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Runner2 Patch For Wii U Freezing Problem Now Available To Download

Runner_2_ Future_Legend_of_Rhythm_Alien_screenshotGaijin Games today announced, via Twitter, that it has released a patch to squash a major bug on the Wii U console’s version of Bit.Trip Presents… Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien. Among other things, the patch is supposed to solve the Wii U freezing problem, in which the console would freeze upon trying to shut it down while the game’s running, or exiting the game to return to the Wii U Menu. To download the patch, simply turn on your Wii U and press the game.

46 thoughts on “Runner2 Patch For Wii U Freezing Problem Now Available To Download”

  1. YES!! I have been waiting for this. Love the game but I was worried about reseting my Wii U too much by unplugging it.

  2. “To download the patch, head on over to the Nintendo eShop on Wii U.”

    Are you sure?

    Don’t you just launch the game and then it automatically updates? Since when do we have to get patches directly from the eShop?

      1. Wii U games check for updates when they launch though. Every game that has been patched so far, has done it this way.

        3DS games don’t (or at least, didn’t) check for updates upon launch, as evidenced by that MK7 example.

        I’m not denying the eShop is the way to update Runner2. Maybe you need to download the whole game again? I don’t know.

        It just seemed a little odd thats all.

  3. you don’t need to go to eshop, just launch the game and wait for the update. Also, for those wondering, it really fixes the freezing problem and the online/leaderboard issues, I just updated the game and it works flawlessly! :D

    1. Well, this is an indie game, so getting it localized in foreign regions takes a lot more trouble in comparison for a huge company like Warner Bros, whose only excuse right now is that they’re taking their time to make Scribblenauts compatible with multiple European languages.

      1. Nintedward - on his gamepad

        localizing scribblenauts must be a real bitch XD. UK should get US version on same day. it’s not our fault europe has so many languages.

        1. Actually, it only needs to be translated into few languages. Many countries, such as my own (Norway) will be getting the English version of the game. Also the NA release already had Spanish, French, and Portuguese. So the only languages left to be translated to are Italian, German, and Dutch.

      1. I disagree with GOTY awards. It’s good and all that the best games of the year are recognised, but the majority of Games of the Year are popular games by popular developers. A Pokemon game has never won GOTY, yet is recognised as one of the best-selling game series of all time.

        1. So?
          Game of the Year isn’t about sales.
          It’s about the best of the best. Pokemon doesn’t win because even though it’s good, and it does have differences, it’s Pokemon.
          Where as games like Walking Dead had insanely good stories, even to the point where people CRIED, and i mean grown men.
          Bioshock Infinite does the perfect job, of constantly fun combat mechanics, and very stylish world thats believable and twisted reality, and does that all with an AI character that is revolutionary, and has a story thats constantly engaging and keeps you guessing till the final second, and NEVER hurts the games pacing or directions, and shows why video games are an art form.
          When Pokemon does that, then yes, nominate it.

          1. There are some hidden gems that are better than the likes of games which usually win GOTY like Skyrim, yet done even get close to winning any kind of game of the year awards. If a spectacular game doesn’t gain any kind of popularity, then it doesn’t seem to make it as a great game. Kind of disappointing.

            1. Well i disagree with Skyrim ever earning GOTY, as much as i thought it was good, that game should be renamed Smithing and Loading Screen.

              There’s tons of great games every year, my personal favourite last year was Dishonored, but it wasn’t the best.
              The best games are ones that redefine genres, excel in their art form, and create experiences like no other. There’s a reason why people don’t discuss Zelda in GOTY or any similar discussions, because its already hit the apex, it’s gone over and above. As disappointing Skyward Sword was, Zelda has earned it’s prize in being where it is, theres just nothing else to discuss about it, other than “whats our favourite one?”.

              But GOTY awards are given to games that are the BEST, and do all the things i said. It’s an undeniable and non negotiable outcome, if it wins, most people think it deserves it, but that doesnt make every other game shit. Stop watching reviews and thinking if a game doesnt get a 9, its shit, or the reviewer “wasnt paid”.

              1. I don’t really care for reviews, or GOTY as I said in my first post. I disagree that a game that hasn’t garnered popularity should be pushed to the side for big names, which is all I’ve really been getting at.

                  1. Last year, I agreed for once. 2011 made me realise that they’re just a popularity contest. Skyrim did not deserve any kind of awards. It was a massive disappointment of a game.

      2. Well that depends if it’s released in 2013, which judging off previous Metal Gear games, it seems unlikely xD
        But yeah, i doubt anything will beat Bioshock Infinite, unless a bunch of fanboys vote for shit like GTAV -___-

        1. Uggh… I can’t stand GTAV. Games like that and Saint’s Row are just ways for social rejects and perverts to live out their fantasies.

  4. I’m actually quite saddened to see how people are willing to lose sales.
    If they don’t wish to support the WII U that’s fine… put all your hopes on ps4 & w/e the fuck xbox comes out with… It’ll take years from them to have lineups just like it took years for this current gen consoles to catch on…

  5. as soon as the system update is released then it will stabilize the console along with the horrid ui system (which it doesnt really bother me much, just the freezing part)

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