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Nintendo Hosting All-Day 3DS Event In Couple Of Weeks

Richard George, Executive Editor at IGN has announced on Twitter that Nintendo is planning to hold an all-day Nintendo 3DS event in a couple of weeks. There aren’t any hints as to what Nintendo is planning to showcase. It could be a couple of new games, or it could be about games that we already know about such as Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D.

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135 thoughts on “Nintendo Hosting All-Day 3DS Event In Couple Of Weeks”

      1. why y’all think that Rich is a nice person? he is a dumbass, remember when he tweeted:”big news about WiiU tomorrow” and all the Nintendofans waited for big news about new games? but it was all bullshit about the cancellation of RaymanLegends. Do not be fooled again,take it easy about this dumbass.

      2. No thats the wii u version there gonna show at e3, I expect Zelda 3ds and smash bros 3d to be the big announcments for this 3ds conference

            1. Seriously. who can? I drink beer, work out, and occasionally growl but I don’t think it’s enough!!!!

        1. In couple weeks makes perfect sense to me. It’s how you say it in a slangy and fast way :) .

          You could even just shorten it to ”couple weeks” or ”cpl wks” XD

    1. the wii u needs an event first, come on. everything nintendo related is about the 3ds when it seems like it should be for the wii u, e3 maybe and what about this so called wii u 3rd party direct?

      1. I agree with this one. There’s plenty of 3DS news but almost no new Wii U news. Probably they’re planning to go all out against Vita.

    2. Well it does! Now that the Vita is selling well in Japan, the real competition is on! Nintendo needs more than ever make the system stand out.

      1. 3DS is ruling Japan, Vita is hardly conpetition because of a slight increase.
        The fact is Nintendo have JUST released a new home console, and their basically just ignoring it

        1. I disagree. I think Nintendo needs to keep the 3DS a strong handheld even if it doesn’t look like it needs. While the WiiU support will come by e3 time, they can’t unveal anything about it to keep the system fresh and full of news when PS4 and NXbox come out.

          1. Finally someone that has logic that last part is probably nintendos plan, they need
            Full amo and defensive for this battle ps4 nex box seem very different making them all unique and different, and having a gimmick in there makes them as worthy as a Wii on launch day


      1. were you from the sega days? that said i hate the new look of sonic and his games now, just saying this because i want to see if you actually think the new sonic games are anything speacial

            1. I agree. Just those games listed have so much content it should keep you going till may. Add in NFS and you got some more.

              1. It takes you 5 hours to complete uncharted? :S Damn I must suck at the game lol

                500 hours? pffft I’ve put 800+ in before :P

                1. I was exagerating a bit for UC :) . Monster hunter goes on for as long as you want. The worst thing is… You will want to make 3 different characters or more.

            2. Monster hunter: already played that on the wii
              Lego city undercover: always hated the Lego franchise.
              Need for speed u: got a pc version
              Tiki tori 2: never a fan of this series, and I want a game not an app

              Yeah the only think I’m looking forward to is pikmin 3 and wind waker hd, not much to say

          1. yea, it wasnt bad, it almost felt like it had a little bit of mario in there because of the power ups,
            but it would be cool if they could make one that was really good like they used too, just to compete with that fat fuck of a plumber

            1. to me the last good sonic game was sonic adventures 2. and yes i was from the sega days. sega used to be my favorite company, now it’s Nintendo. whats wrong with the new look of sonic? the one in my picture is amazing.

              1. the new sonic just isnt as cool as the old sonic i think, like he has a skinny body but a huge head. maybe it just has to do with the fact that old sonic was in all the good games, and i said are you from the sega days because i want to know who had the worst fanboys, because some nintendo ones are pretty bad from what ive seen now

  1. While I wish Nintendo would focus more on the Wii U, I do need more 3DS games to be excited about. There’s pretty much nothing else I was really looking forward to this year besides Luigi’s Mansion. I could buy Animal Crossing since I enjoyed the Wii version.

      1. I quit playing Pokemon after my dog chewed up my Diamond version with nearly every Pokemon captured. Including Celebi, which I had to go to an event in order to obtain without a cheat device. The Monster Hunter Wii U demo just bored me. The attacks are too slow to hit anything.

        1. Awww man. I feel sad for you that you feel that way about Monster hunter. Just hear me out – The demo was probably the worst demo ever for introducing newcomers to a franchise. I mean seriously…. The gameplay is fast , frenetic and skillfull . Edge of your seat stuff. The game has a massive learning curve at the start , but once it clicks you all of a sudden know how to do everything. It’s the best game on Wiiu so far imo. Even though it litteraly has 1080p Wii graphics XD

          1. Also, how the hell do you load the Bowgun? I took what looked to be ammo out of that chest at the guys camp and couldn’t figure out how to even use them.

              1. After seeing the first second of the video I realized I said the wrong weapon, I meant the Gunlance lol.

                1. The gunlance you have on the demo just fires out sort of like a short rang blast on top of the melee attacks. You have X , A and R as attack buttons for most weapons. And some weapons do different things when you combine the two buttons. EG , pressing A and R together or X and A. Some weapons peform 8 hit combos . but you have to work out how to do the combo…. it’s deep lol.

                  1. Guess that’s why I didn’t like it so much, I don’t want to have to learn 1,000 different things to play a game right.

                    1. This game is meant for Hardcore Gamers but i know there’s plenty for casual too because of the Multiplayer. I mean Hardcore gamers can guide the newbie/casual gamer and help them out for their mission and yes to become a good hunter. You need to have a lot of patience on this game in order to enjoy it fully. I have this great feeling when my first big boss fight falling down on my Great Sword. ^_^


              I also found this to give you a little taste of what it’s like online!
              And then you have all the gathering and combing different resources that you find everywhere and all the weapons and armour you make by collecting monster parts , mining materials and everything. Game is just epic.

              Hope I helped. Just take it from me , that demo was crap , capcom should of known better.
              If you do ever buy it , maybe use the IGN wiki to help you progress or whatever. I used it on the wii version a lot , and a couple of times on ultimate too.

  2. Like I said before, the Wii U will pick up in due time. Continue to remain patient and don’t panic. Worrying and panicing over a video game system isn’t going to help become better. While I do want to see more Wii U support, I am not going to whine and complain about it everyday until it happens. I will do something constructive in the mean time. Complaining over brings stress to your body and harms you physically, mentally, and spiritually.

  3. I think what people are generally saying is that Nintendo did a fantastic job of pulling the 3DS out of a nose-dive into the stratosphere and beyond. Now, we are waiting for them to do that with the Wii U and it doesn’t seem like they are moving at all. I know that they are, but it just feels like they have it stuck in neutral.

    They should continue to pound out news and updates to the 3Ds yes, but there needs to be a stead stream of news regarding the Wii U as well. I’m not asking the play their whole hand on a Nintendo Direct, but at least give us something before E3. Even if it is the announcement or in-game footage of just one major AAA 1st-party title. That would be okay with me.

      1. I am Lying ABout EVERYTHING below

        Lol You are making good Points though. I HATE Nintendo. That is for Weak Pussy Baby.

          1. I am Lying ABout EVERYTHING below


      2. Beer is bad for you… Yuck! Plus some of us on here are underage, I am only 18 and you have to be 21 here in The U.S because it will mess up your brain if you drink it too young.


  4. Awesome! I hope we will get to see some more of Animal Crossing New Leaf as well as a release date. Maybe they will announce more games coming to the West from Japan like Project X Zone and Fantasy Life.

  5. I’m going to make an entirely off-the-wall prediction for this upcoming event; they’re going to announce that the 3DS’s successor is in development, and maybe show off a few hints as to what’s in store next.

    1. i dont think its gunna be a successer just yet, but maybe more info on games comming to NA and cross platform stuff with wii u and 3ds. 8)

      1. Why not?
        The 3DS has been around for at least 3 or 4 years by now, I think. Isn’t Nintendo’s usual cycle about 5 years?
        I’d say the planning stages for the next gen of handheld awesomeness have to exist at this point, at the very least.

  6. OMG, I can’t help it but I’m laughing myself stupid reading GRRRRR!!!!!!’s posts. Funniest troll ever. It’s just so mental.

  7. Christ, if there’s a gonna be a 3DS event, I really hope it’s for Miiverse.
    Cause Friend Codes just don’t cut it anymore on that thing.

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