After updating their systems to version 5.0.0-11U, some Nintendo 3DS users experienced an issue that prevented them from accessing the System Settings, Nintendo eShop or Game Notes. To prevent the issue from occurring again, Nintendo today released system update version 5.1.0-11U, which you can download right now by clicking the System Settings, then Other Settings and then finally pressing System Update. If you cannot access the System Settings, or something else is preventing you from downloading the latest system update, click here.



  1. Xbox720 might need to be online always to play games or access application. Weird got weirder.

    This firmware is good. Fix everything before I buy the little machine 3DS XL.


          • Well, that’s a good point if it weren’t for the always online and mandatory full-game installs. That in effect makes it like a PC. Something that the 360 did not have. Online was only mandatory for certain XBLA games and full-game installs was and is optional. If I HAVE to be online to play the games and I HAVE to install the game onto the HDD then why wouldn’t I just play the PC version instead?

            That’s the problem. Microsoft is not giving you much of a reason to need or want a 720. After the ‘epic’ fail (pun intended) of Gears Of War:Judgment and not being to impressed with Halo 4 (that game looked fantastic and the multi-player is better but the game overall feels hallow) I have no reason to want a 720. The only thing that would urge me to buy one if is Killer Instinct III pop-up. I’d stop whatever I was doing and go buy a 720 immediately. Outside of that, there is nothing there.

            If I purchase another console it would be a PS4, but I’m content to stick with the Wii U.


          • You missed the point dude. He said it because the console is always connected and you can’t play your own games on your own console without being connected to the internet. The 360 doesn’t share any of these features.


            • Also many cable companies are putting caps on how much we stream and download. Wouldn’t that cause the bill to increase? What if I want to take it to a hotel, do I have to get the Hotel internet just to play games I own? What if someone only use the internet at the public library or have dial up because that is all they can afford? So in other words, this is helping the cable companies make more money. I’ll pass.


              • What if there is a storm the power is sill on yet no cable or internet, what would a mother with a house full of boys do on a Saturday night not able to play until the internet is back on?


    • D:

      Looks like the creative director’s backed this up, and pretty arrogantly too. Saying #getwiththetimes and that everything is always online? Then posting a whole bunch of really arrogant posts like ‘The electricity goes out, not buying a vacuum cleaner.’ (not word for word, something like that’.

      Okay, I really have to ask: what are people’s opinions on always online consoles? Is it really that little a deal, or do you care? Because I would most certainly care if everywhere I took a console, I needed INTERNET to play.


      • where is all of microsofts exclusives, besides the only four they have and they arnt getting much better anyway. everybody i know wants a ps4 now because of these rumors that are supposed to be true. i dont want gears of war 8 by next generation or any other of there franchises they milk in one generation. what would make people want it over a ps4? i know how about more exclusives could be one thing, like banjo threeie, conkers other bad day, killer instinct and more variety of games on there console. oh wait they destroyed rare and now have no variety of games. yea fuck microsoft, sony was always better


      • xbox720 isn’t a portable machine. It was made to be in your home, or to be in house of your friend, places that have a internet connection, right?

        If you want a portable, take a 3DS and it’s done.

        If you are in a hotel on a travel and want to play your xbox720, you have a seriously problem. If you travel, enjoy the travel dude, even if it’s business… That means that you are probably in other city with others things to do.


  2. There is also another issue, with Internet browser, if I try to type in a search before the 3DS webpage is halfway loaded, the Internet browser will crash.


      • If they say the games will be here sooner then their not because they’re being made perfect that is fine. That is what I want from Nintendo. Third Party is a bonus, and there will be enough FPS on this console I’m sure. Third Party has been generous already, and more will make it to the system when people wise up and see the sells take off. Also, just being a Ninty fan doesn’t make what you’re saying about them valid at all.


      • I’m not so sure about Iwata. He already stated that if the numbers aren’t where the new projection is at the end of the year he would step down. I don’t think Nintendo needs to get rid of him though, they do need a new marketing/communication team so he doesn’t sound like such a twit. He also needs a strong right hand man, an attack dog to get the job done. Iwata seems slightly too soft. It’s a hard game to play with the give and take, nice or not so nice.


    • Nintendo is focusing on online. Regardless of how powerful Wii U is, if they still keep the same quality in gaming and adding in better online play, it can hang with PS4 and 720. If you notice it, Nintendo is not worried according to the latest interview. They are always tight lipped. Those with little words usually have a lot to offer.


  3. The 3DS is on a roll, It sold around 70K in Japan last week and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Plus we got big 3DS Pokemon news this Saturday

    Check out my show on youtube for all the Nintendo News


    • Odd statement. But why? I think they are both fine as far as consoles go, redonk expensive when they were first released but fine none the less.


  4. My brother’s red XL crashed today while he was playing the demo for that new Sonic racing game…I’d just installed this update a few hours before. I was able to power the system off and everything seemed fine after that. Does anyone know what caused this or is it just a freak thing that I shouldn’t worry about? (My aqua 3DS did this once but I don’t remember what I was playing; I haven’t had any problems since.)


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