Here’s What Miiverse May Look Like On A Smartphone’s Web Browser

Nintendo’s social network service, Miiverse, arrives on smartphones and web browsers by May. During the Game Developers Conference (GDC), a video was taken of a Miiverse prototype displayed on a smartphone. Along with a dedicated, downloadable Miiverse application, a mobile version of Miiverse is in development, and it will be accessible via smartphones’ web browsers.

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  1. Miiverse on a smartphone ? But wiiu is only 7th gen! /S

    Really excited for Miverse on phones. Miiverse is a lot better than you might expect it to be for anyone who hasn’t tried it. According to my Data records on wiiu I’ve used miiverse for over 35 hours and Visited it just under 400 times :)

      1. Says the person who spends his time in a website deticated to a something he hates

      2. Jesus christ lol! . A key thing to note is , I haven’t had consistent internet access. I’ve been on and off and on and off. At the moment I’m using my phone as a Wifi hotspot. Desperate times lol.

      3. No one cares about how many ‘yeahs’ you have. Don’t be like those attention whores scattered all over Miiverse begging for them.

  2. ms and sony are behind on social media nintendo has a facebook/twitter. ms and sony just have networks full of kids screaming.

  3. I’ve still neglected to get a smart phone. I’ll probably have to eventually. When I do i’ll make sure to get miiverse on it.

  4. My Nexus 4 will finally be in my hands on Tuesday, so I’ll be browsing the Miiverse on that, my PC and 3DS. I think the Miiverse is the new app that will make me waste my 3G/4G.

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