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Nintendo France Say Wii U Sales Have Tripled With Release Of Monster Hunter


Nintendo France has apparently confirmed that Wii U sales have tripled due to the release of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. MCV previously reported that Wii U sales in the UK had increased by 125% due to Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and the HMV price cut, which saw the console retail for £199.99 with ZombiU and Nintendo Land. Good news for both Nintendo UK and Nintendo France.

Thanks, Kallum

103 thoughts on “Nintendo France Say Wii U Sales Have Tripled With Release Of Monster Hunter”

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    1. Actually we had one. 100€ off if you bring your old Wii . I confirm that I saw many people taking the mh3U bundle. I hope it will be a long time seller such as bigN franchises :-)

      1. Thats not a really a price cut, since you need something to obtain it, its a special offer.
        But still, 100€ off with old ass Wii is a nice deal.

    1. Me too I fucking love it
      although I don’t like the idea of trying to get all my gear back from Tri. Fucking rath plates.

      1. True story: My very first time playing multiplayer with a friend, we went to fight the Rathian dragon.[also my first time fighting that, so a double whammie]
        The moment we sever his tail, I cut into it, and I just happen to get the creature’s rarest drop; Rath Marrow.
        My friend has been trying for that for the past week or more. He just looked at me and said “You lucky little bastard” in a very flat tone. It was hilarious.XD

    2. I haven’t :/ I’ve only put 5 hours into it since release. I just finished Lego city yesterday and am now plowing through Luigi’s mansion 2 ! Both great games. Cannot wait to knuckle down on MHU though.

          1. Why wouldn’t you? people play monster hunter online forever
            there’s still people playing Tri even though the servers are going down soon

          2. the number of people online is HUGE alreafy and the servers are being merged next month. so USA ,JP , EU can play together.

            plus there will be a good amount of people online on this game for years.

            1. Well actually I believe it’s just US and EU being merged :p
              But it’s still great, and yeah I played Tri like last summer and there were still tons of people online o_o

      1. How have you already completed Lego City..?

        My Wii U’s been on more than 12 hours a day since Friday; still only 10% through the game…

        Oh, the joys of getting 5 games in 2 days with 3 other people in the household who want to play them.

    1. And that makes the news even better cause haters said: third party games dont sell on Nintendo consoles and what they should relealy say is: crappy third party ports dont sell on Nintendo consoles.

      1. Yeah, it depends on the franchise. Some third party games sell extremely well on Nintendo, others not so much.

        I guess it’s that way with every system anyway.

        1. Bayonetta sold like poop on ps3 and 360. goes to show how little the amount of true gamers who own those systems. ps3 and 360 is 80% casual COD , FIFA loving sissies *flies away*

          1. Because buying Bayonetta is what defines a true gamer.
            And people who play FIFA or/and CoD don’t play anything else.

              1. yeah that would be a cool idea with the game pad. I think metal gear solid would work well on the game pad seeing how well Metal gear solid 3 did with the 3ds touchscreen

        2. Some ppl think because a fps doesn’t sell well on the Wiiu ,meaning all games doesn’t sell well on the Wiiu

        3. Demon souls (dark souls ) is another game it would sell good on Nintendo console cause since the nes we ben playing hard games.

  1. “Wii U Sales have tripled due to the releases of Monster Hunters 3 Ultimate”
    “Wii U Sales in the UK have increased by 125%”

    Anyone ever thought that this might be an April Fools Joke?

    1. Not really because a University over in Scotland is introducing two new courses in Harry Potter (Learning how to do magic) and Ethical Hacking… I am not fucking joking

    1. It has a huge tutorial stage. The game is pretty solid thou. Just wish the graphics were better but gameplay and rpg elements are nice.

    2. i hated the demo! the graphics looked horrible and the movement felt slow. i hated it so much i wasn’t going to get it. but then i read all the reviews and got it anyways because i’m not into need for speed or lego games. two days later i got it again for 3DS. the game is SO AMAZING! it’s so addictive and the online play is awesome. transferring my character between systems is simple and allows me to maximize my hunting time. the settings are very immersive even if the graphics aren’t the best… it’s another one of thos games where the graphics don’t really matter. for some reason it feels real when i’m fishing or hunting. i’m so glad i listened to the reviews and gave it another chance. it would suck to miss out on this game. it would suck to only have a $ony or Micro$oft console.

      1. I appreciate this comment.
        It is EXACTLY how I feel, only I’m still on the fence. I am playing Lego City, NFSMW (Not really good at it, but helluva good time playing), LM2.

        I’m just scared to get this game and be disappointed.

        1. it’s an amazing game , arguably the best on wiiu right now. It’s the most hardcore and time consuming wiiu game , that’s for sure. when i say wiiu game I mean upgraded wii game.

        2. Try the 3ds version first and if you dont like it it should be easier to resell than the wiiu version and you dont that much cash to invest.

        3. Depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re into graphics, then yeah, it won’t blow your socks off. And why should it? It’s a port of a Wii game with some improvements on texture and shadow (partially). If you enjoy LEGO City Undercover and Need for Speed: Most Wanted, then you may enjoy Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate due to its sandbox nature. However, it really depends on what you’re looking for.

      2. It’s a wii game in 1080p. what were you expecting ? Assassins creed 3 graphics ? lol. The game is amazing.

    1. it’s slow yeah but it gets a lot of it’s news before ign does and this is a great place for strictly Nintendo news, especially when you think about the fact that this site isn’t as big as gamespot or something like that

  2. Good, when our heavy hitters arrive later this year, sales will increase between 450%-675%…

  3. Uh, this doesn’t necessarily mean the sales are good in overall.
    I mean, “tripled” is relative. If the sales were at 5k before, for example, they’d be at 15k now. 15k would not be something to be proud of.
    Means: Without absolute numbers, this article is pretty much useless.

    1. Actually, the Wii U has sold more units in the first four months of its launch than either the 360 or PS3 did at the same time. Mind you, not overall sales, just the first four months since launch.

      Wii U – 2.6 million
      PlayStation 3 – 2.4 million
      Xbox 360 – 2 million

      We should’ve expected the Wii U to be “sluggish” in sales because it’s a brand-new console, which means it is relatively more expensive, so it will take some time for it to gain momentum. The 360/PS3 has pretty much dragged this generation as long as it could as publishers are still releasing big titles for them and will continue to do so beyond the PS4 and Xbox 720’s launch. When Nintendo unleashes their big guns in the upcoming Wii U Direct and E3, we will see a spike once again.

      1. I don’t know how this has to do with anything I just said.
        I don’t really care about the launch sales of the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360.
        And what you just said is all relative again. Just because the sales of the WiiU were better than the sales of the other two in the first 4 months does not mean they were good in general. The sales of the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 were not really good at the beginning, as you noticed yourself.
        So again, neither anything to be proud of nor convincing.
        Plus, Nintendo won’t be the only ones unleashing their guns at E3, so I wouldn’t be too sure about that “spike” just yet.

        1. If you don’t think the Wii U outselling 360 and PS3 in the same period is relevant, then I don’t know what to say to you. The reason why I brought up the comparison is because the Wii U is an HD console similar to the 360 and PS3 in its content and appeal. The 360/PS3 were the first HD consoles. Hence, they set the standards. The fact that the Wii U managed to outsell either of those consoles without any must-have titles and with a shoddy marketing sounds pretty impressive if you ask me. Of course, you can’t actually make a total verdict of a console’s performance in the first four months of its life, like you just did. What were your sales expectations for the Wii U anyway?

          1. I didn’t mean to say they are not relevant at all, it was irrelevant to this article and my previous comment. Well, to come back to it, it’s just that the neither the Playstation 3 or the Xbox 360 had really good sales in their first months. So I simply don’t think it’s such a big achievement for the WiiU to surpass them, with a not-so-big difference, that is. I was expecting the WiiU to sell MUCH better, to be honest. Yes, it was a generation too late with the HD, but it still was Nintendo’s first HD console. I thought that would appeal to much more die-hard Nintendo fans than it apparently did in the end. They also had a Mario game at launch of which I thought would be a must-have title for many more people.
            And I don’t see how I made a total verdict of the WiiU’s performance in the first few months ? I just don’t think they’re really impressive. And I doubt I’m the only one thinking that way. Maybe I’m misunderstanding what you said, though ?

            1. You’re right – 2 million units doesn’t sound like something to brag about. I only brought it up because I mainly judged them as the first HD consoles, and the 360 and PS3 are considered pretty decent entries as they are selling a lot now. As for the Wii U, I never expected it to go gangbusters because it was more expensive than the Wii, the launch library is limited, and had a narrow demographic focus. The Wii didn’t just appeal to the hard-core Nintendo fanbase, it had tremendous casual gamer support in the first couple of years in its life span. Which is why the console sales were monumental at the time.

              1. Yes, that’s true. The launch lineup really wasn’t the best, I thought Nintendo would do better this time after what happened with the 3DS. Honestly, I even think they launched the WiiU too early. Launching it when having a few more decent games ready to put on the shelves would have caused the WiiU to have a bigger impact, I suppose.
                And I think the price of the WiiU isn’t all too bad actually. I mean, what did people expect ? It’s a new console after all.
                I wonder if Nintendo will go the casual way this time as well. It probably would be beneficial in terms of sales, but I’m not sure how the actual fans would like it.

                1. Nintendo will try to appeal casuals, but they won’t have the same numbers as they did with Wii. The casual market has moved onto smartphones and tablets, which will be hard to get back.

      2. Yeah and Xbox had what at launch? Gamecube games, Xbox ports and Burger king games. pS3 had what at launch ports that were already on 360 and ps2 games. What outsold 360 and ps3 yes a 6 year old system. 360 didn’t have 30mill til almost 2009. Guitar Hero games were pushing sales for both

    2. It’s selling in more countries than just the UK, unlike xbox360 whose mainstay is the US, nintendo consoles sale world wide. This is impressive especially since this is not even a nintendo heavy hitter. Remember we could get Pikmin as early as this month or may, so start crying a meander of rivers lol.

      1. Your comment has basically nothing to do with what I just said. I never said it’s only selling in the UK.
        Besides, the Xbox 360 sells very well in Europe too, I believe.
        And I don’t see why I would start crying when the WiiU is doing well. I have not expressed my personal opinion on the WiiU, so I don’t really know what makes you think I would cry when the WiiU should happen to do good.

  4. great to see the Wii U isn’t selling because people say its a bad console, its an amazing console it just needs more games to access it’s full potential. if only more 3rd party developers would invest time into Wii U, plus Nintendo should’ve planned to release Wii U with a mass line up of first party games, To me that seems like the problem they made

    1. i agree… At first the Wii U seemed like it would have a huge launch with Pikmin and Rayman, but the two games were pushed, and in my opinion that was the hindrance to the Wii U getting stronger sales. Lets not worry too much though, sales are definitely picking up with first party titles

  5. Great! Just need The Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3, and a new 3D Mario game, and the WiiU will sells like mad!

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  7. Exactly, release the games and the sales will come. This is nothing to do with price. Once Pikmin 3 is released, the sales will increase even more.

  8. Our french amd german bases should merge and increase their power!

    More marketing around Europe needed…

    2 days ago I was in the cinema, and during the 10 min commercial/trailer period of time they showed like 3 Wii U game trailers, MH3U, Lego CU and NFS:MWU plus 2 3DS games, Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Fire Emblem Awakening…

    Now if they only did that on public tv commercials too…

  9. I Like All 3 Consoles

    I don’t think that shit is far for real. They get a price cut, and the ones that really bought the system when it first came out paid full price. It’s all good because I want Nintendo (and all consoles) to be successful, but I feel bamboozled! Hell, I should have not bought one November 18th so I could get a better deal. Just saying!

    But this is good news for the big N…

  10. Wow, Monster Hunter must be really good! I haven’t played any games in that series yet, but I guess I should look into it. I think the Wii U has a bright future with the next LoZ game and Super Smash coming up. Sales should continue to increase!

    1. I hope the Wii U does sell well, then we can all fall in love with Nintendo all over again! Also monster hunter is pretty fun, I have a friend thinking about getting a wii U just for Monster hunter! that should tell u how good it is, seeing as how it’s not rare to see people buying an entire console just because of monster hunter

  11. Well that just goes to show that what the Wii U needed was some good games. The more good games that come out, the more units will be sold.

  12. If nintendo want to rule the gaming industry like it once did all they have to do is produce one killer high end console capable of handling all of the best games on the market. THis all requires a fast powerful CPU and a dynamic online infrastructure. Nintendo already has all the software that other companies envy, but what they dont have, is, everything else that makes gaming on a console enjoyable. This is why in the last decade I have prefered the xbox..It just feels mature, dynamic, and gives me the freedom to do what I want with accountability if I go over board. I still love the old nintendo, but the new ones just makes me feel like a immature boy ( gimmicky and underpowered).

    I wont buy nintendo until they do it right again. They should cut their losses and create a new console in 1-2 years. Wii and Wii U is for little gimmicky boys.

    1. no thanks… having a high powered system only attracts dudebro games and gamers… We already have a dudebro60 and dudebrostation 3, why in the world would you want a 3rd clone? This is the stupidest idea ive seen on this site, which says a lot with all the trolls here.

      Nintendo should stick with mentally challenging games, strategy, rts, rpg, puzzlers…. the mindless games and gamers can stick with sony/microsoft.

      1. I agree that nintendo should make mentally challenging games, but they should make it on a system that has a powerful CPU with a dynamic online infrastructure.

        Wii and Wii U is annoying.

      2. Wow. Insult everyone who plays anything but Nintendo consoles exclusively?

        That’s really mature and open-minded.

        You’re not a gamer. A real gamer enjoys games, regardless of console or manufacturer, not one specific console because it says their favourite company name on the piece of plastic hardware.

    1. This is hardly conclusive proof. If it were, Wii U sales would have tripled in ALL locations. Besides, tripling really low sales figures doesn’t mean a whole lot.

      1. Yeah. Just like when the Wii sold 1.7 million units worldwide in December that apparently didn’t mean a whole lot. Granted it was more than the PS3 and 360 sold COMBINED in the first December of their launch, but of course that’s not important. Then the Wii U went on to sell over 3 million in 45 days. This is more than the PS2, PS3, 360 and Wii sold in 5 months. Of course, that isn’t newsworthy either I guess.

        Oh, did I mention that the PS2 is the best-selling home console of all-time with 152 million sold worldwide and the Wii U overall is selling at a faster pace? I guess not. It doesn’t matter though. Information like this is not important.

        What is important however is that when the Wii U sells 55,000 in North America in January, that’s news. When the Wii U posts about 88,000 units in North America, that also is news. Granted there was an increase, but still a low number so we MUST shout it from the rooftops and according to you an increase doesn’t if the sales are low overall.

        Nevermind the fact that the Wii U actually sold 247,000 worldwide for the month of January, and 148,000 the month of January worldwide. We can’t concentrate on those numbers. The only continent that exist apparently as far as the Wii U is concerned is North America. Only those numbers mater that the sales of January and February are ONLY t be used to determine the totality of the Wii U’s current, past, and future success.


        Now when the PSVita surpassed the 3DS in sales for one week out of the 100+ weeks it had been a distant second, they practically initiated the Emergency Alert System to tell every who would listen that PSVita sales surpassed 3DS sales IN JAPAN for ONE WEEK buy a couple thousand units after a price drop and launch of a AAA title that was supposed to have been released already and people were waiting for. However when the 3DS stormed back into the lead after the release of Luigi’s Mansion 2 (which is exactly what I and many others here said was going to happen) and outsold the PSVita by 30,000 units………


        It’s kind of interesting. If a sales increase is inconsequential because sales overall are low then why was such a big deal made over the Vita? When it comes to the Vita every excuse and mulligan is given to Sony.

        “Sales are gonna pick up after a price drop”

        “Sales are gonna pick up after a bunch of AAA titles start coming out”

        That might very well happen, and I hope it does happen because I want to Vita to do well. My question is, why doesn’t the Wii U get the same respect? We’ve already seen this episode once with the 3DS. What is it doing now? It’s the fastest-selling console ever. EVEEEEEER!!! This after a DISASTROUS launch. However every single concession gamers wanted Nintendo conceded to it. Lower price, extra circle-pad, bigger screen, more games, you name it. With just the release of a ‘few’ games Wii U sales have started to turn around. The 3DS didn’t start selling like gang busters overnight. You have to crawl before you can walk. You don’t go from crawling to the 100-meter dash in the Olympic games.

        The cherry-picking regarding Nintendo news is so transparent it’s like watching a skit on a variety-show. It’s that comical. People are gonna choose to believe what they want however. It can’t be helped. People are willingly ignorant (dumb on purpose) in these last days as it was foretold in the Bible. Facts are clearly stacked in front of them them and they will say,

        “No thank you. I WANT to hate Nintendo so I will ignore every fact that I can that puts them in a positive light, greatly magnifying anything negative that happens, and spend hours on end damage-controlling when someone exposes my hypocrisy of downplaying good Nintendo news, yet edifying another company for the same thing happening.”

        I can’t wait until June 14th 2013. That will be when E3 is over and the AVALANCHE of back-peddling, damage-controlling, TROLLING, and anything else happens after Nintendo drops the bombs. I can just see it now.

        “Those graphics don’t look next-gen”
        “Nintendo keeps releasing the same same stuff all the time”
        “So what they got (insert franchise here.) I never liked that game anyway”

        It’s going to be high-grade comedy.

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  15. Well, triple 10 consoles isn’t exactly exciting.

    Yes, that’s an exaggeration, but lets face it: a short-time burst in sales numbers from where it was before (horribly low) just for one location is not anything to breathe a sigh of relief about just yet.

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