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Nintendo PR Lists Super Smash Bros 3DS As ‘Coming Soon’


Nintendo of America has listed the long-awaited Smash Bros game for the Nintendo 3DS as coming soon. Super Smash Bros 3DS was listed alongside games such as Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Pokemon X and Pokemon Y as coming soon to the platform. The games that were listed have all been previously confirmed for this year, minus Super Smash Bros 3DS. Do you think we may see Super Smash Bros 3DS released this year?

Coming Soon:

Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Super Smash Bros., Pokémon X/Pokémon Y.

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141 thoughts on “Nintendo PR Lists Super Smash Bros 3DS As ‘Coming Soon’”

    1. I told everyone recently smash bros will be coming late year or at the begining of next. Sakurai doesn’t fuck around. He throws hundreds of people on his team to make the games quickly and expertly :)

        1. Nah, people would only buy 1 or the other if both versions came out the same day like MH3U, Have the 3DS version come out first to hold people over, then half a year later the Wii U version and people will buy that then. Plus 3DS version is a 4GB cartridge compared to a 25GB Wii U disc lol. 3DS version could easily come out first.

          1. I think they should release the WII U version of super smash first because the wii u needs more sales and that game is one of the reason to buy it and the 3ds already has a huge fanbase where the wii u lacks at the moment from its small list of titles

      1. If it does ill import that charizard 3ds and play it early if the release dates are far apart from different regions. I know this game will be another hit

      2. I have been telling people for like a year now that the 3DS version would be out first most likely but nobody believes me. Then people like us get proven right and people shut their mouths lol.

            1. your fucking stupid back in the day like snes it didnt take as long to make a video game, new super mario bros u was in development for like 4 years apparently and this game is a lot bigger. you think it will take only a year and a half to 2 years to make a huge game like smash bros, you know what i thought, i thought that kirbys epic yarn took to many things from yoshis island, like the power ups, and i said, this shouldve been a yoshi game, i wouldnt be surprised if they would be the ones to finally make one, and look they did. im right about everything nintendo related arnt i, really i must be, i nailed it……. ok whatever

              1. Smash Bros, all you make are 30 characters, stages, items (which would just be copy and pasted from Brawl) add some new items, campaign mode, balancing characters, level maker thats about it. Sakurai has 3 Smash Bro games under his belt he knows what he wants to do much quicker then before. Plus Namco Bandai is doing Campaign so that speeds up development time.

              2. you have not a clue of what you speak of. you’re heavily confused about this particular Nintendo related subject.

              3. your pretty fuckin stupid yourself,games take almost no time to make now….considering that the dev teams are fuckin huge…new assassins creed game every year,new pokemon game every year,new call of duty game every year,bf4 is already coming out this year….research things before you try to lecture

                1. idiot.The way they make new assassins creed games every year is with three different teams.
                  during brotherhood and revelations ac3 was being worked on.during ac3 black flag was being worked on by another team and that is still not done.

    2. l think like dry bones,bowser jr.,paper mario boomrang,fire,hammer and ice bros,wiggler,waddle dee and doo,kunkle joe sword kirby,

    3. I read in the play N trade Upcoming games booklet that the smash bros will be released on October 1, 2013

  1. i never had a wii, or an n64. so the upcoming smash is the first one i’ll play. ive heard a ton of good stuff about it, but never knew how it plays. can anyone bother telling me more about this game? :D thanks

    1. Wow dude, I feel really sorry for you. I’m assuming you had Gamecube and didn’t get Melee? That right there is a true crime lol

      1. i didnt have a gamecube. i never had the luxury to afford a console since the gameboy color. the latest and only console i have is the 3ds(which came from my dad as a graduation gift). and yea, i feel sorry for myself too.

          1. nothing like that in our country. =_= and international online buy/sell sites like amazon; their services never reach my country. the local buy/sell sites does sell gamecubes but still dont have the luxury to buy the decent ones.

      1. I really hope they are the same game (better graphics on the Wii U obviously) and are playable together. That’s all Nintendo has to do is add 3DS to Wii U connectivity and long distance IP play and I will buy it.

      2. Wrong, they have already said that their will be cross platform play… So that right there is enough to say that the versions will be strikingly similar in build and content. One will not be that different from the other, aside from the portability thing.

      1. im pretty sure it is. :) with all the praise everyone is giving it. smash isnt really popular in our country… i could ask a hundred person and none of them would know what it is.

    2. It’s an arcade style 2.5D fighting/party game with generally Nintendo licensed characters. It is more whimsical then most other fighting games, it also features extensive power ups and items. Each new version has been one of the best games of the genre.
      Does that help?

        1. yea. it helped. :) never knew it had powerups and items. :D gonna be awesome beating up nintendo characters with link. :D and i saw snake in the game.

    3. Its a four player side scrolling game featuring Nintendo all stars. Its one of the most addictive fighting games right now. If you get the chance, get all 3 of them. They’re all pretty different.

    4. BUY THEM NOW!!! Easily, EASILY could be considered best game franchise of all time. No exaggeration. It is already considered the best Fighting game. You can play Brawl on your Wii U through the Wii functionality and you could probably get the origional on the Wii U’s Virtual Console when that launches in April. Super Smash Bros. Is Highly recomended by me and virtually everyone else who has played it! :D

    5. It’s insanely good. Play at least one of the prequels somewhere before playing the new one that’s yet to be released.

  2. Awesome Nintendo! I plan to get this as soon as I can, there’s just one thing I need to say in all caps alright?


    C R E A T E N E W I P’S


      1. It looks more like a Pikmin like game than something totally new. I think he meant a new series of games just like Starfox, Zelda, Mario, Metroid and smash bros but woth an all new character. I personally would love to see another Action Adventure series and another first person adventure series.


        1. Non Specific Action Figure won’t get his own game unfortunately.

          But I really hope he appears in smash bros. I’d like him as an actual playable character, but an assist trophy would do.

        1. No if treating the integrity of the army so sir i take command of the operation until this case is solved so please stand down.

          1. You are getting out of order…

            High Command will do whatever they please so I stand by them no matter what they say about this…
            Although considering High Commander Sakurai is having trouble with his Hand of Creation, it’s a little to fast for this…

              1. Your loyalty made me promote you to Sergeant Macarony128!

                But indeed, we need to defend our cause even from our own…

                  1. Yes sir. Good to see everything is ship shape with the release of Monster Hunter Ultimate , Lego city , Luigi’s mansion 2 and Need for Speed U. Carry on soldier.

            1. Sakurai will cut off his hand just to keep working lol. His dedication is unmatched. With Sakurai’s experience with Smash Bros, and Namco’s help development time is greatly reduced.

  3. Not only will smash bros push sales for both consoles, but it will also show how impressive the 3ds can do in terms of power and online capabilities.

  4. I could see that Smash Bros would come out this Christmas. But the Wii U version will *hopefully* be massive so I expect Christmas 2014 for the Wii U. Also, they have had several years working with the 3DS now and the Wii U is all new for them so maybe that makes a difference. I think it sounds likely though. With so manny people working on it, it is probably being made quickly.

    1. I believe they are suppose to connect somehow like in MH3. Also, the 3DS version may have different characters than the Wii U version. You should get both! :D

  5. i am heavy weapons guy

    In my opinion i think that there is a huge possibility that SSB 3DS comes out before the Wii U version; and if it is coming out soon, then maybe at the end of this year or the beginning of the next year

  6. Don’t care when it comes out. As long as Shulk’s in the roster, it’s automatically the best in the series. /fanboyism

      1. they hardly even release it, they dont care, and it probably wont happen, but i hope it does so people who didnt get a copy get to play it because nintendo published it and wont do a reprint because they dont care about the high demand and there fans

          1. yea i hope not fuck that, i dont care if i own a rare game, im not selling it anyway, they need to rerelease the game, maybe they will some way before the next xeno game, to make sales go up and build awareness, but noa is fucking stupid, noe will probably do it which is sad, and in america it sold more and is still in high demand

    1. Next year isnt “coming soon” lol. Wonderful 101 is listed as coming soon so that means next year by your logic lol.

  7. at gamestop I saw a catalog on upcoming 3DS games release dates and it said that Pokemon X and Y comes out November 1st.

  8. I feel like it’s most definitely a next year release. Even if they say it’ll be released this year, I sense it being delayed. And that’s fine, there are already a bunch of wonderful games headed our way.

  9. man im getting both, ive gotton every smash bros at launch, minus Smash Bros 64 i was 7 in 1999 but i didnt start playing and played the SNES in “95” but for some odd reason i didnt play the n64 it was in a mcdonalds at a mall that i went to and i played mario kart 64 :) and it was alot of fun, but anyways i didnt truly become a Big N Gamer Until 2001 in the Gamecube Gen, And i Still call The Gamecube my favorite Console, even over the Wii ;) But anyways im definetly getting both games,
    smash bros at home and on the go, “now that’s smashing” xD man its good to be a Nintendo fan. :)

    1. I am in the EXACT same boat as you only I was 5 in 1999. So I am 2 years younger than you. But, I didn’t really become a Nintendo fan until Gamecube.

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  11. This is the part where I say “I’m not gonna get my hopes up.”

    …and then totally get my hopes up anyway.

  12. Smash… many hours of my life have I spent on you? So many….
    so pumped for this…hope they put they’re all in the Wii U version, because this game is the flagship of the Nintendo Wii U

  13. Not that this is confirmed but WHAT DID I SAY. How many times have I said the 3DS version would be out sooner! Thats right I was right like always. High fives for me. Next thing I will be right about is Retros game.

    1. Sorry to break the bubble but have you seen either of the games on the shelves or even with confirmed release dates? :D You COULD be right, but it is too early to say, you could also very well be wrong. I have a feeling we won’t be seeing Smash Bros. until 2014 as it just last year started development (also, many other high profile Nintendo games more ready and already coming this year) and I would say it’s a bit odd if the games are not released at the same time. Why? Because as they have said, in 3DS version you could train your character for the Wii U version, or something like that, so people would have to wait to use this part. And Smash Bros. has such a big following that not letting all players play at the same time would be a bit strange. Of course, this is just my opinion and it could also be wrong. So no offence, just saying that you can’t be sure at this point :D

      1. But you forget to include an interesting factor. I have a 6th sense for these types of things. I am wrong ONCE per generation when it involves Nintendo related stuff. I called the Wii U price 1 year prior to Nintendo revealing it. On Youtube a few guys actually replied and said stuff like holy shit you were bang on or you travelled to the future lol. I said the Wii U could use 2 gamepads at maximum like 6 months before Nintendo confirmed that, I called a Yoshi game being on Wii U before the Miiverse hack, while that was me joking around and what not turns out I was right, I called Miiverse before Nintendo revealed it…allthough I didnt know the name Miiverse at the time lol. I said they would have a forum like online system and boom. Maybe I had some Nintendo magic rub off on me when I played Mario Kart 7 online and got to play 6-7 games with the real Reggie lol. But as you say I could be wrong. But I must say I sincerly doubt it lol. Just like how I will once again be correct about Retro Studios game. As I say to everyone. You can either agree with me, or be proven wrong later your choice lol.

        1. Wow, that is impressive! So what did you say about a Retro Studios game? :) But still, I like to go with confirmed information regarding these kinds of things :D So yeah, I will remember you when the time comes and if I was wrong ;)

  14. But on the 3DS? (- _ -)
    I doubt I’ll get the 3DS Smash Bros. game. I’d rather wait until the Wii U version comes out. I don’t want to look at a little screen when playing Smash Bros. Handheld games are just not as fun as major console games. Besides, this was probably just an error in printing anyways.

  15. YES! This will probably be in competition for best selling 3DS game of all time with Pokemon X and Y, and that is only because people buy both X and Y and it counts towards the overall sales. <THAT is how many copies of SSB3DS will sell!!!! Excited!

  16. this might happen because sakurai said ssb4 was gonna be showed at e3 so they might annouce its release date

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  18. I have every SSBB. I don’t know if I should just buy it for my Wii U or buy the same game twice. After all, it would be nice to play SSBB on my travels like the Grey Hound and commercial air lines. I’ll buy them both what the hell?

  19. All 3DS OWNERS: BUY LUIGI’S MANSION Dark Moon THAT IS ONE HELL OF A GAME ONE HELL OF A GAME INDEED. This got me playing my 3DS all over again!!! Waiting for Pokemone X and/or Y. I”m waiting for SSBB and my Lego City undercover for Wii U too. Hmm, I have not listed one 3rd party game….I wonder why? I don’t give a rats ass about no FPS game. Played one FPS played them all.

  20. highly doubt this year guessing a trailer will come this year and hopefully we’ll get it next year. I think it’s on the coming soon list to generate hype.

  21. I doubt we see it this year, think about when they released the first SSBB trailer. Then it was supposed to be a launch game and then didn’t come out for a year or two later

    1. That was just Sakurai’s Team though. Sakurai has 3 games under his belt so he can do stuff faster now, plus with Namco Bandai doing the Campaign mode that speeds up the development even faster. There is still the rumor that at E3 they will announce a public beta to play while we wait lol.

  22. Just a reminder that Im sure someone in the comments has already said…

    Brawl was “coming soon” in 2006

  23. It won’t come out this year (I’d be very surprised if it did, happy but surprised). If it’s listed as coming soon and it’s the only title mentioned to NOT be released this year I imagine it’ll be out sometime next year, before the 4th quarter (which, before reading this announcement I thought would have been too early).

    Well, now I have yet another game to save up for! These last few years have been great as far as the handheld market is concerned (3DS & Vita), but my wallet is having a hard time keeping up!!!

  24. Lets not forget that Animal Crossing New Leaf has been coming soon since the 3DS came out, also not to insult you but it is far to early to call yourself correct in saying you were right, Nintendo isn’t hard to predict.

  25. Knowing nintendo, it will come out in 2014-2016 maybe even later. After pikmin 3 I have very low expectations when it comes to releasesing things on time.

  26. you #$%&* freaks are so lame you sit on your ass all day and play games ogod what is this………………………….. I HATE girl scouts

  27. it would be cool if they made smash bros AR cards so they can fight + use your hand as master hand + out of context they should start making pokemon AR cards for fighting friends with or without a 3ds

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