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Shibata Apologises For Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Shortages On Wii U & 3DS

Thanks, Mario

100 thoughts on “Shibata Apologises For Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Shortages On Wii U & 3DS”

  1. XD “Thanks, Mario”
    Anyway, I’m not surprised that this game is doing so well. Even though I have this game, but not the Wii U feels so… satisfying.

  2. look is madness , the wiiu is selling cause of a third party game? suck on that 1 haters you aint touching mine XD

  3. Wow, i didnt even know this was an issue, good guy Shibata.

    Honestly though…we know why theyre in limited stock. They want to sell it digitally.
    I dont blame them, i love digital, and i wish it was bigger for the PS4 and WiiU, because then we can have deals and prices you’d only see on Steam on consoles, and everyone benefits from that.
    But when it comes to Zelda, or 3D Mario, or Metroid or any BIG WiiU title, i know i’ll want to buy physical.

    1. I rather get physical copies of all games myself. Mostly because getting game digitally costs more on my memory than my wallet.

      1. Nothing wrong with that.
        I’d prefer there to be a stable balance of physical and digital copies being bought so digital can be cheaper, but people can still get physical copies, i dont like the idea of digital being the only method of buying a game, its anti consumerist, and it costs jobs in places like HMV, Gamestop ect

  4. Everybody wants it! This reminds me of the Wii launch days…
    … Anyway, the games are here and more (Deus Ex:) are coming.

  5. I saw lots of copies in an electronic store last week (in germany). I would offer to buy them and send them over to anyone in demand, but I guess it would take to long for them to arrive. Also there’s an big ugly sticker of our videogame rating system on the cover.

    1. These trolls that prowl our site, they prowl our site all night and day. They are young fanboys that do not know nintendo’s capability of crushing competition not via vile or evil wants, but through gems of games, from their first and second party studios, to their ever faithful and delivering third party partners. Capcom, EA ( even the shady EA ), WB, Namco Bandai, Square-( Now square Enix ), Hudson soft ( we miss you and adventure Island ), TT games, Criterion, Mistwalker, Legos lol, Ubisoft, retro, monolith, sega ( for Bayonetta 2 ), need I go on?

      1. It is funny that most of the Xbox fanboys that attack other people’s decisions are generally young and probably have not experienced the golden days of gaming.

  6. A 3rd party game on a Nintendo home console has shortages? That’s a damn good sign for the future of 3rd parties on Wii U!

    1. I am hoping Guillimore and Ubisoft are watching and paying close attention. For this is what Rayman Legends would have done in the month of March.

      1. It just seems only Nintendo is making good games these days. All the games I’m excited for: Pikmin 3, Pokemon X & Y, 3D Mario, Mario Kart U, The Wind Waker HD, Animal Crossing: New Leaf are from Nintendo. And I’m sick of hearing about games like MH3U and BioShock Infinite, a couple of overrated shits.

              1. Why? Just because I don’t run out and by generic FPS and overly violent games like most people these days.

                1. Is Monster Hunter a FPS? No.
                  Is Little Big Planet a FPS? No
                  Is Nino Kuni a FPS. No.
                  What about Shadow of the colossus, Final Fantasy…etc.?
                  Those games are not published by Nintendo, yet they were and still are amazing. You sir have serious problems.

        1. Booo to you -1 . Monster Hunter ultimate is fucking epic. Probably , in my opinion the best gameplay experience on Wiiu right now.

            1. No offence bro , but let me guess….. You ”noob waltzed” around the demo all confused ? Eating potions by accident and missing the enemies with a weapon you felt was too big ? lol.

              The demo doesn’t even show 1% of what MHU offers once you delve into it. Honestly . it’s a masterpiece except for the dated graphics.

            1. Yeah , i’ll check it out , i’ve heard of you . Some of your stuff end up on N4G right ? N4G , IGN , are my sites :)

        2. “And I’m sick of hearing about games like MH3U and BioShock Infinite, a couple of overrated shits.”

          GET. OUT. NAO.

        3. *FACEPALM,* I am nintendo hardcore, but you cannot say that my friend. Nintendo might make the best games, but monster hunter 3 Ultimate and games before and after it are legendary. Even sack boy on the Playstation 3 is good. Shadow of the colossus, final fantasy 7, 9, 10 and 12. For modern FF games.

        4. I know that Nintendo makes fantastic games, but a lot of third party games are amazing too. Not all, but I mean c’mon give Monster Hunter and Infinite a chance.

          1. you just posted the same thing twice, your the one that is retarded and i wasnt talking to you because your not the one who said that it isnt good because nintendo didnt publish it

  7. Good to see Monster Hunter is doing well, now capcom can release the 4th generation for US 3DS/U versions! :D

  8. 34 hours in to the game. Not even scratched the surface :) EPIC AWESOME MUST BUY game for wiiu. nuff said.

      1. The 3DS version outsold Wiiu version cus it has bigger install base. But wiiu version sold well because it has online… I bought both , me and my bro just play local all day XD

        1. I’m still getting my WiiU copy, but I’m already playing it on 3DS, it’s a great game and everything is new to me since I didn’t play the Wii game. I’m also getting both versions so I can play local multiplayer/cross-plataform with my brother, can you go online this way?

          1. Yeah sweet. You can just transfer your 3DS data over to Wiiu ver eventually and jump online ! . How are you finding it then ? What armours and weapon do you like/have and what Monsters have you slayn :)

            1. I’m still on LVL 3 stars at the guild, and I’m really enjoying the game. my favorite weapon is the Hammer cause I love aiming the head and stuning the beasts, I still can’t afford a good great sword.

              Does the WiiU version share the save slots across the accounts? I wish I could keep transfering my save data from my WiiU to 3DS without interfering with my brother slots, that’s why I’m asking.

              1. I’m going SnS for my weapon of choice.
                It attacks fast[and applies status effect stacks a lot faster as a result, making up for its low base damage], lets me move fast, and I can even use items without having to stop and put away my weapon.
                Totally worth the extra time it takes to kill a monster, but Slime element should help out a great deal in the damage department once I earn it.XD

              2. Awesome :D .

                I am playing Wiiu version on my acount and My little brother is playing 3DS version on 3DS. He has no Wiiu save atm. We just link 3DS and Wiiu up. But I think you do get your own saves across acounts :)

                Game is awesome! Do you have a Wiiu and have I added you yet ? if not – xNintedwardx is my NNID.

                1. You have seperate save states per account on a Wii U. Me and my boyfriend both have a 3DS + MH3U and keep transferring our save data back and forward ;) Just make sure you make mulitple accounts on the Wii U and it’s all good.

  9. I stated early last year even before monster hunter 3 Ultimate was announced, that Capcom Will bring a monster hunter on the Wii U called monster hunter universe. That is would be a mixture of freedom unite and all other monster hunters that ever existed. That it would be Wii U and 3DS together play. How you will play next!

    AEOLUS! Yes Aeolus asked me what I was smoking, now monster hunter 3 Ultimate is here, anyone else dare ask me what next any game should behold?

    This is beautiful that a game worth it’s gaming is hard to find :).


    You guys piss and moan when the trolls come and now you’re acting like you want em to come back just so you can say i told ya so? Ya might wanna leave well enough alone. It’s kinda nice to read some comments without the preschool drama!

      1. Hey Bill if graphics is everything why is the 3DSXL outselling the Vita. According to you graphics brings in sales!!

  11. i got the last one at my store on the second day it was out and there were 8 copys of lego city on the shelf. i dont think they shipped enough on release day.

  12. Come on out trolls!! Why cant you haters stick by what yall said? The more graphics the better the game will sell. Zelda is waiting to go neck and neck against Halo 4. So until then Wind Waker will arrive first…. then when Halo 4 Nintendo will release their all new Zelda.!!!! Bahahahaha!

  13. Retro Studios engine will be ready to tackle Unreal Engine 4. BAHAHAHAHA. EA KEEP THAT NEXT NEED FOR SPEEd. Mario KART WILL OUTSELL THAT. Nintendo IPs are sitting in NINTENDO’s R&D until late this year when SONY and MICROSOFT debut. Can the two consoles keep up with Mario, Kirby, Pikachu, Roy, Donkey Kong, Star Fox, Link or even the Pikmin….. Lets see how Halo will stack up against whatever Nintendo has!!!! Will Nintendo show off the Wii U’s limits on its unique GPUPU? BRING IT ON HATERS!!! SONY AND SHIT BOX needs all the third party support because their IPs alone couldn’t even pinch NINTENDO!!! Bahahaha!!!

    1. We know the reason Wii U is not all the way unveiled is because Sony copies. SSBB, Wiimote, Gamepad and 3Ds, MIIVERSE. Will Sony copy the NFC technology? WILL the Vita be using cards? NintendoTVii came before Sony TV right? Sony wants to be Nintendo.

      1. The monsters and armor sets looks very nice, being a upscale Wii game. So just think how a true Wiiu MH game will offer the Nintendo’s fans

  14. Good to hear Supreme Commander Shibata!

    This will also give Capcom a new vision for the coming future…

    Now reboot Resident Evil and make it a hell alot more scarier and realistic…

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