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Capcom Announces New 3DS Franchise Gaist Crusher

gaist crusherA new children’s franchise gets the go ahead today after Capcom announced they will be launching Gaist Crusher on the Nintendo 3DS for the tail-end of this year. The action game, expected winter 2013 in Japan, will draw strongly on both their Mega Man and Monster Hunter series, giving a harmonious blend of entertainment through unique humour and a beat-em-up style.

Capcom hopes to expand their franchise into cross-media merchandise, featuring an anime and manga series, toys and music. There has been no confirmation as to whether Gaist Crusher will hit North America and Europe, but with their high ambitions the West could well be seeing this game in the near future.

32 thoughts on “Capcom Announces New 3DS Franchise Gaist Crusher”

    1. Tobi said " I Didnt Read but Agreed To The Terms Of Services "

      Nintendo might be so happy to have Capcom on their handheld. MH4, MH3U, this, Revelations, what else

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  2. Capcom has done a great job and to me they “kind” of redemebed themselves from megaman legends 3! This game looks great and it looks highly fun ;) I would love to buy it

    1. Well, the game looks awesome, nice graphics and fun gameplay, so.. i guess could be a good franchise if they managed to keep repetitive stuff away.

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  4. How could this sell more than mega man? I dont understand capcom. They can put money into all these projects but a huge video game icon doesnt get anything for years

  5. I can definitely see Geo Stelar (Megaman Starforce, the DS games) making an appearance or cameo in this.

    But knowing Capcom… They’ll just add a random Serbot head in the background.
    [continued laughter]

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