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Nintendo Releases Animation Specials For Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates To Infinity

Nintendo has released animation specials for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, which were uploaded to the company’s YouTube channel. The videos do not contain actual game footage but are based on the story of it, in that they show Pokémon Pikachu and Oshawott beginning their journey, hoping to develop a utopia. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity is available at retail and the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS.


  1. Wii U needs some Pokemon games too :( Shows some love to us Wii U owners too! Maybe tell us a release for pikmin 3. a nintendo direct would be a perfect timing right now :(

    1. you know i love pokemon iv played every single pokemon game but i have to say…..THE FUQ IS THIS SHITT THIS AINT POKEMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Congatulations! You will join Nintedward, Macarony64, Gamer, and Simply G as a of the candidate in the upcoming Nintendrone election.

      1. Lol he called simple g a nintendrone? I would call him a gaming geek not a drone :P

      2. It doesn’t even matter. With that mega fanboy N-Dub Nation in the race, the rest of youhave next to no chance. :)

      3. You know the term drone was and shall forever be for Sony drones, it even rolls of the tongue better. Then there are xbots.

      4. Wrong. The word “drone” fits in to Nintendo’s name very well. Sonydrone on the other hands just sounds silly.

      5. Got you, shifting goal posts achieves nothing neutron. I know the real Jimmy the real Neutron and he agrees with me lol.

      1. Obviously the guy is being a douche to this site, so i have to counter it by being a douche that he is..lol

    1. I tried out the demo, and it’s kinda boring. I remember I loved the series as a kid on my GBA, though.

      1. Yep! The ending almost made me shed salty water from my eyes! I want to get this one soon though!

      2. I remember crying when I got it when I was 13. Then my dad came in.


  2. It’d be cool if Pikachu evolved into a Renamon-lookin’ thing instead of Raichu…
    … annoying little BEAST… (Kino’s Journey anyone?)
    On-topic: I don’t think I can play a Pkmn game that’s not the main series RPGs.

  3. While we nintendo and our cousins at sony are playing on the 3DSs and PS Vitas, what form of portable handheld to our Microsoft cousins carry? The ZUNE?

  4. G’Day! Alba,
    Interesting Thoughts, Pokéfans seem obsessed with the notion that Eevee possesses evolutions for the rest of the elements in the game and I suppose it’s quite teasing with Nintendo introducing three, then two, then two more and leaving Generation 5 completely Eeveeless. Now I’m curious to know if the evolutions are already complete, or are still waiting to be completed. With a new spin-off game coming to DS in 2013 (with Nobunaga’s animation) and the main character’s starter Pokémon being an Eevee, do you think another few members of the Eevee family are going to be released, or not?

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