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EA ‘Worst Company In America’ Champions Once More?

EA_logoFor the second year in a row, EA has made the semifinal list for the ‘worst company in America’, courtesy of an annual web poll by The Consumerist. Electronic Arts has brought Nintendo a whole host of games, including FIFA, Need for Speed and, most recently, Mass Effect 3 for Wii U, but are they really the ‘worst company in America’? Well, a lot of people seem to think so.

Last year, EA was crowned champion followed closely by Bank of America, so it’s no surprise that EA is facing a stand-off once again for the trophy. But this year, it appears we’re seeing deja-vu; Bank of America is again in the semifinals trying to see off Comcast, while Ticketmaster is throwing down the gauntlet against EA. It begs the question whether we will be seeing the exact same result as 2012.

In a statement by EA’s chief operating officer Peter Moore he said simply, “we can do better”, He defended the company by using an illustrious metaphor, “the tallest trees catch the most wind”, but when your trees are constantly being felled, isn’t it high time you ought to be planting more?

Continuing on behalf of EA, he said: “Are we really the “Worst Company in America?” I’ll be the first to admit that we’ve made plenty of mistakes. These include server shut downs too early, games that didn’t meet expectations, missteps on new pricing models and most recently, severely fumbling the launch of SimCity. We owe gamers better performance than this.”

We’re breathing a sigh of relief that the Nintendo/EA merger really was just a joke. Do you think EA should be hailed the worst company in America?

192 thoughts on “EA ‘Worst Company In America’ Champions Once More?”

      1. Micro transaction and online passes… They think its just about over all game quality… Interesting isn’t it

          1. I would hope so… Ea are also wanting to stop the preowned market more so than any other company not realising that a preowned market is what helps new sales… People well the old to buy the new… Common sense…

              1. That preowned marked (ie GameStop) bought my non-multi-tasking, broken-app, enlarged-and-overpriced AAC-music-player which functioned more like a digital-photo-album than anything else. Yup. Good riddance iPad! That’s right. They gave me a respectable amount for trade-in value which I will use to buy [new] PC/console games in the future. GG

          2. I read the statement and it’s garbage. Just sell me a full game with everything it should have all at once.

    1. Yeah, they really didn’t need to put out a statement. People will think whatever they want. If people genuinely believe EA is the worst company in America, there’s probably very little that will change their mind.

    1. That is a statement I can hear been said in a pre launch video game conference in the headquarters of EA.

      1. Don’t get me wrong, EA screwed up. They screwed up a lot of things. They’re not a perfect company and they’re nowhere near being the best gaming company. I enjoy a lot of EA’s games, but I also admit that they have implemented some unsavory business practices from a consumer standpoint (like half of the other gaming companies out there).

        Still, in comparison to the bigger picture, they’re nowhere near the worst company in America.

  1. EA is the worst company… by far. No contest lol! They make the suckiest decisions which most of the time feel like they are just biased or pulling what tey should do or not do out of a hat. <Thats how bad they are.

  2. Absolutely yes imo,if anyone, they are leading the way to the 2nd game industry crash. But they got a new CEO so a change in their approach is possible.

    1. Are people still commenting back to you after this long not realising that you just do this ironically, and now have made it just to troll the “Nintendo Defence Alliance”? It’s so funny xD

              1. Thanks for the clarification, I don’t receive notifications on who responds to me because I don’t use a real e-mail for my account on so I really have to scroll through the page to find people who respond to me.

                    1. why cant people figure out who people are talking about, its obvious if you actually read it, and what it sais prior in the comments, but sometimes ive done that

  3. Thank God EA isn’t bringing garbage over to Wii U, as an owner of all consoles,i cant remember the last game i played that had EA or Activision for that matter. I do not like EA or activision pissing match over Battlefield and Call of Duty.

    I’m sorry but I will stick with games like Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on Wii U/3DS, Bioshock Infinite and Gears of War Judgment on Xbox 360, and God of War Ascension, and Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon on 3DS, just to name my current ones. EA is not in the mixture and I don’t see any quality product from EA anymore. Hopefully one day I’m proven wrong

    I just realized I have to much shit to play lol.

  4. EA have some great properties. But I really HATE their business practice. They’ve gotten Kids all over the UK spending all their Pocket money on Ultimate team fifa points. Pathetic.

  5. The fact the guy openly admitted and basically said “we fucked up”, kinda redeems EA, but they need to prove it, they need to change and do the opposite of the sort of shit that caused the video game industry to crash, releasing quick, shitty, low quality, unfinished games, just to make money at the expensive of the consumer

      1. Boy did you pick the wrong person to say that to.
        I bought and played NFS:MW for my PS3 when it came out, as i was a massive fan of Burnout Paradise.

        Oh my, what a disappointment i was in for.
        The uninteresting city, the boring soundtrack, and the fact that the only single player content…was 5 races for each car, races of which were used multiple times for different cars….

        The only redeeming factor was the multiplayer, but seeing as it was the same as Paradise, why would i spend my time in the boring city, with horrible music, and cars that werent as fun, instead of the variety, and fun of Paradise? The simple answer is, i did not, and i sold NFS:MW the day after i got it.

        Chin up, kiddo, maybe next time you’ll actually manage to successfully “troll” and actual “Nintendrone” instead of someone who just calmly owns you, and makes you feel like the moron that you are.

        Good day.

          1. I actually didnt even touch it, i just assumed that it was the same as the EasyDrive system from Paradise, the interface was the same, i just didnt want to do any online till i was comfortable with the cars and locations, which i didnt even want to do.

            Oh and police is that game ruin the entire point of that game, making the WiiU’s feature of turning them off, the only redeeming factor of the WiiU version, because why id want an open world game, where im punished for having fun, is beyond me.

            1. Its online is similar to Burnout, just executed horribly. It’s not a user friendly setup at all. You didn’t miss anything by not playing online. lol

        1. Need for speed most wanted (U) Is a pretty good game. It’s not amazing or anything I admit , but it’s good. And it’s BY FAR the best realistic racing game on the Wiiu!!!! by default of being the only fucking one.

          Anyway , The races are fun , difficult edge of your seat stuff , Smashing through and finding billboards and speed cameras is fun and the online is ok. I’m a good way through the game and If I had to give it a quick score , it would be somewhere in the 8.5 region.

    1. So when a seriel killer admits he killed 50 people it redeems him?-No. Same circumstance here(although a bit less extreem than a seriel killer…) Admitting to EA’s mistakes doesn’t make them anybetter. Wait til they ACTUALLY change something. That old saying “They can talk the talk, but lets see em walk te walk..”

      1. ….you have got to fucking joking?
        Are you that detached from reality, and that sensitive over a video game, that you compare a serial killer defending mass murder… a greedy company who made some disappointing games. Wow.
        Sure, next time when your kid (not that you have one, or i sure hope not, unless child services have already taken them away), when they do something bad, like draw on the wall, or pee the bed, or say a bad word, and they say “im sorry”, instead of saying “its okay” and depending on what they did saying “just dont do it again” and showing comfort, we should say “well FUCK you!” And just smack them in the face.

        Fuck you, you dumbass.

      2. The fact is DUMBASS, that what you said, be it disgusting, was already what i said in the fucking first place.

        I respect EA’s honest in saying “we fucked up, we plan to not repeat the same mistake”, it takes balls or a real asshole, to admit or lie and say stuff like that, but in the end, the proof is in the pudding, when i see EA actually making an improvement, i’ll say “nice one EA” and my respect for them shall return, but for now, i take it with a grain of salt, just as everyone should, instead of comparing them to a murdering psychopath.

        1. Okay, so I guess no one here is smart enough to grasp that by “comparing EA to a seriel killer” I was just making a point that just because they say something promising doesn’t make everything they have done wrong, right. Also, child services dosn’t take away children away for making a simple comment on lol! You should try to avoid using the term Dumbass… makes you seem hypocritical if you catch my drift ;)

          1. No, you idiot, you’re just detached from fucking reality.

            If serial killer says “sorry i killed 50 people, i’ll try not to do it again” nobody’s going to listen to them, because the act of killing 50 people for no good reason requires a fucking nut job, which mental issues.

            A money hungry company, who have been loosing money ever since the recession, like everyone else, and thus came up with frankly silly decisions to keep their stock value ad profits high, and having them say to consumers, “we’re aware of mistakes we made, and aim to avoid this in the future” is absolutely nowhere near the same level as a fucking deranged psychopath who KILLED 50 FUCKING PEOPLE, asking for forgiveness, it’s nowhere near the same, there isnt the straight line of “if you should forgive someone, and if you dont like what they did, the simple answer is no”, thats not how the world works, that not how simple morality works, thats like saying “this guy broke a vase, i never forgiving that evil fuck, he’s basically a serial killer”.


            I don’t even give a fuck what EA said anymore, the fact theres someone who makes that comparison and says “you wouldnt forgive a serial killer, why forgive EA”, that fucking RETARDED.

            And regarding child services, i hope they took them away, not because you made a comment, but your views on simple moral ethics is fucking stupid, and any kid in that environment let alone with a parent with those views, deserves to be yanked out of there.

            Seriously, dont even reply to this, just read it, sit down, and do not dig your whole any deeper.
            You need help, seriously, like now.

            1. I didn’t say it was on the same level as a serial killer killing a bunch of people. I said it was “similar” which is an entirely different word. The point I am trying to make is you simply cannot trust what someone says looking back on their past. <THIS is how they are similar. EA never murdered anyone yet you seem to think that I think that?…I have only reiterated this what?…3 times now. Maybe, if you sat down the blood would correctly flow to your brain and YOU could think more clearly about this conversation.

              1. First, I have to commend you for staying calm and not really insulting anyone as far as I’ve seen (other than asking them to sit down to let the blood flow to their brain, which isn’t that much an insult as it is a humour is jab). That takes some maturity, some I’ve seen very little of from both sides on this website.

                Anyway, I easily see where you’re coming from, though using a serial killer example was a little too drastic for some people, although I can see what you were trying to convey. Say a serial thief, for example. That might’ve stirred fewer consciences, I guess.

                Anyway, I see what you’re saying. Him saying something doesn’t make up for anything, he could easily just continue in the same practices.

                At the same time, I easily see Dragon’s point, too. Their apology takes some balls, and it IS a place to start, if they do.

                Other than that, Dragon, I think you seriously overreacted. Read through :)’s replies, and you’ll see they were calm and forward. Nothing’s saying you can’t have your opinion, it was just a little too aggressive.

                1. *hunourus, not humour is, haha.

                  All right, I see this conversation has gone a lot longer than this point.

                  :) you have my respect for staying relatively calm and extremely rational. Seriously, however, it’s wise to pull out of certain conversations at particular times. I’m guessing about here would have been a good time, as it looks like the conversation goes downhill from here.

                  Other than that, Dragon, you have a point in that serial killers was a little far fetched. You should have ignored it, though, and compared it to something like…well, EA, because what he was trying to say was

                  EA have done lots of things in the past. Them apologising this once doesn’t mean that’s all forgiven and forgotten.

                  That’s it! That’s the entire point! It’s not worth raging over a post on the Internet, that’s a really important thing to learn. People’s opinions on the Internet are ALWAYS mind blowingly diverse, and some guy out there will always have an extremely wrong or opinionated view. In this case, :) was only using a metaphor, and even admits its not only a bit, but quite extreme in his later posts.

            2. I agree with smiley. You’re blowing his comparison out of proportion. Yeah, it was a bad comparison, but it was preobably his first thought so he/she wrote it. His point is valid though despite the comparison. They need to, and certainly at this point after so many terrible years with bad business practices show that that they mean what they said. Show they can ‘walk the walk, not just talk the talk’.

        1. What fucking point!?!????!!!!?

          That forgiving EA is on the same level as forgiving a FUCKING MAAAAASS MUUURDDDERRRRRRRREERRRRDR!!!
          What fucking point is he trying to achieve?!
          You fanboys are fucking INSANE.
          EA is a shitty company, yeah, but comparing them to serial killers?!??!!!

          Are me and SimplyG just not right in the head, that when someone says “Why forgive EA, you wouldn’t forgive a serial killer who killed 50 people”, we get alarms bells ringing in our head like “what the fuck is this guy smoking, is he actually being serious?”.

          And the stupidiest thing is, that his “point”, was exactly what i fucking said anyway!!

          It’s like the simple act of anyone showing EA SOME form of respect, even the tiniest shred of it, causes all the fucking butthurt fanboys to go on overload.

          Seriously, like… My mind is literally blown.

          1. You need to calm down. You are firstly, freaking out over nothing. and secondly, still not understanding my point lol!!

            1. Yeah, some guy comes on the internet and compares EA to a mass murderer.

              Totally over reacting.
              Get off Moron Mountain.

              1. lol your just too stupid to understand. My point is MY point and not the false words you have put in my mouth. You are completely overreacting and this is NOT the first time you have done so. You hear one thing on the internet you don’t agree with and go ballistic every time. I repeat, please calm down :)

                1. No, YOU’RE ( that’s how it’s spelt by the way) too stupid, to understand that what you said it FUCKING STUPID.

                  EA are never worth comparing to fucking murderer.
                  What planet did you come from?
                  You are delusional.
                  Whatever stupid point you were trying to make, that EA “doesnt deserve forgiveness” is irrelevant now, because you, being the moronic idiot on the internet, go super butthurt because EA don’t like Nintendo.
                  Well big fucking deal, i don’t like it, i have nore reason to dislike EA, from ruining franchises that i like.
                  But you are bat shit insane to even think “EA..hmm who can i use to make a comparison to EA..of course, a guy that killed 50 people”.
                  The comparison, is not fucking needed, here’s how a person with a brain cells puts it: “You say this, but obviously it’s difficult for some people such as myself to simple respect EA. until they show that their attitude and business model has changed, i take this with a grain of salt, and my opinion on EA stands as where it is”.

                  Was that difficult? No.
                  Does it make more sense than what you said? Yes.
                  Did i come off as a delusional moron who think EA and comparable to a serial killer.
                  The hole, stop fucking digging, just admit what you said was fucking stupid. It doesnt change the fact you’re an idiot, but at least people can take solace in that you know you said something stupid.

          2. Yeah, it’s at times like these where you can see how jacked up the community can be. I’m just glad it’s not the majority of people in reality – off of the internet.

            1. Though I disagree with you I am at least glad that you can express your opinion without freaking out like TheDragon234 does. I can see why he calls himself that, he certainly has the temper of a dragon.

            1. It isn’t your fault, anyone who says something the “TheDragon234” doesn’t like must feel his wrath lol! He just implies the most absurd things for some reason. Plus, he is the biggest hypocrite. He despises racism yet is quick to make fun of Americans utilizing false stereotypes as a point of insults and for some reason thinks they can be used to argue a point? He tells others to calm down yet he is the one that is screaming at his computer screen. “TheDragon234” is the example of a “bad Nintendo fan.” Completely rude and utterly unintelligent.

              1. It wasnt a false stereotype of America.
                You know what a stereotype is made of? FACT.
                People know the typical right wing, the typical capitalist American, all for one and no-one else. It’s not a racist assumption, it’s an exaggerated fact .

                1. HAHAHA don’t give excuses like “It is an exaggerated fact” as a reason for using false stereotypes! There are many Americans who are fat, skinny, small, tall, black, white, asian, democratic, republican, etc. There are fat democrats and there are skinny republicans and vice versa. If you came to my home town of Merrimack, NH you would find quite a few of your stereotypical “Americans.”

              1. I must say this conversation was freaking hilarious, and all this because a simple metafora(is it that on english, not sure). It’s not that bad when someone says something like that.

  6. overeacting video game champs lol. yes ea is bad, but there are tons of companies that are so much worse…..the banking fuckers all around the world are true devils, or companies who let work kids or people with an very very underpayed job while living like a pig. seriously,g et voer this shit, juust boycott ea….

    1. Pretty much. They’re not the best gaming company. They’re not the most consumer friendly either; But they’re not the worst company in America.

      There are major companies that truly ruin people’s lives on a daily basis.

      1. If you own a gun you can rob a bank, if you own a bank you can rob the country… But people know this I’m sure

          1. you seriously can’t have any plan of life if you consider ea worst company in amercia blind fallow. like i said. grow up and then think over your shit you just said above.

            1. Ummm..everyone loves to say that EA isn’t the worst company and that the companies in America utilizing sweat shops should be nominated. Yet, NO ONE HAS EVEN NAMED A SINGLE COMPANY THAT IS UTILIZING THEM! lol Maybe this is why EA is nominated and why I support it. Because these so called “awful companies” are unknown and cannot be nominated.

              1. Google is your friend. In fact, pick up today’s newspaper, turn on the news, I’m sure you’ll see something.

                Also: You brought up sweat shops. Realize “sweatshops” aren’t the only bad thing a company can do.

                1. Yes, but I am not the one arguing against EA. I think it is your job to look up these so called “awful companies” on Google and maybe present them here. Clearly no one knows who they are yet everyone says they exist. I would like to see some proof and it isn’t my job to provide that. You bring up “Realize “sweatshops” aren’t the only bad thing a company can do.” yet once again not a single example.

                    1. Something about “dragons” they all seem to be, somewhat mentally challenged. TheDragon234, Adarazz, I am waiting for like a guy named Charzard to jump into the argument and side with “TheDragon234”

                    2. You have the nerve to call me mentally challenged? From what I can tell you’re typing your words from inside a mental asylum. Crazy little man.

              1. Putting words in other people’s mouths again I see? Don’t make Simply G sound like an idiot like yourself. He never called me a “moronic bigot.” That is something you do. He expresses his opinion, whether or not I agree or disagree, in a calm professional manner.

                1. Actually, I believe he was replying to TH3PANO. Anyways, I would I agree making the comparison to a serial killer was completely unnecessary whether you were using it as a metaphor or not. And yeah you are a moronic bigot.

                  1. Yes, I call you mentally challenged for siding with “TheDragon234.” Also, thank you for clarifying who he was replying to. It really does make a difference. TH3PIANO was just as stupid and rude as TheDragon, but Simply G wasn’t. I’ll retract my comment if in fact he was replying to TH3PIANO.

                  2. Making the comparison between EA and a serial killer was not necessary at all. If you think about it, are any comments on this site necessary? I just wanted my comment to be a little more interesting than “Don’t trust what EA has to say, wait til they actually prove themselves.” <Cause that is boring. Comparison to a serial killer is more interesting and IS TRUE, as long as you don't imply that I think EA is a murderer like TheDragon did lol!

  7. It’d be funny if they were undefeated champions for consecutive years!
    With the whole Origin + Nintendo fail and the SimCity thing, I think they’re
    gonna ‘win’ again.
    Whatever happens, I think, especially with how they’re treating Nintendo
    gamers, this is the least professional EA I’ve ever seen.

  8. So stupid, there are companies that exist that have sweatshops, steal millions of dollars, etc but since SimCity requires always online they are “the worst” So dumb… Such an irresponsible choice. Maybe in gaming they are, MAYBE…

        1. Maybe in Mexico, but we in the U.S consider America to be just ourselves. The rest of the world see’s the term “America” and thinks Canada, U.S and Mexico. The U.S for sure has no legal sweatshops. If there are any it is underground and cannot be considered for worst company.

            1. Yes of course, and when they get caught they get in trouble. They aren’t doing these things “legally” like in China.

                1. I never said they were a better company for it. I am saying that no one knows what they are doing illegally u til tey are caught. Once tey are caught they are punished brutally and most of the time companies go bankrupt or are forced out of business because of it. How can a bad company that doesn’t exist anymore be considered for worst company in America?

                  1. Except there are known businesses that continue to implement unethical and oppressive policies on their employees and clients day to day.

                    There are just no laws specifically against what they do, so they can get away with it.

                    1. I don’t have any names of companies that do what you are talking about. Do you? Maybe if people knew about these companies they would be competitors for worst company in America. However, people know EA and Bank of America and Comcast, etc. We interact with those companies every day of our lives. The companies you are talking about are very much unknown to me and many others. So how would they end up being crowned the worst company in America?

                2. Seriously,wtf are you guysarguing about. Yeah, there are sweat shops in this world, and probably in the US aswell. This has nothingto dowith a companybing voted or appointed”the worstcompanyin america”.

                  If this is legit it’susually donebytedtingfrom third partycompanies and employee reviews. The companies that doshady things keepthese things awayfrom public knowlege.

            2. “But if it aint in America, i don’t give a fuck, i just want my Denny’s and my foootbaaaawwwl, and my guns, and my XXL tshirts”

              Said every generic right wing American.

              1. lol ^ Ignorant as usual. First off I hate football. Love soccer, second I hate Denny’s because I don’t like pancakes. Thirdly I have never owned a gun in my life and fourth, I am not fat… So guess you are wrong again…

                1. Doesnt change what i said as a fact.
                  The simple thing is this, “if it doesnt effect you, you dont give a fuck”, you didnt care when SimplyG said “no, theres are literally people out there essentially performing slave labour”, you dont fucking care, why? Because it doesnt affect you, you’re too fixed up, in a selfish vendetta, of EA being a dick. Again, you are so detached from reality, just like all the other fanboys, its sickening.

                  People working for fucking pennies an hour, for 12 hours a day, and you don’t give a fuck because “welllll if they get caught, they caught, but EA made me mad”.

                  Boo. Fucking. Hoo. You selfish piece of shit.

                  1. HUH!? You are implying a HELL OF A LOT of stuff that I never even said. I never said I don’t care about companies doing awful things. I know what Simply G said about slave labor, however that happens mostly in other countries and not in the U.S. Also, I am not “in a rage about EA’s poor decisions.” I could care less about what they have done or not. I honestly don’t even think I have played a game by EA…wait I take that back. I played the Sims on Gamecube. It was pretty good. I think if anyone here is in a rage it is you. Your comments are novels and you scream a lot.

                    1. EXACTLY!!
                      “It doesnt happen in America, so i dont give a fuck”

                      How about you FUCKING LISTEN.
                      AMERICAN companies, doing SLAVE LABOUR.

                      Thats all you need to know.
                      In comparison, EA are fucking saints.

                      But im right, YOU dont give a flying fuck, because you dont have to, and you dont want to. Instead, you only give a shit about “exposing EA” because it effected you directly. I fucking wish you were in those sweatshops, maybe youd gain a bit of fucking empathy, instead of being a selfish cunt butthurt about E fucking A and video games.

                      But its okay, because EA are basically serial killers, right?

                1. TheDragon234, what the hell are you talking about. I care about “AMERICAN companies, doing SLAVE LABOUR” but you have failed to mention even one company that does this. So firstly, where is your proof and secondly, you don’t know any names because they are unknown. Which is why they cannot be nominated and why EA can. Talking to you is like talking to a brick wall. You just don’t grasp anything.

                  1. How about you go on the THE FUCKING INTERNET!

                    If i wanted to take part, in a meaningless poll, and vote, in something that changes nothing, i would look for the worst company in America, and i would happily shove their name down as my vote.
                    Know why i dont? Because thats the point of that poll, the point of it was to expose EA because didnt like the Mass Effect ending.
                    EA didnt care when they got the award the first time, they might as well of said “YOLO”, and got on with what theyre doing. If EA dont even give a fuck, why would some giant evil company give a fuck?
                    They dont. But if you actually think “oh yeah EA deserve it, because im too lazy and selfish to even think about looking up another company to put in this meaningless poll”, then you are a selfish piece of shit, that only cares because it affected you directly.

                    1. “oh yeah EA deserve it, because im too lazy and selfish to even think about looking up another company to put in this meaningless poll”-Not only are you being racist towards Americans you are implying things that don’t exist. You have no idea who I am yet you call me lazy? Everyone has different views and my view happens to be that EA is the worst company. You don’t like it?- Well how bout YOU go on the internet and look up your so called “awful company” and vote in the “meaningless poll.” If the poll was meaningless than EA wouldn’t have issued a statement showing that THEY DO CARE about the results. I don’t think you can reply to me without using an insult or swear word.

  9. Just because of the FED I’d argue bank of america as the worst. Not to mention all the bull shit mistakes they made on my finances only to be refused a refund. It’s pretty stupid when their stupid online banking decided to take money from me, put me in the negatives, and then have me charged THIRTY FIVE DOLLARS for every day it remains in the negatives.

  10. aaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeegnnSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  11. there are so many companies that are much much worse.. but of course on the internet the gaming companies get most of the attention, because most of the participants have never even heard of the turpitudes commited by said companies

    1. This is true^ I mentioned this in an above comment to Simply G. So knowing there are awful companies out there, yet not knowing exactly who they are and what EXACTLY they have done makes it hard to nominate them for worst company in America doesn’t it? This is why EA is nominated. We know what they have done, we know their name, and people follow what they do so they are the butt of many criticisms. <Taking all this into consideration and it is no surprise that EA is nominated for the title once more.

        1. he didn’t say that’s what you said

          he was replying to me

          i’d tend to agree with him… this contest is for ALL american companies.. the fact that a gaming company which, truth be told, hardly really harms anyone in any meaningful way keeps winning while the real criminals who negatively affect millions of people’s lives every day are kicked out early on is exemplary for the ignorance of a large majority of people that roam the web

          1. i just checked.. corporations like shell(US branch), goldmann sachs and federal reserve didn’t even make the list of nominees.. great
            this contest is an utter joke

  12. I wish there was a way to post a comment on the Consumerist site (where the “Worst Company In America” contest is coming from) because they published an article rebuttal to Peter Moore’s statement.

    The way a lot of it was worded, and the fact that it was even published – It pretty much made them (Consumerist) look like unprofessional douches.

    Also they claim to speak for the gamers at the close of their article. As a gamer, I can fully admit we can be a bunch of whiners who complain about anything.


    Running or being employed by a site like Consumerist, they should know very well that there are worse companies out there than EA. The difference is, the gaming community has a large, active, and vocal presence online. So you can be sure they’re getting hits from gamers who want to vote. As for the rest of the nation affected by the other companies on that list – they probably don’t even know Consumerist exists.

    1. Simply put, the whole thing was established by Mass Effect 3 fans, and thats just carried on from there.

      Im not happy with EA, but it really doesnt take a genius to see something called “Worst Company in America”, seeing EA on there, and saying “okay, well that ain’t right”.

      It’s common knowledge, or at least id hope to think so as it should be, that there are some reeeeeeal scumbag companies out there, far worse than EA. In fact, one of those people was running for fucking presidency, Mitt fuking Romney, the guy who literally buys companies, liquidates their assets, and just stores the money in over sea bank accounts, and puts people out of work (but hes supposed to be a “job creator”).

      But no, we live in a society where people give less of a shit about people basically being slaves, and more about EA making a bad games, and doing some DLC.

        1. Again, try giving one fucking reason why EA deserve it over nameless company.
          But you want a name, how about you look on one of your tshirts.

          Thats all you care about, if it has a name and a public face, you can join the herd and trash talk it.
          You dont care if someone like Walmart abuses 3rd world companies, because you arent affected. And honestly, you have every right not to care. But nobody has the right to say stupid shit like “EA worst in America, becaaaause i dont know who does the other stuff” when really you mean “i dont give fuck, but EA said something about Nintendo, so fuck those guys, because now all that dumb shit i said about WiiU destroying the PS4 sounds really stupid”.

          Again, selfish prick, only concerned with himself

          1. I didn’t give a reason for why EA is considered for worst company in America, because we have news stories on this very site explaining everything EA has done wrong. It is implied that you know exactly why I believe they are an awful company. Also, being a good company doesn’t just mean you follow the rules. Yes, Walmart has done some bad things(I wouldn’t know because I don’t shop there), but EA as a company is awful, their mistakes are impeccably bad. You can’t simply state that the worst company in America is the one who does the most illegal and unethical stuff. It is also about what the company has done strategically and for their consumer. On this regard, EA has done quite poorly. Just for clarification this does NOT mean I don’t care about what Walmart is doing.

          2. Hahahahah, lol.

            Can you stop raging like an idiot for once?

            I mean you’re not worth :)’s foot and you’re still raging like a little kid.

            Grow up :P (pathetic loser :D)

                  1. I’d love to accept your compliment only “EmperorX” isn’t me. Sorry, someone sides with me against “TheDragon234” believe it or not.

              1. Or can understand where I was coming from wayyyyy back in that post I made about EA and the serial killer. Effectively making him understanding and smart. Two qualities you appear to lack.

  13. EA does not deserve worst company.
    First of all, their business isn’t necessary. You CAN ignore their games and not play them. While with other companies on that list have practically a monopoly.
    Second, people are just too mad on how Sim City turned out. Which is funny because 1,000,000+ people were interested in spending money on it. The same went with nerdy babies crying over their game not ending how they wanted it to be.
    Third of all, they have created great games. Mass Effect, Dead Space, Mirror’s Edge, Need for Speed, several Maddens and Fifas were also great.

    1. I’m with you on that, believe you me. Don’t care about EA, whether it’s positive or negative. Just want my Pokemon news.

  14. Nintendo Commander

    I’ll send a request to High Command to cut all connections to EA as soon as possible…

    We can’t have this filthy mark on our holy machine…

    More attention to Capcom and other tribes who really supports Nintendo!

    1. are you kidding? he started his statement with yet another lie.. that sim city “always on” is not there for DRM.. yeah sure.. that’s why they lied straight to our faces *several times* claiming the game needed cloud calculations to even run.. which at that time already was a load of obvious bullcrap and was later proven to be bullcrap

      EA (and maxis too apparently) have no problem at all with lying to their customers.. over and over again

      1. Yes, but in this article specificially he says they understand they’ve dissapointed customers and think they can do better, it’s not like they said ‘ha the customers are wrong we dont deserve thsi at all”
        i understand the whole simcity thing was really fucking stupid but this in this article, he didnt say that stuff
        i already know about that it wasnt even what i said

  15. This is the same poll that last year judged us as worse than companies responsible for the biggest oil spill in history, the mortgage crisis, and bank bailouts that cost millions of taxpayer dollars. The complaints against us last year were our support of SOPA (not true), and that they didn’t like the ending to Mass Effect 3

    Those companies had extreme situations. But i got you got compared to them why not change the way people view your company. I guess I don’t get the attitude they show instead of we can do better it’s point the finger EA get over yourself and get back to making great full games that’s how you win over the people.

  16. Ahhhhh (licks lips) i ate like 3 bags of popcorn reading all of the stupid unnecessary arguements in the comment section.

  17. “EA brought Nintendo a whole host of games”, really? Then where’s Dead space 3, or Mass Effect trilogy? Not to mention that currently, the Wii U isn’t getting Battlefield 4 or Mass effect 4. EA can become a better company by putting aside hurt feelings, and bring their games to Wii U!

  18. And if you own a ps3 or x360 and are going to own a ps4 xbox durrango









  19. Since I definitely use Bank of America and love their e-banking service, I cannot agree with you number 2. But your number 1? Spot on!

    1. just because you love a single one of their services they’re a great company all of a sudden?

      “hey hitler built the autobahn.. he was a great guy actually!”

      not to say that bank of america is evil (actually i don’t know what they have or haven’t done) but to base such a decision on such a tiny detail?

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