS freak guy um is their only one girl reading well looking at one word?

    1. He really was pro Microsoft before certain troubles. Not even that sure he likes Sony all that much. I faintly remember reading something back when he was developing Fez for XBLA on his disdain for the PS3.

      Not sure though. Anyway, I just think his hand has been forced, for one reason or another, and that’s why he’s trying to put his game on other systems now.

  27. I love the 2nd screen. It’s perfect for RPG games where you can see everyones HP/MP/Status without interfering the main screen. Same goes for most other games. Great for maps, inventory and so on. Can’t see what that Fez guy is complaining about.

  28. what a little bitch, its not a gimmick its a tool, it just like computers that have more then one monitor. what a ass. 3D is just as important as color or high def. it makes what your looking at look better, no one likes the vits cus its over priced, and sony is cocky BS.

    1. He will miss out on lots of money… his loss, not ours. We have so many other games to play on our awesome 3DS’ anyway!!!

      1. That is the problem with these self-entitled hipsters we have developing indie games, they think too highly of themselves and their opinions to see that this is a business, and that crossing major companies by acting like a complete fantard is gonna land them on the unemployment office.
        Seriously, you can make millions selling something but you put your fantardism before it?
        It’s like if I didn’t want my books published because I’m afraid someone who likes Twilight could read them, if they pay the book’s price, who cares?

      2. Seriously, fucking indie hipsters are pissing me off.
        Like the ones making Cryamore or whatever that thing is called, their kickstarter is twenty minutes of ego masturbation.
        Like, you want me to invest? Tell me what the fuck the game is about!
        But they’re like:
        “This is whoevertheirnameis and they are making the music!”
        And I’m like:
        And they’re like:
        “And they studied at whatever, and have done whatever, and they’re so fucking amazing!”
        And this shit goes on and on and on for like six minutes until they go on to brag whoever is working on the graphics or the story, and then it’s the same fucking bullshit again.
        I don’t know why they think we care to know about them or their opinions, want to sell a game? Well, fucking sell it, but you’re not a celebrity, so shut up.

          1. Well no, but they kill any kind of positive expectation with their hipster ways, there’s a reason most modern games allow you to skip credits or give you a diversion while they roll, if we don’t care about their names why do they think we care about their opinions or backgrounds?

  29. He obviously did this to promote the vita and his games release on it, probly got paid to do it. He clearly bashes the 3ds for idiotic reasons and then gives an example of something he “prefers” which is the vita.

  30. fez sucks im mean the game really sucks! he’s mad cause nintendo wont sell his crapware that apparently isn’t selling on xbox live lmao what a loser

    1. I find his game pretty mediocre for a platformer, it is too minimalist and linear, the only thing that could set it apart from thousands of mediocre flash games you can find on the internet is the spinning stage gimmick, and even that can be found in other games, both indie and mainstream, so it isn’t all that unique.
      And yes, his numbers are red, and with this bitchfest he’s pretty much out of the business, I’m telling you we’ll probably never see his name in the credits of a game ever again.

  31. Actually, I’ve wished for many games to have had a second screen for things like an instantly accessible inventory or detailed maps. And how is 3D a gimmick? It makes games more immersive and allows for more accurate depth perception. Calling 3D a gimmick is like calling HD a gimmick. This guy is seriously trolling

    1. Exactly. Look at Ocarina of Time 3D, the second, touch screen makes the controls of the game incredibly fluid and intuitive, gives you more room for action and cleans up the hub so you can concentrate on the game and not on a bunch of useless shit cluttering the screen. Games like Fire Emblem Awakening and Monster Hunter 3 do similar stuff with similar results, and that is the true potential behind the Wii U’s GamePad.
      Also, the man seems to have a very strange understanding of the word gimmick. A gimmick is something that is forcibly tacked on and thus it hurts both the console and the gameplay.
      But since the 3D can be turned off with no consequence, its presence doesn’t harm the system or the game experience in any way, it is not a gimmick, it’s an add-on; calling it a gimmick would be like calling orchestrated music a gimmick, it’s something that adds to the experience, not that forces you to go through it a certain way, like say, the Vita’s stupid touch pad.
      The truth here is that 3DS is a much more accessible product for both producers and consumers, both economically and programming-wise, and thus is getting a lot of love from both sectors. Vita, like all Sony and Microsoft consoles, alienates the common user with its pricing, its technical specs and the overall elitism of its consumers, which gives it a very small fan base and, in consequence, no interest in investment.
      This man is simply butthurt because the console he likes is not selling well, and instead of looking at the real reasons why it is not selling his reaction is to attack 3DS against all odds and the most powerful console and company in the market, he may have very well sealed his own coffin with this. It isn’t just Nintendo, even Sony, Microsoft sand PC publishers are gonna look at his rant and may begin considering it too risky to associate with him from now on.

  32. So he’s mad it doesn’t have a single screen but millions of people bought the system because it has multiple screens.

  33. So this guy says
    “Japanese games suck” then releases a Japanese style game
    then he says
    “3D is a gimmick” yet his game contains you having to rotate something to create 3D, but doesn’t see that as a gimmick
    “Monster Hunter needs two sticks” yet the console gives you the option of getting the circle pad pro which is contoured to feel like a nice controller, or you can use that “useless” touch screen as a second stick. Its pretty simple if you aren’t an absent minded moron who can actually be a practical human being and adapt to things.
    “Doesn’t think people want a second screen” Yet the the DS, and 3DS have sold around 200 million units combined.

    These indie developers are getting quite tenacious with their snide little remarks.

    1. Yeah, they kinda need to remember that without the resources major companies are giving them they would be stuck in rom hacking forums.

  34. What is he talking about? I’m playing MH on the 3DS and feels awesome. I’m really used the the controls (no circle pad pro), it’s not perfect but still better than any PSP version. Also, dual screen is awesome, I like it. feels like I have so many options, and there’re some good uses of it, I mean creative ones.

  35. I never played any MH game before the 3DS Demo and in my second try I killed the easier monster…

    It wasn’t difficult at all in controlling and navigating the game, except when I had to swim which I didn’t know how to do untill Ifound it eventually…

    This guy is obviously a complete noob with zero patience and learning curve…

    Let us big boys at our Nintendo Empire deal with gaming Fezzy…

  36. A second screen also clears up the HUD completely. It’s really useful in games like Fire Emblem Awakening where you can check your armor, items, and abilities on the fly. It’s very useful actually.

    1. He woke up on the wrong side of the bed today and all his fristuration over the fact that the VITA is sucking badly burst out. He couldn’t hold it in any longer! :P He must really, REALLY wish the VITA was selling better.

      1. Yeah. It seems like he was really urning for that Vita, which is strange. Why does he complain about the 3DS not having two analog sticks? If you want to make a game that uses two analog sticks, then develop it for something else. Simple as that.

  37. If theres one thing I love its a bunch of crap cluddering the main screen Im playing on… Oh wait. I hate that. Also, I hate the 3D it adds nothing. On games that dont use it. Games that USE it. Use it well. Games that don’t need it, it is just an added bonus. And if you dont like it. seriously. just shut it off and shut up. This guy is a prick.

  38. Well clearly not everyone thinks the same way as the butt hurt Fez creator. Why can’t people just accept that the 3DS is the dominant system!? VITA will never be what Sony fan bots want it to be.

  39. I’m sorry Phil you’re right how could we ever enjoy a fully functional touch screen under our glasses free 3d screen and purchase an unnecessary analog stick for 20 dollars when we all could just blow twice that ammount for a system with a slightly bigger screen and oh, what’s that? Oh yeah that fucking useless touchpad on the back of the vita that should have just been a fucking l2 and an r2?

  40. Can we say, “cheerleader for Sony”? Anyhow, even though I strongly disagree with him, he has a right to his opinion. However, the way he vented his frustration was very immature and unprofessional. He may have caused irreparable damage to his career. Now we know the real reason he isn’t making a 3DS version of Fez. Oh well! I certainly won’t support anything that he does.

  41. It makes things convenient for some games, such as Zelda, where you can just touch the items you’d like to switch to. However, some do use it as a gimmick. The 3D is a gimmick, I’ll admit that, but it always was. Period. It adds depth, but really is just a gimmick that was added to movies and games. I do enjoy the 3DS though, and it would’ve been smarter to have that second circle pad to begin with, but it doesn’t make it a terrible system for not having it. Though it is too bad more developers don’t realize how powerful the Vita is. I love playing both on the go.

      1. Yeah, I can’t even believe I paid for his mediocre game after the comments that he’s made. I got five hours into the game and then my 360 wouldn’t load the save file, all it would do was freeze when it was loading. I had to start a new game entirely which pissed me off so much that I haven’t even tried playing it since.

  42. My 9-year-old son has no trouble playing Monster Hunter on the 3DS, so it can’t be THAT bad.

    And as far as two screens being a gimmick? I’m playing on Wii U, and I gotta say I love have the TV be completely free of all HUD junk. Put that visually boring but necessary information on the touch screen, and play with pure visual goodness on the big screen. It is freaking AWESOME, and improves the experience greatly.

  43. This is the same guy that said, “Your [Japanese] games just suck.” He clearly left out talented Japanese developers like Nintendo EAD or Platinum Games. After one success, he has the audacity to bash a handheld that has much more successful software than the Vita. 3D is a gimmick? Then don’t implement it. Monster Hunter sucks on Vita? No, it works pretty well with only one circle pad and either the real or virtual D-pad. You want more power? Well screw you. Quality 3DS games don’t require more power. You must be thinking like a console or PC developer. But whatever. It’s his opinion. However, he can’t deny the 3DS’s success and the Vita’s troubles.

  44. What a maroon! I have a Vita and I love it, but I also have a 3DSXL and the second screen adds a TON to my gaming experience. It’s ok to love a console, but don’t hate the other for no good reason. I love them both!

  45. A game designer actually said this, is he joking!? he’s entitled to his opinion but he played one game on the system then got all made! Did he even try a first party title! Like Fire Emblem: Awakening!? If he tried that he would shut up immediately! Man what a lousy person to be making video games, he doesn’t even have the ability to judge systems or games.

  46. I agree with your frustration. With all the money Nintendo has why can’t they produce something killer. Every ds system I’ve owned I regretted buying. Everything is underwhelming and gimmicky. Give me something powerful, fun, and useful to my daily life. The 3ds doesn’t even have a email app. How sad! The games feel like nothing new. As if I don’t get the same experience from a wii or GameCube. I also think dual screens is a gimmick. Give me one sexy big screen with a glass cover please.

    Who also freaking wants to check their email via the pathetic Nintendo web browser. The shit is slow and definitely annoying to navigate through.

    Give me something smooth operating like a high end device.

    Every detail counts…Nintendo.! Don’t treat us like kids!

    1. Analogue sticks are gimmicks. One screen is a gimmick. The name Vita is a gimmick. Hardware is a gimmick. Games are gimmicks.

      Does anyone who enjoys video games actually understand what the correct usage of the word gimmick is supposed to be? Core design decisions are not fucking gimmicks.

      You want something powerful, fun, and useful? Go buy a Vita. There’s plenty of them sitting around.



      *no one buys*

      “WHY DOESN’T NINTENDO ADD MORE POWAR?!!!!!?!?!?!!!1111”

      I hate “gamers” these days. Fuck all of you.

      1. I think their main problem is that they know that if they get a Vita they’re gonna be stuck with an overpriced MP3 player since that’s pretty much all you can do with it; thus no market satisfies them.

  47. Fish is racist bigot, stupid idiot, jerk, pussy. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on 3DS works great. He is obviously retarded and needs to go on special bus. Fez sucks, nobody wants your stupid game. Go away and stop bothering people, I doubt he even owns a 3DS and the whole story is a lie.

    1. You know, that makes much more sense now that he’s bitching about the Wii U.
      Now he’s saying that if Nintendo wants his shit game on Wii U they’ll have to pay him; isn’t it quite obvious that Nintendo hasn’t shown the slightest interest in Shitfezt and he’s angry because the asians he loathes don’t care her attention whore rants.

  48. Am I the only one who thinks he sounds like any other angry teenager who’s upset by the 3DS getting better sales than the Vita?

  49. Notice his Wii U jab at the end. Fuck you, Phil Fish.

    I absofuckinglutely want that smaller screen for all of my games.

    I love being able to utilize a minimap that is actually large enough to let me see where I’m going.

    I love being able to select all of my available items with at most two inputs, instead of dicking around with lousy control stick ui’s.

    I love being able to see the entire world map/background data at a glance, without navigating shitty control stick menus.

    That’s just the beginning of its usefulness. His game is coming out on the Vita. He’s being paid a lot of money to talk shit, which he normally does without pay. He once made a flat out comment that “Japanese games just suck.” If the Vita is so fucking great with it’s TWO THUMB STICKS, why do people play on mouse and keyboard setups?

    I’m sorry that you’ve spent your entire career remaking Super Paper Mario, Phil. But that’s not Nintendo’s fault. Fuck you.

        1. It’s a bit of a misquote. What he really said is:

          “FEZ is coming out on steam PC on may 1 -mac and linux versions to eventually follow -we’re working with sony on bringing FEZ to PSN and VITA -and we’re also working with OUYA on port for that -iOs also highly probable”


          That doesn’t mean it’s going to the Vita for sure. They’re in talks.

          1. Right, so that means it’s plausible. Which likely spurred on the Nintendo bashing as that seems to be half of Sony’s advertising.

      1. Since he has been in the talks with Sony to release it for the playstation network for PS3 and Vita. Sorry don’t have dates on this though.

        1. Nothing was confirmed. He just said he was in talks; Trying to work something out.

          This type of stuff happens almost on a daily basis with game companies. Sometimes the games are published, sometimes they’re not.

          It’s very possible his game will appear on the Vita, especially since Sony is attracting a lot of indie devs now, but nothing is confirmed.

          Fez is only confirmed for release on computers (Linux, PC, Mac) and obviously was released already on XBLA.

  50. see he dun goofed up he just said isn’t the vita better hit than the 3ds the 3ds was the same but it bounced back now when will the vita will bounce back? hmm, cuz the vita wasn’t all that hype they claim to be heck both handheld are still struggling but the 3ds is still better he’s just throwing a tantrum cuz he knows it sucks go and play your psp if the 3ds/ds and vita suck so much loser

  51. Haha, hardcore Vita fanboy much. Monster Hunter is PSO except not in space? HAHAHA.

    This guy knows nothing but his game. Let’s leave it that way.

  52. This guy will get some heath for this now, you can’t be an indie game developer and pulicly bash a gaming system, if he doesn’t understand why the 3DS is the best selling portable that’s only on him, the rest of us who get it will continue to have fun, the consumers have spoken and they don’t want Vitas.

    1. Except recent evidence has shown they DO want Vitas, just not at current pricing levels.

      If consumers have “spoken” on not wanting anything lately, it’s the Wii U… the most embarassing failure of a home console since the Dreamcast. No games, no sales, no hope. Nintendo are done in the home console market, and with the handheld console market rapidly detoriating worldwide, it’s only a matter of time before the one area they do have some small measure of success disappears out from under them.

      The day of a Nintendo-less gaming industry is in sight right now, and I for one await it with a smile on my face.

  53. Must suck to be him. The DS design is perfectly fine. Nintendo defined handheld gaming as we know it. I won’t die without 3D but it IS a cool feature to have, and the DS touch screen redefined handheld gaming before smartphones did. I see no wrong there. The Vita is a great system as it is too, and I’m glad they are different.

    I do agree that the 3DS should have had a native circle pad on the right. The add-on is rather ridiculous.

  54. There is truth to what he said about controls, but to me the problem is not the platform (3DS).
    The problem is the games chosen by the developer. The problem is platform targeting, it’s like ignoring the fundamentals.

    I’ve tried RE revelations, MSG snake eater, MH3 ultimate, while they are all playable, all felt terrible without a circle pad pro.
    This is also a problem in the mobile space, Devs making console like games for iOS/Android. Where the majority of devices have little to no usable buttons/sticks.

    If they want to make/port games to 3DS, they should chose the right games suited for 3DS controls. For example: IMO, the old survivor style Resident Evil(1,2,3) would have been a better match for 3DS than RE: Revelations.
    Games with control scheme like ones used on N64 and Dreamcast are better fit for 3DS than modern games that rely heavily on a 2nd stick.

  55. I can see where he’s coming from. I used to like Nintendo consoles too… then I got some hair on my balls and thought better of it.

    Seriously, grow up already you nostalgia gobbling man-children.

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