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Miyamoto Says To Give Wii U Time, Compares It To Nintendo DS

balloon_trip_nintendo_land_wii_u_gamepadNintendo designer and producer Shigeru Miyamoto told that he feels people will get more familiar with the Wii U and they’ll eventually understand its concept. Not unlike the Nintendo DS, people interact with two screens while playing Wii U games. At first, according to Miyamoto, people were skeptical of the Nintendo DS, because they couldn’t imagine playing video games while focusing on two screens at the same time. When skeptics actually played on the dual-screen handheld and spent some time on it, they understood its concept and ultimately enjoyed it. Similarly, Miyamoto hopes and thinks that people will get used to playing on Wii U.

“There was a period when we first released the Nintendo DS that people would say there’s no way people can look at two screens at once. I almost feel like, as people get more familiar with Wii U and these touchscreen interfaces, that there is going to come a point where they feel like ‘I can’t do everything I want to do if I don’t have a second screen’.”

“I feel a device like Wii U, with its ability to continue to offer new features and that network connection and the connection to the TV and the interface, really makes it feel that it’s more than just a game machine, but something that offers a lot of practical use and practical purpose in the living room. I look at it as being a very useful device that can do many different things and therefore really seems to be the device that’s ideal to have in the living room.”

-Shigeru Miyamoto

112 thoughts on “Miyamoto Says To Give Wii U Time, Compares It To Nintendo DS”

  1. Yeah just give it time, don’t worry about it, relax.

    Instead of putting out more adds, he just wants to sit back and except consumers to slowly warm up to Wii U? That’s quite pathetic.

            1. played it and enjoyed it but when was the last time you saw an F-Zero game? dont get me wrong i would love a starfox, but they should really show the other franchises some love too.

              1. Yes.. like Metroid !!
                But it’s a far far dream… because this i sell my wii u..
                I don’t like have a nintendo console under my tv collecting dust, because there are not games .

          1. If the amazing developer that is Retro Studios is wasting their time on a Star Fox game, I along with many others will be very disappointed.

                1. The Star Fox series is not dead. Retro Studios said that they really wanted to make a game for the series, but never had any idea for the story. They also said that there’s a chance they might make a Star Fox game for the Wii U

      1. Maybe he should tell the truth and admit the Wii U marketing campaign thus far has been an abysmal failure. They had very few commercials and the few they did have were awful.

        Miyamoto and the other Nintendo high-ups should take action instead of just sitting around saying, “Things will get better eventually!”. Seriously, cut the crap and do your job.

        1. I agree. They said that the Wii U was supposed to appeal to core gamers, but so far all I’ve seen is the same stupid ads trying to appeal to women and children first. Look at Sony’s ads, they’re badass! I mean so far I still haven’t seen them try to appeal to core gamers at all. WTF Nintendo? Please do what you say! :/

        2. Simeon Yialeloglou

          Miyamoto doesn’t have a thing to do with marketing. Blame Nintendo’s marketing department, not their developers.

        3. This is what annoys me too: they keep telling us to be patient, except, it’s their job we shouldn’t be. They promise a nice launch EVERY DAMN TIME, yet my Wii U is already dusty.

          1. Try ZombiU and the recent Lego City and especially Monster Hunter. If it’s already been released for you, try Scribblenauts. NSMBU is ok too. Other than that, it’s time to play the waiting game.

    1. Yeah, they really need to do more ads. Who were the people behind “Wii would like to play”? That was a brilliant ad campaign.

        1. If you’re just talking about commercials as a whole, I can vividly remember a certain opera singer who’s been winding up anyone watching TV in Britain for the last 3 years.

  2. Eh…. Until I see something worth getting a wii u for, I’m going to stick with my ps3 and soon to be ps4 for gaming.

            1. That’s because there is no way Nintendo can screw up this time. There is no excuse for them to have anything less of a great E3. Why? Because there is a ton of projects being conducted behind Nintendos doors that they refuse to show us. Nintendo has a lot of interesting things going on back there that we know nothing about. Retros working on a game, the Galaxy team is hard at work, Mario Kart U is coming this year, Namco is making a new Smash, Bayonetta 2 has yet to be seen in playable form, a new Zelda for Wii U in production already, need I go on? On top of that, while Nintendo will be focused on new software, Sony and MS will be mostly busy trying to sell their new hardware, which gives Nintendo an edge to grab gamer attention with a huge quality lineup for the Wii U. With so much of E3 working in their favor, I will be shocked if Nintendo screws up E3 like they did last year.

              1. Well, the only two things I’m looking forward to, really, might not even show up at E3 this year;
                Zelda and Smash.
                Zelda, because it might not be far enough along in development to show stuff off, and Smash because Sakurai has been having health problems with his arm and wrist that is making his ability to work on the latest entry in the series a lot harder.

                I dunno what else they’ve got planned, but they’d better do something quick about those two in particular…..

                1. beemothelittleboy

                  I think they should do something like they did with twilight princess at the end of the conference they should show wind waker hd an then at the of the trailer show a 30second clip of Zelda u to ultra hype the fans

                2. Smash is guaranteed. I wouldn’t rule out a Zelda for the 3DS, but I highly doubt we’ll see anything other than WW HD.

              2. Last year’s E3 was rock bottom from Nintendo. By default it can’t be any worse. However we must be careful not to get too hyped up about E3 so we don’t get disappointed.

                1. I can get as excited as I want, I’m fairly certain some sort of Just Cause 3 announcement is coming.

                  And as for Nintendo, I’d assume Retro will be enough to be exciting for me.

    1. Same here in principle, but if Nintendo could convince me to get a 3DS thanks to two Shin Megami Tensei games, I may very well get a Wii U to play SMT x Fire Emblem or (just imagine that:) Persona 5. (Unlikely, I know. But THAT would make me buy ANY console.)

      Decisions are getting easier now that Microsoft did the favor of pretty much stepping out of the console race with one creative designer’s idiotic comments… XD

    2. Stay with the ps4 the wii u is trash seriously.
      I tried to be patient but their not fucking giving us anything…
      Release the damn os update shessh for christs sake, thats a big deal so hurry up 5 months is too Long for you nintendo to release a needed os patch?
      Actually chance the name of the console wii u are you serious? Ppl dont even know what it is.
      Oh yea and the wii u os is just a fucking wii os.
      Fuck you nintendo.
      This trash console will be sold to anything moron who wants it.

        1. And I have one just sitting there, having been playing Lego City for the past 2 hours.
          What games do you have for it?

            1. I can’t speak for NBA 2K13, CoD Black Ops or Darksiders, although I will say that ZombiU is definitely not for extensive play and Nintendoland can become a bit boring after it’s shown off the Wii U. Assassins Creed surprises me though; that’s the game that’s got the most play on my Wii U. I take it you’ve played an Assassins Creed game before then.

  3. the weeaboo n shit

    man when i first came there was a video n shit. now it disappeared. man this is scary man comments disappearing just like people do in communist countries man. come on folks.

  4. yea but they need to have the wii u pro for every game. just so you can play on a normal controller if you would like. it will help a lot and make people want to get a wii u more. like for rpgs or platformers whatever it is, the new zelda game, they should give the player a choice for regular controller use. i dont want to use the tablet controller for everything even if it can have advantages

    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      Yeah, it’s a really uncomfortable controller to hold when you’re laying on a couch. And for me, I sometimes like to be covered with a blanket if it’s cold, but if I need to be looking at the Gamepad’s screen, I’ll have to have my hands above the covers.

      Well, I could get a Snuggie…

      1. yea i dont know, i feel like a game hippie because i find that older games and in room co op and everything is more fun and better. everybody just plays online cod. instead of coming over and screwing around on games. im only 18 so im not really old, but i find the snes n64 era better than now, even if new games are also fun. so why does nintendo now always have to forget what everybody would like, regular play style choices, that would help everything

      2. Yes, get a snuggie, I have one and a blanket too! Gaming has never been more comfortable :) I never even liked using my xbox/playstation controllers under the blankets either.

  5. This kinda nintendo’s philosophy isn’t it? Release a console that’s different from the norm and patiently wait for the consumers to grow an interest. I’m sure when n64 came out it was exactly the same; they’ve just kept the tradition going. Same couldn’t b said for handheld from gameboy, to colour, then advance and advance sp. Those were immediately wanted by customers. Kids today will never know about the sp. Tough little thing; an artist’s canvas.

  6. Does he honestly think that it will sell as well as the original DS though? It’s going to take some hardcore marketing and a price cut to reach those figures if it does. Not doubting…just speculating.

    1. The price is fucking fine. Do you need that physically drilled into your fucking brain stem? Nintendo is already taking a $50 loss on each one you want them to lose more? Heres a thought dont be a cheap ass buy the damn Wii U and support them if you like them. Especially if these people wanting a price cut are going to get the fuck up known as PS4 which will be hundreds more then the Wii U. And dont use the bad economy as an excuse. Its past the worst of it and getting better. If you dont have $300 for a Wii U maybe you should by spending your money on something more important like bills and such. Cause apparently gaming has become to expensive as a hobby for you.

          1. I was referring to how easily he got upset and started swearing over someone just wanting a price cut.

  7. There are almost no games. Damn Xbox 360 and PS3 have received all the new games and Wii U got what, Lego City? I would rather get Bioshock Infinite and DMC, Metal Gear Rising Revengence, Metal Gear Solid 5, Dead Space 3, Tomb Raider, GTA 5. This is ridiculous. The old systems Xbox 360 and PS3 are outselling Wii U and getting lots more big hit AAA games than the brand new Wii U! If he thinks its so great than bring out the games and get the third party publishers to make games for Wii U. Show me.

    1. That happens EVERY FUCKING GEN when a new system comes out it misses shit. Its no big deal. Especially if you have both consoles. Plus the Wii U 3rd Party Nintendo Direct will reveal a bunch of your precious 3rd party junk.

          1. Iwata said that a third party direct was coming at the end of the big direct in January. At this point I’m thinking they’re just gonna wait till E3 to announce whatever games are coming.

  8. Even worse, the software comunity has spoken and they consider the Wii U last generation technology. They have no plans to put Frostbite newest generation engine or Crytek’s next gen engine, Unreal’s next gen engine is not coming to Wii U either. Also no Metal Gear Solid 5 means no Fox Engine. If the software comunity abandons the Wii U like they abandoned the Wii, then I am getting either a PS4 or NeXtbox. The only thing that concerns me is they are going to lock out used games and eventually move to download only and I am against that totally.

    1. Get a PS4 for your multiplats and Wii U for exclusives, if you can afford both. If you can only afford one go for PS4.

          1. no idea. Not liking what i’m hearing about it either ,i mean a mandatory kinect, probably paying for online, possibly blocking old used games. i know these are rumors but still. i agree with you about Wii U for exclusives and Ps4 for multiplats, perfect combo right there.

              1. If money allows, go all 3. If not, Ps4 and Wii U would be a much better combo. That way, you get Sony exclusives as well.

    2. Frostbite 3 not coming to Wii U is a purely butthurt decision from EA. If it can run on the fucking PS3 & 360 it can run on the Wii U with no problem. CryEngine 3 has also been confirmed be Crytek themselves to be able to run on the system. Hell, a Wii U version of Crysis 3 was ready to go but was canceled due to EA’s butthurt relationship with Nintendo. MGSV has only been confirmed for current gen consoles but there are many people who think it will also be on next gen consoles. A Wii U version would likely be announced or officially denied when the PS4 & 720 versions would be announced, which is basically exactly what happened when the Wii U version of Watch Dogs was officially confirmed shortly after the PS4 reveal.

  9. Nintendo will not waste resorces on adds now cause they are goin to use them to combat the sony adds. After all only kids thing that a just released console will have tons of games.

  10. It will certainly get in the zone with Metroid Ultra, Mario Kart 8, Mario Universe, and don’t forget 3rd party games like Watch Dogs and Ray man.

  11. DarklordNintendoFan

    Miyamoto doesn’t need to tell us that we need to give the Wii U time. We… or at least the people who actually have intelligence… know that the Wii U will be a fantastic console in no time. We know that it’s going to have a slow start because every brand new console has a slow start.

    But anyway… on a side note, notice how the last few Nintendo consoles that have come out, had people saying, “oh, Nintendo’s failing! They’re going to die with this console!” HAHAHAHA! That’s fucking funny. So funny. Hmm… remember the 3DS? Remember the slow start that it had? Then it started picking up and became the best selling handheld. Oh, not to mention, people kept saying that as soon as the Vita came out, it would leave the 3DS in the dust. When exactly is that going to happen, Sony drones? I have a feeling that the same thing will happen when the PS4 comes out. People are currently claiming that it will kill Nintendo (not sure how that’ll happen, since Nintendo has a LOT of fucking money) but I have a feeling that it will be the complete opposite, kind of like what happened with the Vita.

  12. I do see the point in just waiting. Since E3 is just around the corner, Nintendo might be waiting to unveil some commercial advertisements to help sell the Wii U, such as third-party exclusives, first-party exclusives, and perhaps a new Nintendo IP or an old Nintendo Mascot brought back.

    Let’s be honest here, if they brought back “Kid Icarus” from the grave, F-Zero, Earthbound, or Star Fox may have a chance.

  13. Pitfall near your door

    Other consoles took their time to even release a game when they launched…Personally i think the Wii U will be successful in the future. Im getting a Wii U and PS4 anyway so twice the game consoles, twice the fun.

  14. I always compare the WiiU to a super powered 3ds. If the next xbox is constantly online, blocks preowned or charges for mandatory kinect (any one of those three, let alone all of them), it, will, fail.

    1. Always online is bad, but not as bad as everyone is assuming it will be. Blocking used games is unlikely, but definitely would be terrible for it. Kinect 2.0 isn’t bad; it’ll be built in anyway, so it’s not like you’d have to go out of your way to have it on. It just depend on whether or not they force developers to incorporate it as a mandatory feature in their games or not, which again, is unlikely. I can seem them requiring devs to incorporate SOME sort of functionality in their games, but only as an optional feature. I mean, it’s not as if they currently require all XBOX 360 games to utilize XBOX Live do they? Nope.

      I’ll reserve judgement until I have the facts.

    1. In fireplaces around the world as people chuck them in to keep warm after wasting money on it, sure :D

  15. Exactly. Everyone is quick to say that the wii u has failed. Like any console it needs time to get a foothold

    1. Wii U is selling worse than both PS3 and XBOX 360 did in their 4th and 5th months of release. And unlike those consoles, which sold better and better as the months went on, Wii U’s sales are worsening, especially overseas.

      So… no, it’s not “like any console”.

  16. I have faith on the Wii U, so Yes, I will give th Wii U more time until the big games comes (Wii U Zelda HD and smash bros) not to mention, waiting like crazy for Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3, Wind Waker, ETC.

  17. TIme wont sell this system. What the wii u needs in order to sell is looking at things that can create an enjoyable “mature” experience. The DS was a joke even though it sold alot. Im not making the same mistake with he wii u.

  18. “I can’t do everything I want to do if I don’t have a second screen.”

    I have never thought or said this before, nor do I now. And I even own a 3DS.

    This man is delusional. He still thinks Wii U is selling badly because gamers “don’t get/understand it”, as if gamers in general are all just a bunch of overall-wearing, backwoods morons.

    No sir, we “get it”, we just don’t “want it.”

  19. I do agree that the Wii U needs more time. It just came out. Sure, there can be more advertisements, but patience is necessary here. Previous systems have been through the same thing and eventually caught up. So let’s be patient.

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