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Nintendo Offers Absurd Flyer That Shows Difference Between 2006 Wii And 2012 Wii U


Nintendo has issued a new promotional flyer which attempts to explain to consumers the difference between the original Wii and the Wii U console. Since the Wii U launch there has been confusion amongst customers regarding what the Wii U actually is. In some cases people have thought that the Wii U GamePad is just another add-on for Wii. Do you think this flyer will clear up all the public confusion?

“Saw this “Why Wii-U?” flyer at retail today from Nintendo. Speechless.”

– Geoff Keighley

Thanks, SimplyG

201 thoughts on “Nintendo Offers Absurd Flyer That Shows Difference Between 2006 Wii And 2012 Wii U”

      1. BILL is the gayest person of EARTHHHHHHH

        they used the checkmark for Wii U and dot on Wii is because the checkmark with blue background looks appealing to the eyes while a dot and a grey back makes it unlikable.

      1. Actually, the Wii U CAN play Gamecube games (albiet via emulation, as it removed support for Gamecube discs).

        In fact, they’re planning on releasing Gamecube titles to the Virtual Console.

    1. YES wtf were they thinking, and the wii was the console everybody hates nintendo for too, thats another reason why they shouldnt of named it that, it should of been called nintendo revolution

        1. But Nintendo tends to add a suffix to new models unrelated to size (Lite, XL, etc.)
          GameBoy Advance SP
          Nintendo 64DD

          PlayStation uses numbers, so it’s easier to tell them apart. But having the same name, but one product having an extra letter or two doesn’t sound like a new console.

          1. Of course it does. It’s because you remember the older models that’s why it’s easy to know that the ones with the suffixes are the new ones.

        2. They can tell the difference between number 2 and 3 and plain Xbox and 360. The are the casuals we’re talking about. Should’ve never named it Wii U. Wii 2 could’ve done better for them.

        3. Thats what I always say. Wii U as the name isnt an issue with GAMERS. Casuals may be confused cause its the 1st time Nintendo did this since the NES and SNES.

          1. Unless you count Nintendo naming their latest handheld the 3DS.

            The previous console was called the Nintendo DS, so…

        4. The diference between ((PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4) and (X Box and X Box 360)) and (Wii and Wii U) is that both, Sony and Microsoft were smart enough to show their consoles and clarify that the 2, 3 and 4 in the PS and the 360 in the X Box mean that it´s a new console, Nintendo does not do that when they show the Wii U… scratch that, Nintendo does not do that when they show the Gamepad and presented it as the Wii U.

        5. Well, that’s because they end off with a word that differs the console from the previous ones. When people think of Playstation FOUR, they think it is the sequel to Playstation THREE. That makes more sense because four comes after three, so consumers can see that pattern. But when you hear Wii and Wii U, it’s only one letter difference. People would not know if it’s a new console, an add-on and so forth because they don’t have anything to compare the name with. Just because you and many others are Nintendo fans or just regular gaming fans doesn’t mean it is that obvious to everyone. Not everyone is interested in interpreting console names.

          1. What about the Playstation Vita that had succeeded the Playstation Portable?

            Going by your logic, it should’ve been called the Playstation Portable 2.

        6. Right, but they using a numbering system to differentiate between new console and old. I wouldn’t imagine there would have been so much confusion, or even a need for this flyer, if the Wii U was named the “Wii 2”. I can’t see anyone mistaking a playstation 3 with a playstation 4… Same with Xbox. Wii U just does not convey “predecessor” to the uneducated masses. But, alas, they can’t change it now… Too many things already branded with the damn “Wii U” insignia! I love the console, but hate the name. They were hoping the wii’s name carried enough weight that people would instantly gravitate towards the Wii U, problem is that for the first year after its unveiling there weren’t any pictures of the actual console and still today nintendo’s marketing of the device does not convey the fun and innovation that this console brings to home console/multimedia/gaming devices! The marketing should ramp up and display the many new ways to play, especially off-tv play… That is a huge plus of the console!

      1. I Put Punks in Place

        Everybody hates Nintendo for the Wii? Speak for yourself, punk. Wii was a fantastic system with exceptional games. I love it.


          of course you would love it , you’re a blind fanboy that buys anything with nintendo written on it, the wii is a casual piece of shit

          1. This is a Nintendo blog.


            I wonder why haters would come here in the first place.

            Anyway, just because it had a reputation as a “casual console” doesn’t necessarily mean that only casual games go on it.

            Afterall, Sonic Colors, for example, was a Wii game.

      2. NES > SNES
        I see no problem
        GB > GBC
        I see no problem
        PS1 > PS2 > PS3 > PS4
        I see no problem

        Nintendo consoles has meaning.

        1. Well, technically, the S actually was a word — “super”, whereas the “U” still doesn’t really stand for anything (and I don’t think it ever will).

    2. I think we can all agree on that. The name “Wii U” is too confusing and doesn’t sound that special either.

      1. Right, guys. Although Wii is a fantastic console, with a amazing library and nice capabilities, it harbors some sort of stigma on itself. Naming their latest home console “Wii U”, Nintendo did such a wrong move, because it sounds odd and a little bit “childish”, maybe “naive”, or something like that. But… Wii U is still a nice, interesting piece of hardware.

      2. first time that the nave is gimmicky like when they name their games like super mario ’64’ or pokedex ‘3d’ pro of course they do have names included with some wii u that have either ‘u’ or something like ‘ultimate’

        1. I would’ve loved for it to be called Super Wii…or do like the 90s and add “X” to shit.

          Or BOTH: Super Wii X…then bring back the seal of approval.

    3. PS2, PS3, X-box 360…

      …yeah, the problem is certainly that the names sounds to much like each other..

      1. Yeah, but the difference is that Xbox and PS3 stuck to their formula. People know that if something is called the PS4 that it’s the next PlayStation, because every system they’ve made has assumed that pattern. Nintendo on the other hand has named almost all of their consoles separate things (from Nintendo 64, to Gamecube, to Wii, etc). Since we are creatures of habit, once Nintendo decided to stick to a current name and build upon it (in this case Wii) many people figured that it was an addon.

    4. how about ” Nintendo Ultimate” or ” Ultra Nintendo Entertainment System” or “GameCube 2” my personal favorite is “Nintendo Revolution”

        1. Stop with this revolution bullshit. It’s immature to think a word that sounds “cool” like “revolution” is what makes the console.

      1. beemothelittleboy

        Ultra ninty entertainment system, was what the n64 should’ve of been name, dunno I dust don’t see the name that a appealing a world where things are are short and sharp named, and or

      2. Ultra NES is what it should have been called. I think the codename ‘Nintendo Stream’ would have worked as well.

    5. Dude that ship has sailed. The systems name is WII U. We have heard the name thing a million times. Should Sony have changed the name of the of the ps4 what if the xbox is called 720.
      Nintendo= Wii

      The dead horse AKA different name is dead carry on with your life.

        1. If the name of a system is an iasue for someone to make them not buy it just cause of the name then please someone just shoot that moronic son of a bitch in the skull and put him down.

        2. Then the problem isn’t the Wii U. It’s just you then. So suck it up and keep turning with the rest of the world.

  1. It’s sad people have to told about this…

    At least Nintendo are doing SOME form of clarification an advertising.

    1. BILL is the gayest person of EARTHHHHHHH

      yup, they’re doing it so that confused people that thinks Wii U is the same thing as Wii will get clarified.

  2. Plays Gamecube games – Check, Uses Gamecube Controllers – Check.
    Wait… Wii U can’t do that… 2 points for Wii!

        1. Yes, but I think if you bought one that has SD and internet today, it would not play GameCube games. They removed that when they dropped the price last if I remember correctly. So since they are still offering the Mini and a main line one with internet, they should show it supports SD and Internet Gaming.

    1. Of course the Wii U isn’t able to do that. Can the GameCube play SNES games? No, it can’t even play Nintendo 64 games.

  3. Not seeing whats absurd about it. Just because kotaku called it absurd, doesn’t mean you have to too.

    It’s not exactly brilliant, but they’re trying to explain the differences between the 2 systems, and everything the flyer says is true.

    Not seeing the absurd really.

    1. Agreed, if people are having such an issue understanding what the Wii U is and what it does, then breaking it down into a simple list is a great way to go. Basically “explain it to me like I’m five” so nobody can complain that Nintendo aren’t explaining it well now.

    2. Thing is they just can’t stop bitching, if Nintendo doesn’t explain it then they rag like bitches, and if Nintendo does, then they rag like bitches.
      Plus Kotaku would do much better if they simply changed the name to SonySoft Fanboys INC.

    3. What I find really absurd in this is the possibility that this is all Nintendo is going to do to promote the console. Of course, I hope this is just the first step, but compared to what they’ve done in the past, including a few months before the Wii U launch date, we know they can do better than flyers!

      1. The market and the general public are already used to Sony and Microsoft using the same name, but Nintendo hasn’t done it since the Super Famicom/Nintendo. Using the same brand as the last generation wasn’t a smart move, they could’ve at least named it Super Wii, like in the Japanese commercial, which I’m sure would generate the greatest hype in video game history!

  4. Why just don’t give it a different name like one of the project names of previous consoles, for example Dolphin or Revolution.

  5. taku bink bonk weeaboo

    man this some weak shit ya hear. come on nintendo man make some good adds n shit man. come on, folks.

  6. As somebody who works in a GAME store, this is an AMAZING idea. I always wanted them to make a sign explaining it. Simple flyer for simple minded people who can’t see the difference by themselves.

    1. I think it’s a great idea to because if I wasn’t a hardcore gamer or I was a parent, I would probably have no clue what the Wii U was

  7. The genius of nintendo. Now is the Time to sell the Wii U. The release of the three big games last week have bumbed up Wii U sales; nintendo senses the unseen and now it’s marketing time. The 3DS is self marketing, wisdom and history my friends. Please Miyamoto unleash Pikmin 3 next month.

    1. Nintendo Commander

      Agreed, only retards and unevolved ones don’t understand the difference between Wii and Wii U…

      They know the difference between an Ipad and an iPod but not Wii and Wii U?…

      Just plain ignorance and hate towards our Empire…

      Are you people still living in WW2?…

      1. Genius at times is over shadowed by witch hunters and biased media. Sir Isaac newton was thought mad when he came up with F = Ma. Nintendo was overlooked when they resurrected the gaming industry with the NES and super Mario bros.

      2. not really, whats not genius is calling the gameboy (insert name here) i pad & phones (random name here) PlayStation and Xbox….oh wait those are smart moves, so the wii u stays.

    1. They did, on the Monster Hunter ad, it says at the end: “Play on the ALL NEW Wii U Console” or something like that.

  8. Pretty smart but they shudve changed the consoles name in the begining. They shouldve mentioned its more powerful.

  9. Why do I have a feeling they used the word “absurd” just because Kotaku said it was absurd because they see Nintendo do one thing wrong and then they act like it is the death of Nintendo.

    In reality, I don’t see what is wrong here. They do a comparison chart, big deal, most companies do. The Kotaku article used the complaint that Nintendo was trying to make the Wii look bad by not including things like the Gamecube backwards compatibility, but of course they failed to realize that for the longest time now, Wii has no backwards compatibility for GameCube games.

    I wish people would just get off the doom and gloom, and look towards the future with Smash Bros, Shin Megami Tensi X Fire Emblem, Mario Kart 8, Monolith’s new Title, Retro Studio’s new title, and of course the new 3D Mario title. The system is not selling fast, not because of pricing, or confusion. There are no games yet! Once we get a steady release lineup, it will start to sell.

  10. I don’t see what is so absurd about it. And I for one don’t blame Nintendo for choosing the Name Wiiu. It has the potential to build on the name of a successful brand. 3DS was a retarded name at first but not it makes sense.
    Also I like the name WiiU and 3DS :)

  11. Guys, this was already on, now better on stores. Also, this stuff is ONLY for non “hardcore” gamers. gamers are well aware that is a new console and knows everything it can do.

    1. are you sure ive ran into people who are complete nerds about video games and there like yea whats up with the wii u, im like its nintendos new console it plays brand new games and is 4 times stronger than ps3, and there like oh thats interesting i thought it was just an add on to the wii, facepalm, haha

      1. Well, all my friends know about the WiiU, even the sony fanboys, I think if you’re nerd about games, you read game sites and magazines, you know pretty much about it.

      2. I think you have missunderstood what a video game nerd is… One is not a video game nerd because they play CoD and FIFA.

  12. They definitely shoulda called it something else, yeah. I know a lot of people who would have bought it if it wasn’t called Wii U.

    1. Yeah, well its too late now, Complaining is not gonna make Nintendo change their already Established Name.
      So people have to stop bitching about Nintendo choosing the name “Wii U”.
      And Nintendo has to come up with ways to fix the Confusion with Clear Advertisement Depicting Wii U as a Completely Different console.
      They’re already doing that a bit by saying the ALL NEW Wii U console at the end of their ads, they just need to make it More Obvious. :/

  13. People who are stupid enough to think the Wii and Wii U are the same are no more stupid than the people who believe the console needs to be renamed after its already been released.

    This is no more confusing than Xbox-Xbox 360. All Nintendo needs to do is throw up a tons of commercials saying “Nintendo’s brand new console and successor of the widely popular Wii, the Wii U has now arrived” and throw that on some posters to put in stores.

    Bam confusion over. Wii sounds no more childish than the “Xbox” or “Playstation” so get over it.

        1. yep, I hope it really lives up to the conceptual part of the name, just like the Wii did with multiplayer. I hope the Wii U is really the console for me, with more games like Zelda, Donkey Kong and Metroid. At this point, it really is.
          I’ve never seen such good third-party support since SNES days on a Nintendo Console, even Ninja Gaiden is back to Nintendo, also Batman, AC and Deus EX shows that WiiU have a trully potential.

          1. No, I like the name of the Wii U as well, however in all honesty I don’t think it was an all together smart naming scheme for Nintendo to use.

    1. Yup, commercials are needed for the Wii U. Probably stating the “next generation” of Nintendo gaming, and even be as blatant as actually stating “new console”. Their naming theme was a miss step for them but not something that they shouldn’t be able to recover from. It doesn’t help that lots of trolls out there are actually putting out false information about it saying it is just a wii with a tablet lol. Nintendo needs to go into the offensive and get some media out there for the system.

  14. Knowing how much stupid gamers have turned this last gen Nintendo should release Nintendo for dummies book.

  15. I think it is good that Nintendo is addressing the issue that the Wii U has of people not knowing that it is in fact an entirely separate system. I think it likely could have been done better then what is shown, however it is also supposed to encourage people to buy the Wii U, so in that aspect I think it might succeed a bit. They might need to relaunch and name it the UNES or something. Ultimate Nintendo Entertainment System.

  16. I don’t see how this flyer is absurd. It tells people the difference, which is good, because Nintendo needs to clarify and clear up the confusion. Though many agree it could’ve been easily done just by calling it Wii 2, and I’m sure Nintendo thought about it, but if you think about it, the name Wii 2 sounds way too generic, and it suggests that it is an upgraded version of the Wii, which really it isn’t. I understand why Nintendo didn’t choose that name, but it’s up to them to clear confusion, and I think the flyer helps it.

  17. It’s real simple, ditch the Dub Step crap commercials. They show you so much, so fast, that they really show you nothing. And make a real commercial showing what the system can actually do. Then stuff like this wont be needed.

  18. Why is this Geoff Keighley “speechless”? Causal gamers not hardcore enough for him? Moron. Simple fact is that a lot of casual gamers don’t know the difference and need telling. This does that. Will it help? Hopefully. Is it stupid? No. Is Geoff stupid? Yes.

    1. Bingo. Thank God someone gets it. Jesus, the people engaged in ‘games journalism’ are almost, uniformly, idiots.

  19. Err, why is this absurd? This is done in marketing *all the time*–go to Amazon for virtually any consumer electronics product, and it will offer breakdowns on what each model of a given TV offers versus others. It’s called differentiating various models from one another. The only reason this is “absurd” or it’s rendering a ****ing clown like Keighley “speechless” is because they (and apparently the authors of this blog) live in hermetically-sealed bubbles where the real world never intrudes (and the oxygen supply is apparently cut off).

    Get it through your thick skulls: the “core gamer” is a tiny part of the audience–this is NOT aimed at you, it’s aimed at Joe Average, the *vast* majority of the market.

    Now that you have a ****ing clue and report some actual news for a change.

  20. If this doesn’t work then everyone that doesn’t get it are either very old or retarded. Hopefully in 8-9 years when the next Nintendo console comes out it WON’T be called the Wii (something) so everyone will know it is a new console.

  21. Why is it absurd if it shows the difference between Wii U and Wii to alleviate the confusion for some consumers that the Wii U is a brand new console which will hopefully boost sales? Isn’t that what we all want is for the Wii U to sell better?

    1. The problem is the way it was made. At first glance, you may even think that the Wii wasn’t made for playing Wii games. There’s just a dot there!

      Anyway, this helps a bit, but this isn’t even as close as to what they should’ve been doing by now.

    1. because its part of the brand, if they change it then people wonder whats that as well. look at xbox to xbox 360, same situation when it came out, two years later people now what Xbox 360 is and its selling.
      my point is you guys are all jumping the gun way too fast, look at the 3ds and tell me it did not have the same fate.

  22. funny that a console made for playing games won the console war isn’t? now wii u is filled with shit to fuck around with besides games its gonna rape ps420

      1. Since they’re both on the market, they’re competing to a degree for sales. Also, since the Wii U is geared more for the “hardcore gamers” than the Wii was, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to compare the Wii U to the PS3 or 360. When the PS4 and next Xbox come out, they could update the chart.

        Also, the Wii is a previous gen console. :/

        But anyway, for now, this chart is especially for those who seem to be confused by what a Wii U is.

      2. Are you stupid? Comparing a previous generation console to a new generation console; that’s EXACTLY what Nintendo is doing with this flyer here. And are you really that naive to think Nintendo does not want to compete with the others directly? Of course they do, believing otherwise is just silly.

    1. You can’t use someone else’s product name on your publicity. Coca-cola and Pepsi made this for a while, and they both suffered several penalties.

  23. one thing important. whatever the name of the next console, it should be NINTENDO (new name)
    nintendo wii sound better than just wii. nintendo wiiu would have sound better than just wiiu too. but it wouldnt have changed the problem right now

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  25. While this flyer is absurd to anyone who knows anything about games, its probably fairly effective for the audience its aimed at, but even so… can’t Nintendo do any better? They’ve had so many opportunities.

  26. Well, it’s something, but it surely isn’t enough. And it’s funny how, at first sight, you can’t play Wii games on your Wii. It took me a while to see the dots and understand what they’re doing there.

    Come on, Nintendo, you can do better than that! We all know you can!

  27. i feel that somewhere on the flier on the wiiu side it should read in bold letters NOT AN ADD-ON or NEW CONSOLE

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  29. The name is fine they just need really good games. People know what a wii u is ive seen plenty of kids talking about it in stores as well as friends that dont even game. No one wNts to buy it now because pretty much everything on there thats good is already on xbox and ps3 by november and december this year we will get real good games and they will promote the console when the times right

  30. Why is this supposed to be absurd? It seems informative enough. It’s obviously not directed to the hardcore gamer, but for the public in general.

    1. It’s considered absurd because Geoff Keighley is a hack whom cannot find anything tangible to rip Nintendo for so he is reduced to ribbing on a flyer. Big deal.

      1. To be fair, Geoff Keighley never said it was absurd. He just said “speechless.” Now people are taking that to mean whatever they want it to mean.

        1. Fair enough. He has said far, FAR worse than that about Nintendo in the past and made many irresponsible journalistic reports about them to which he has not been taken to task for. So he really has no lead-way in this area versus an-unbiased gaming “journalist” that would have said such a thing.

          It’s not like “speechless” is much better either. Especially coming from him. It is in the realm of splitting hairs. To be fair.

  31. I think it’s a start in the right direction. seeing this in gaming sections will create awareness of the wii u. & regardless it will generate more sales. i don’t see whats absurd.

  32. It’s occurred to everyone of course that Nintendo may have intentionally confused people as to what the Wii U was, for whatever reason. The most obvious possible reason is that they wanted their same Wii audience to think the Wii U actually was an add-on and then buy it out of curiosity. It is definitely a really dumb reason, but it’s smarter than most of the other possible reasons you can think of for why Nintendo would do this.

  33. As much as I do not like that name, I think people are making too much of it and are not paying attention. In the Nintendo Direct shortly before E3 2012 they explained why they chose the name ‘Wii U’ and what the concept was behind it. Whether people agree with it is irrelevant, but the reason why was clearly explained. I think we need a refresher.

    1. I understand the concept completely. It doesn’t mean it was still a good decision. Even the original Wii’s codename ‘Revolution’ was more suitable and more appealing. They’re just making terrible decisions on almost everything they do lately :\ It’s a shame. The whole family in the living room nonsense has to stop. It’s getting in the way. The focus should be on games, not togetherness. The togetherness will come naturally….

      1. They should’ve gotten the hint from E3 2011 that Wii U was confusing as hell to non-core gamers and consumers, I heard they almost renamed it too…but ultimately didn’t… which I think was also a foolish decision on their part. D;

      2. Like I said in the paragraph before the video, whether you like it or don’t or whether I like it or don’t is irrelevant. The point is that there is a REASON for it. First of all, It’s their company, it’s their product, they paid for it, therefore they can name it whatever they feel like it. Period.

        Yours and mine opinion are not reality. As crazy as the name “Wii” sounded, they were able to sell 100 million consoles with that name. I would have liked Nintendo Revolution but it’s about what “I” like. I don’t own Nintendo, I don’t hold shares in the company, and I’m not the CEO. They only things that matters to me as a consumer is if the product DOES what it is supposed to do. Did the Wii do that? You damn betcha it did. They can all the system the “Pee-Pee” for all I care. The only thing that matters is if a consumer gets the money’s worth.

        The Wii U is struggling in sales because of confusion over the name. The Wii U is struggling in sales because it does not have a killer-app that makes the console name sell-explanatory like teh Wii did. People had no idea what the Wii was either until that played Wii-Sports for the first time. Then it was a wrap. People associated motion-control gameplay with Wii and still do. There was a clear distinction between the Wii and the 360/PS3.

        They Wii U does not have that game to show why the Wii U is unique from what is on the market and what is coming. If the Wii U had a killer-app, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation because people would know exactly what the Wii U is, what it does, and why they should or should not have it in their home.

        We you are gonna criticize Nintendo at least get the facts straight. It is a fact that they have done a poor job advertising the Wii U, It is a fact that the Wii U lack a killer-app. It is not a fact that because you, I, or anyone else dislike the name Wii U that it is a mistake. That is an opinion which I’m sure will be proven wrong as it was when Nintendo chose to go with ‘Wii’ instead of ‘Revolution,’ ‘GameCube’ instead of ‘Dolphin,’ and ‘N64’ instead of ‘Ultra64.’ Anyone fickle enough to say they didn’t buy the console because of the name was never really interested in purchasing the console in the first place.

        1. I agree with you completely, I’m not saying it’s not selling because of peoples’ opinions, I’m saying it’s just confusing as hell. lol Although it’s Nintendo’s fault completely for the start it’s having. Name and all. There was already confusion with the name between 2011 and 2012. Yes, they have their reasons, but sometimes (lately most of the time), fail to make the correct marketing decisions. The name of the Wii U being one of them. :\

  34. Wii U is a commercial failure of unprecedented proportions already. That Nintendo are dicking around with pathetic marketing that is preying on the ignorance of casuals shows they have no clue why no one wants their gimp-ass console… and that is why it’s gonna stay in the toilet.

  35. I have a whole ad campaign for the Wii U. They need to show what it can do outside of just the games. Ad #1 kid is playing in his room, mom shouts its time for bed! He plugs in his headphones, shuts off the light, and flips it to gamepad mode. We see the complete transition which for the unitiated would be a first, then the tag line “Wii U the fun never stops”

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