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Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D Promises New Content


Nintendo of Europe has announced new content will be available in the popular ‘go ape’ game Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. It boasts the use of an alternative easy mode, giving both Donkey Kong and Diddy one extra heart each, plus gamers can broaden their DK Barrel experience by playing with another friend in local play mode. Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D will be released in North America and Europe on May 24.


32 thoughts on “Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D Promises New Content”

    1. Because it’s notoriously one of the most difficult 2D platformers of all time. I can understand why they’re offering an Easy mode, although I personally appreciated how hard the game was.

          1. Well, it’s hard to compare, in fact… But I found Super Metroid the hardest game to beat ever. A little bit down in the scale lies Battletoads. DKCR was not that difficult. At least for me… Well…

            1. What about Cobra Triangle? (Also made by Rare) That was one of the hardest games I played, couldn’t make it past level 21. Battletoads was also hard. I always though Super Metroid was kind of easy for me.

              Also the arcade version (not the NES version) of Super Mario Bros was difficult, those impossible jumps on World 6.

              1. Wow, actually I wasn’t recalled about Cobra Triangle! I have never gave it a try, though. I’ll look for some videos on YouTube. Moreover, I’ve never played Super Mario Bros. in arcade, but I can imagine the controls on the arcade machine may lack sensitivity or whatever. Other hard-to-beat game that came to my mind now is SMB: The Lost Levels. I’ve never been able to finish it.

                1. Lost levels is harder than the arcade Super Mario Bros. But there was allot of big and little differences in the game. For instance Mario didn’t jump as high or long, character placements was different (the koopa troopa on 1-2 between the two posts that is a goomba), you can only warp as far as world 6, and when you hit world 6-3 (if I am remembering right) you have to run, jump, hit the small platform, bounce off the para troopa, some more small platforms or of course die. I never had enough quarters to beat the game, but I have seen someone else do it.

                  I did SMB: Lost levels once on the compilation that was on the Super Nes. Another one was Athena by SNK. I could never make it to Medusa (just very close) and the bosses lack life meters.

    1. If you click the link and scroll down you’ll see that it says new content for the 3DS in addition to the easy mode and multiplayer.

  1. DK is my LEAST favorite Nintendo character. Guess it is because I just never got into his games. I played DKCR but I had no fun at all. I like him in Super Smash and thats it! And even then DK isn’t even a good character in Super Smash….

    1. Wait! I take that back! Donkey Kong N64 was awesome! If Nintendo made that game for Virtual Console or a sequel for Wii U then I would probably get it! I loved the multiplayer mode with the fruit guns! That is the Donkey Kong type of game I love!

  2. They’ve got the Super Guide, why need an easy mode? That game is supposed to be played on a difficult mode, and then the mirror mode.

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  4. easy mode… that just ruins all the fun… 2 lifes is all that should be needed to actually feel how hard it is, really if your trying to get 100% with getting all the kong letters

  5. Wish this had some online co-op so I can play with one of my friends. Oh well, local co-op seems ok as long as I don’t have to buy 2 seperate games.

  6. Why are people complaining about easy mode? If you like the challenge the game presented, don’t play on easy mode. It being there doesn’t at all affect you, but it being there may bring a wider audience to play it, people who don’t like harder games.

  7. The game become very easy as soon as you figure out the pattern of the level design, it is as if I was using gameshark. The only true hard part of the game is the final boss and temples.

  8. There is nothing wrong with an easy mode. Not everyone can play harder difficults as everyone else. If someone does not want to play an easy mode, then do not play it. No one is forcing easy mode on anyone.

    I am glad they are adding new features to this version. I just might get it now.

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