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HarmoKnight, Code Of Princess, And Harvest Moon Come To Euro 3DS eShop This Week


HarmoKnight: Cover your ears – the planet of Melodia is under attack! The evil Noizoids, under the orders of their leader Gargan, aren’t just disrupting the normal tuneful lives of Melodians everywhere – they’ve also kidnapped Ariana, the princess of Symphony City! Help Tempo, the boy chosen to wield the legendary staff, and his friends as they travel across Melodia on a musical adventure. Over 50 stages of rhythm-action fun await, including bonus stages featuring much-loved tunes from some of your favourite Pokémon games.

Code of Princess: Blending fighting gameplay with components from classic arcade side-scrolling beat’em ups and the character development of an RPG, Code of Princess perfectly combines the two genres, giving hardcore gamers an all new twist on some of their favourite game types. Up to four players can take on challenges cooperatively or battle against one another in competitive play.

Fire Emblem Awakening Demo: Turn-based combat comes alive like never before on Nintendo 3DS! Fire Emblem: Awakening continues the traditions of the classic series while enhancing the experience with 3D visuals and making the strategic gameplay more accessible for newcomers. Players lead forces across maps, fighting enemies and achieving goals across a fantasy world rich with character.

Harvest Moon: Follow in your grandfather’s (muddy) footsteps and become a master farmer! This classic simulation lets you get hands-on with every aspect of farm life: from sowing crops to raising animals. The harder you work, the bigger and better your farm will become. You can also visit the town to buy supplies; from food and drink to keep up your strength, to labour-saving tools for making life easier.

8 thoughts on “HarmoKnight, Code Of Princess, And Harvest Moon Come To Euro 3DS eShop This Week”

  1. For anyone thinking of buying Code of Princess it cost £29.99 and Europe isn’t getting a physical copy.

    Personally I think that £29..99 is far to pricey for a digital copy that has no packaging, marking, shipping. It really should have been £10-20 and not £29.99.

  2. I really want to try out Code of Princess, but I can’t stand the digital-only deal. Especially since both Japan and U.S.A. got both, those lucky basterds. So I’m waiting, maybe indefinitely, for a physical copy…

  3. I’m a little worried about having too many downloadable versions. I already have a 16gig card and I have the ambassador games, all the recommended eshop games such as pushmo etc, and I got a free game of that style game to download. I will be fine for space at the moment but I would love it if Nintendo gave you the option to keep your save data when you delete a game off your system. That way I could delete a game that I wasn’t going to play for a while, and later redownload it and have kept my save data. At the moment you can redownload games but you have to start from scratch.

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