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Platinum Games Reiterates That Bayonetta 2 Wouldn’t Be Possible Without Nintendo


Hideki Kamiya, director of Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry, Okami, Viewtiful Joe, and Bayonetta, has reiterated on Twitter that Bayonetta 2 wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Nintendo. Kamiya was asked on Twitter who’s idea was it to make Bayonetta 2 a Wii U exclusive, to which he replied “Idea? There was no way other than that.”

Idea? There was no way other than that. RT @Snatch_the_FOX: Who’s idea was it to make Bayonetta a Wii U exclusive?

Thanks, N-Dub Nation and Sebax

76 thoughts on “Platinum Games Reiterates That Bayonetta 2 Wouldn’t Be Possible Without Nintendo”

    1. ”Yeah , but why cnat i play diz on my 8 year old , slightly yellowed 360 ? Nitedno duznt own bayonetta!”

      1. Exacly people have been doing exclusive deals since the begining of time but if Nintendo do it they are the devil.

    1. Ya know, I used to like square a lot more then I do now, but I still love Disney, but I thought those games were rubbish. I know I’m in the minority with that statement, but I just couldn’t get into them. I was looking forward to them so hard core too, but alas I was sorely disappointed… I got 358/2 days, and I thought it was trash…

      1. Errr, think it’s trash, I still have it for some reason… Haven’t traded it in yet.. Hmm, should do that. Is it worth something?

      2. 358/2 Days was one of the worst KH games. Was that your first (or only) Kingdom Hearts game or something? The core games (KH, KH 2, Birth By Sleep, and 3D) are all really good – in my opinion at least.

          1. Yeah. re: Coded took me a long, long, time to finish. :/ It was just … wow. lol

            I think that’s probably because it started out as a mobile phone game.

        1. Yes. First and only, so that is what my opinion was based on. But I have to admit it left a pretty sour taste in my mouth to the point where I’m not sure I want to try any of the others… Maybe if I happen to see one of the ones you mentioned at a very cheap price.

          1. Ouch. Yeah, that’s not a good game to judge the series from. Also, a horrible starting point. You need to catch the story from the beginning (by release – Kingdom Hearts… or chronologically, Birth By Sleep).

  1. Nintendo is going to turn this game into another one of their unmanly games like Luigi’s Mansion and Super Mario Bros. It will be a bright and colorful and preschooler friendly platformer. So fucking pathetic.

    1. whats a manly games? for you im guessing Japanese rape simulation? or sport games because we all know games with blood and guns are made with kids in mind

    2. Then you haven’t played platinum’s Wii game: Mad world! Nintendo knows when to act as an adult they just dont seem the need to stay rated pg13-R all the time. Yes they are a G rated company. Never will change. But bayonetta will stay sexually hard core action game. And Nintendo knows that. That colorful game that’s coming out is wonderful101.

    3. How can a game with a female protagonist wearing lace and leather ever be considered “manly” to begin with?

    4. Yes! Mom let me off punishment, now I can talk to those MANLY Nintendo gamers. Gosh, my body is ready!

  2. Are people still crying about this game ?

    Just recently I was reading the cries about Deus Ex Directors Cut being exclusive to Wii U but I didn’t think people would still be crating about Bayonetta……

    1. Lol i read them too. Strange since they are saying is an old game so why do they care. I want fallout collection on wiiu whit pipboy on pad.

    2. Some people are so hateful when it comes to Nintendo. Oh well! I will be enjoying Deus Ex, Resident Evil Revelations, Bayonetta, and more, on my Wii U!

  3. People still going on about this? Lmao xD

    Anyone else picking up Bioshock tonight/tomorrow? :3

    1. Like Tomb Raider, I shall wait for the Wii U release. Going by the wonderful third party sales of monster hunter 3 Ultimate in FIFA COD new UK, these other skeptical whiny developers shall eventually make ultimate copies of those two games.

  4. There seems to be a lot of fandumb amongst the hack and slash genre recently. First the response to DmC and now Bayonetta 2. It probably doesn’t help that so many people are so against the idea of the game being on a Nintendo console that it being an exclusive is as good as it not existing at all to them.

  5. Ugh, why? People never cry if it is exclusive on PS3 or Xbox 360, yet they always cry when its exclusive to Nintendo platformers.

      1. A man’s wife dies…he is going to cry. Women are emotional they cry. Adults cry. Unless your saying females arent adult and only tough, masculin guys are lol.

        1. I havent see a women cry cause there new Ferrari that his huevando gave here come in red instead of yellow :P

    1. Actually, I always hear people crying over exclusives for different systems.

      “Why isn’t the Last of Us coming to Xbox or PC???”

      “Why isn’t Bayonetta 2 coming to PS3 or Xbox?”

      “Why isn’t Gears of War on PS3???”

      “Why isn’t Grand Theft Auto V coming to Wii U???”

      Some people don’t understand the concept of exclusives or the reason behind other development choices. Whatever.

      1. That last one[GTA5] doesn’t even bother me.
        Playing as three new criminals. Whoop-de-fucking-do.
        I’ve never had interest in seeing life from a criminal’s point of view, much less playing as one.
        I think it’s quite possibly one of the worst kinds of plot points to make a player go through for the sake of “diversity in role-play” or whatever the fuck their excuse is.
        That wouldn’t change even if the game DID come to Wii U.
        Sony can keep that overrated game.

  6. Lol! That two message Twitter convo was a good laugh! In other news.. I am super excited for Bayonetta 2!!! Maybe she will end up in SSB4? Who knows, we can hope.

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