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Capcom Would Love To Work With WayForward Again


Capcom producer Rey Jimenez has explained to Destructoid just how much of a pleasure it has been to work with WayForward on DuckTales Remastered.  Jimenez says the acclaimed company was the perfect match and handled the production side like professionals. He concluded by saying that he loved working with WayForward and would like to do more projects with them in the future.

“Disney actually suggested WayForward. In my mind, WayForward was just the perfect match. They handled practically all of the production side like pros. The game has been in development for around a year, and we would love to work with them again,” “retro or otherwise?” I asked, to which he responded “yes, retro or otherwise.”

47 thoughts on “Capcom Would Love To Work With WayForward Again”

  1. Good because WayForward are basically the old school Capcom, high quality gameplay and great design, old school way of thinking (no fucking over the consumer) and originality.

      1. Did you play Mighty Switch Force?
        No, becase you don’t have access to it, and most likely this is the only time you’ve actually ever heard of WayForward.

        1. oh noes, one of very few “original” games from them (which gameplay-wise plays eerily similar to a certain Capcom seri–oh wait, their Bloodrayne betrayal does as well!) means they have a sense of “originality”. yeah suuuuuuuuuure

          and as usual assuming I haven’t even played their games like every dimwitted fanboy ever unable to come up with an original response that is based on factual information and not guesswork

          what an ass-kissing sheeple you are


          1. Shut up you moron.
            “Kiss ass”
            What, since when was praising a company for making good games, and not fcking people a use of an insult for you?

            Are you really going to defend Capcom? Really, be honest for a second, drop the 10 year old troll act for a while, put down the lube, and shut down the redtube, 4chan and neo gaf pages, and answer a question.
            Are you ACTUALLY going to disagree with me, therefore by default, DEFEND Capcom?…

            1. except you suggested they have a sense of originality and very few of their games can even be called that at all considering how much they borrow gameplay design from other franchises, lol.

              and how the hell was I defending capcom … you don’t have the best literacy skills do you?

              actually don’t answer that, I’ve established many times that you don’t, forgot about that.

      2. Or, maybe did you play Bloodrayne: Betrayl, or Double Dragon: Neon seeing as they werent on a Nintendo system.

        1. Double Dragon Neon? LMFAO. An absolute mockery of the NES games.

          Bloodrayne Betrayal? Oh you meant to say BloodrayneWoman X? Yeah I played that too.

          lul “originality” the majority of their games aren’t even their own IPs.

          1. I think you miss the point of being a “new IP”, and having “originality”.

            You know, kinda like that character you LOVE to bash for no apparent reason, Mario?
            Are you going to say Galaxy wasn’t original?

            If you legitimately answer no to this question, just give up. Write a suicide note to….well, never mind, nobody would give a fuck, just top yourself, i dont give a fuck how, or you could go somewhere else.

            Nobody is getting “mad bro”, if anything, we’re just looking to force some form of subconscious thought in your head that’ll you’ll look back at your life and realise what a waste of human resources you are.

            Well, night!

            1. if it isn’t a new IP of theirs, then chances are the game won’t have any particular sense of originality riding off an already established one that has done something similar already one way or another, it isn’t hard to put 2 and 2 together

              Galaxy is literally Mario 64 in space, so no, not really the best example to use here

              -insert irrelevant drivel that has fuck all to do with my previous replies-

              actually, not even gonna bother with that

              “Well night”

              and yet, you will inevitably still be here

          1. Ikr, I mean, you did not even say most of the stuff they said you said. I can for example nowhere see you claiming the game was bad or that you defend Capcom just to start..

            1. precisely this

              nowhere did I suggest they made a bad game or games or that Might Switch Force was bad

              it’s just not particularly original: plays very much like a Megaman game and a lot of people familiar with the latter will notice, even more so with Bloodrayne; which is a floatier MMX clone

              1. Indeed. You are one of the most direct people I have ever spoken to. You do seldom mean eighter more or less than what you say and that is a fantastic trait when talking over the internet. Sadly it takes time to understand that and that imposters has chosen your name to write under only makes it so much harder to get.

              2. GetALoadOfThisFaggot

                Except nobody but them makes these kind of games anymore with such magic, and I guess that’s the whole point of the guy who you trolled up there. He just said original without thinking that much, but hey.

    1. GetALoadOfThisFaggot

      But there’s just two games, and the DSiware one was pretty good. Here’s waiting for the third one.

  2. They should come together and make an entirely NEW game! Not a “remastered title.” Don’t get me wrong though! DuckTales will be Awesome!! Just wishing for new characters and new stories and not sequels.

      1. Even if I do agree that the game in question is good so would I prefer a new good game over a remake of an old good game that I have already played back in the days.

        1. I would prefer to play an enhanced-version of game game that I already know is good versus a game that the developers think is good,market as being good, and turns out to be terrible.

          It’s not like developers are exactly knocking it out-of-the-park with new franchises and games nowadays or even established modern franchises.

    1. K, look forward to a system that probably never be used to it’s maximum because of the development cost it would take making that kind of game. I am not hating, just saying that Sony seem totally ignorant about the economic state right now. This will backfire the first 2-3 years of the consoles life cycle to maybe gain them some profit at the end of it.

  3. I hate the names of all of these new game companies these days. WayForward? There was a time (back during the NES days) when I knew the names of every video game company (or at least 2/3 of them). But nowadays there’s so many different companies that I can’t keep track of them.

    1. And also, I never know what games that today’s game companies are responsible for. I’m still only familiar with the classics such as Sega, Capcom, Hudson, Activision, Midway, Konami, Natsume etc. Though I only know of maybe one game that Natsume is responsible for, and that’s Harvest Moon.

  4. Hope this means a Mega Man game from WayForward, that’s if Capcom actually let’s them use the IP. I mean it’s not like Capcom is using it and making new Mega Man game. Or hope this means more remastered games.

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