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Nintendo Says It’s Easier For Indie Devs To Develop For Wii U And 3DS


Dan Adelman, who works as Nintendo’s liaison with indies, has told Gamasutra that the company has made it a lot easier for independent developers to create games for both the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Adelman says the controversial office requirement is now a thing of the past and developers can create games anywhere they want. He also went on to say that developers can set their own pricing for games and can make price changes permanent.

“I know we’ve shied away from talking about these things publicly in the past, so I’m glad that I can officially confirm that the office requirement is a thing of the past.”

“Anyone from any country can make their games available on the eShop within the NOA and NOE region — i.e., pretty much everywhere outside of Japan.”

“Developers set their own pricing for their Wii U and Nintendo 3DS content. As one example, Little Inferno launched at $14.99. They did a sale for $9.99, and it went so well, they decided to make that price change permanent. It’s completely in their control.”

“In addition, at GDC we’re going to be talking about some new tools we’re rolling out for developers to use HTML5 and JavaScript to make games. The thing I’m most excited about for this is how easy it is to prototype new game ideas to find the fun quickly and easily.”

39 thoughts on “Nintendo Says It’s Easier For Indie Devs To Develop For Wii U And 3DS”

    1. Yup, Phil Fish can suck it. I hope when he pleads to Nintendo to let him release fez on the Wii U and 3DS they shove what he said back in his face. The game industry is about making friendly contacts not running around shitting on everyones porch. He should probably just step out of the industry and retire, even the people he started Fez with don’t want anything to do with him.

  1. Really excited about Wiiu indie games in the future. Trine 2 DC , Mighty switch force HD and Nano assault have been some of the most fun i’ve had on the system. Indie games like Mighty switch force really suit off screen play aswell :)

    So many good indie games coming to Wiiu this year! I wish they would actually release though instead of just being a huge list of upcoming indie games.

  2. nintendos gonna do it all right this time im already not seeing games i dont even wanna try most of the eshop rocks unlike wiiware witch was still pretty amazing but i wanna try everything on eshop almost

  3. You know, I’m hearing a lot of telling, but not seeing a lot of showing. They should have some more substantial basis for their words.

    1. You just gotta look it up, there are more and more being announced each week, but everything takes time.

  4. We must support indie (good) games. This will allow ideas to cycle and hopefully force the bigger companies to rethink. Price in gaming will rise, but good indie games may help to slow the process.

      1. Fez isn’t exclusive, and Minecraft only has a timed exclusivity deal with Microsoft.
        They just don’t want their software on Nintendo consoles, sadly.

    1. Mojang said Minecraft coming to Wii au is as likely as any other platform. And PS3 gets it after the Microsoft contract expires. So Wii U isn’t outta the question. As for Fez…fuck them.

      1. I kinda doubt it’s coming to Wii U. Honestly, I think Vita has a better chance of getting Minecraft.
        What’s wrong with Fez?

          1. Why is it that someone’s recommending others to watch a documentary about indie games?

            Can’t we just read webpages about the subject instead of using a film as a “source”?

    2. Last I heard Minecraft was still on the fence. But honestly Phil Fish is a douche that has alienated nearly everyone he has worked with, so I can say even if that game did come out I wouldn’t purchase it.

  5. “use HTML5 and JavaScript”

    That is going to open ALOT of doors for Nintendo.
    A simple flash game creator can find success.

  6. Yet indie devs say steam is easiest followed by ps3/vita, then wiiu/3ds and last Microsoft.

    And the only reason Microsoft is last is because their dev policies are insanely more dictator like than the others.

    When it comes to actual development they say wiiu and 3ds is the hardest to develop for.

    1. Where is this reference? According to Hörberg Productions the 3DS was extremely easy to port to the 3DS and because of it’s infrastructure rather easy to get the most out of the system.
      It probably just depends on the programming code that each dev uses, or the engine. Plus it’s usually the policies that are set by the companies that cause issues for indie devs, so this is a great step for nintendo.

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  8. It would be awesome if there was anyone could develop for it, like me. I’m making a flash game with a budget of $0. I know there’s always HTML5 that Wii U supports, but it would be nice to embed it within an app.

  9. you here that phill fish, go swim back in to your sand castle, stop sucking in and out your cheeks and having your lips stick out pretending to be the toughest fish they ever bean in the world, just go into your fish tank

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