The Wonderful 101 Footage From PAX East

Platinum Games long-awaited The Wonderful 101 was at this years PAX East which is taking place in Boston. The footage of the game is sadly stuff we’ve seen before in previous demos, but it has been a while since we’ve seen it. The Wonderful 101 is still scheduled to launch sometime in Quarter 2 2013.

Thanks, Mike S


  1. I would be embarrased to have this shitty game on the PC. It is such an unmanly abomination of a game.

  2. Isn’t this just the E3 demo? Same with Pikmin i heard.
    Dammit Nintendo, why do you need to e so secretive…

  3. Can someone explain me what is the concept behind this game, and how i play this?
    Its seems interesting but i don’t understand the mechanics.

    1. From what i know – You control up to 100 comic book styled characters like pikmin. You go around gathering new characters maybe forming a load out of characters (or using all 100 of them at the same time , I don’t know) . You use the touch screen to draw quick gestures such as a circle to make mak them peform a certain technique.

      It’s basically like a Pikmin inspired gameplay style with it’s own unique flare and innovation!

  4. Why the hell would nintendo show off the same stuff? They should have had something new or atleast let us download this demo in the eshop to try it out ourselves after pax is over.

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