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Players Control Three Different Captains In Pikmin 3


Nintendo designer and producer Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed to Rolling Stone that Pikmin 3 players will have the ability to control three different captains, each of which leads a group of Pikmin. During gameplay, players can switch between captains, which allows for a more strategic approach, according to Miyamoto. Pikmin 3 is scheduled to release this spring, exclusively for Wii U.

“With Pikmin 3, you’ll have the ability to have three different captains or leaders of Pikmin groups and you can switch between them. So it sort of allows you to approach the game from a much more strategic position. The volume of work that you can get done within the timeframe has increased dramatically. And so that in and of itself really enhances the depth of strategy that’s available to you in that game.”

-Shigeru Miyamoto

110 thoughts on “Players Control Three Different Captains In Pikmin 3”

  1. when is this game coming out it will sell consoles. seriously wii u has nothing worthy of really getting, once there is more games out the more support will be

      1. I think it’s borderline. It doesn’t have a big enough install base to be grouped with Zelda, Mario, Pokemon, etc. But It’s headed that way. Maybe when the next couple Pikmin games are out it will be at that level.

      2. I agree with you, I know Pikmin 3 is going to be a great game but the only people who are going to get this game really are die hard Nintendo fans. I think the Wii U will start selling a lot once the 3D Mario and Mario Kart are released which will hopefully be this holiday season and if so then it will be 2011 all over again with the 3DS and the release of Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7. Plus The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD will move a few units as well when it is released this year.

          1. It’s a really goo game, and it will definitely add to the Wii U’s library in a GREAT way, unfortunately I don’t believe it’s popular enough to be a “system seller” (Though it will sell the system to some, no doubt). It’s unfortunate it’s not more popular, it truly is a great game series, and this will without a doubt be a great third edition.

    1. wrong Wii U has games worth getting for that are exclusives or better on Wii U those are
      New Super Mario Bros. U
      Nintendo Land
      Bit Trip Runner 2
      Trine 2 Director Cut
      Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed
      Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate
      Lego City Undercover
      Scribblenaults Unlimited

      You can get these
      Assassin’s Creed 3
      Tekken Tag Tournament 2
      Mass Effect 3
      Injustice Gods Among Us

    2. The problem with this is that it appeals more to the major Nintendo fans, who are the people who already own the console. It’s when games like Mario Kart, Smash Bros and maybe Zelda come out that the console will start shifting massive amounts.

  2. Damn that sounds real good. If only this game had online play ughh. Either way im still getting it but i have a feeling the release date will be announced at e3.

        1. Every Wii U Nintendo Direct we see a new trailer for Pikmin and W101 lol. They are so close to finishing it.

      1. I think Miyamoto is talking about single player mode, in a cooperative mode, 4 people can play with wiimotes and use the gamepad as a map, that’s my guess.

  3. Ok it’s good to hear more news about this game. I’m glad that Nintendo are putting so much effort into this game. It’s also good to hear that they’re releasing it in Spring despite that fact it’s been delayed over…and over again.

      1. It was originally supposed to be a Wii U launch game, then it got delayed untill Q2. Since the second quater ended in March, I’m assuming that it was delayed untill Spring.

        1. Ummm, first quarter ends at the end of april. We are still in the first quarter of 2013, or Q1 of 2013.

          1. LOL. Apparently I can’t count dur. 1st quarter ends at the end of march, we are in Q2. Knew there was something wrong when I was writing that.

      2. Maybe officially. Nintendo said they originally wanted it released in 2011 for Pikmin’s 10th anniversary, which would have been on the Wii. They didn’t have it done by then though, and then the Wii U was close to finished so they decided it would work better there instead. Then it was intended for launch window, which it won’t make either. And who knows, it’s been 9 years since the last Pikmin, why not make it 10? (Please don’t)

          1. I hope not. I throughly enjoyed the first two Pikmin series. But Nintendo NEEDS to learn how to let a series die.

            1. Yet people want earthbound… But does pikmin need to die? It’s a fairly new ip, I’ve never played it but I may try out 3. Although from what I know, it may not need sequels if the story doesn’t need it. (I don’t really know much about the story…)

            2. Retardation right there. New almost no used ip needs to die? Come on men use your brain at least once.

              1. Come on man, if you disagree try using a counter-arguement instead of petty insults.

                Some series do need to be put to rest. Even the best of series can only go so far before they become stale.

                1. Yes, some series end up needing to be put to rest, but not forever. Pikmin is one of those series’ that get released a long time apart, similar to Smash Bros. Another example is the New Super Mario Bros. series. That will be resting until Gen 8 of consoles, which is good.

  4. So they’re still figuring it all out. It was supposed to be 4, but maybe that would be a little overwhelming. I’m glad the Pikmin news is still coming in. Anyways… RELEASE DATE PLEASE.

  5. Spring? So we’ll put our hands in this masterpiece (I hope it is a masterpiece!) some time between today (we are already in spring) and June 20.

    1. Did Miyamoto say it would be spring in this interview? Or was that from a couple months ago? I see it in the article, but not within the all-important quotation marks.

      1. Yeah, not really. Some while ago EB Games had a games release list leaked in which people could see Watch_dogs heading to Wii U for the first time. On that list, May something (maybe the 1st) had been pointed as Pikmin 3 release date. I know that could be just a placeholder, but since Pikmin 3 was intended to be released alongside Wii U, seems that we have a wealth of evidence that make us think that is reasonable to expect its launch anytime soon.

  6. Umm….HOW ABOUT A FRIGGIN RELEASE DATE MIYAMOTO!!! Good grief, this is getting old already. Either announce a release date or don’t talk about it at all.

    1. Yes pikmin 2 was one of the best gamecube games, 1 was ok but it was a launch title so it was pretty awesome for launch

      1. yea if i found them both new for like 10 a piece for the wii just for the club nintendo points i would try it, did that for other m for 5$ new and then sold it for 5$ haha

    2. Most people I know who have tried Pikmin love it. But of course, everyone has different tastes. I say, give it a try!

          1. yea i dont use ebay though but this is off topic, i got radiant historia off of amazon 20$ new from them, thats a good deal, but i didnt even start it yet

  7. Why is it not multiplayer during the story mode!?! I was totally looking forward to it being co-op, baby! 💋

  8. I’ve never played Pikmin, but this looks like the one to get. The Rock pikmin, imo,
    look ridiculous, but they add to the strategy. Boss battles look pretty cool too. But if
    this launches along-side The Wonderful 101, I can’t see not getting Platinum’s game.

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    1. The fourth one might still be in the game, but not playable. I think it would be odd to scrap the character that looks like Louie.

  10. shit better have 2vs2 with voice chat and co op or ima be pissed. i could careless about how pretty it looks in hd it was started as a wii game…. now that nintendos hardware can manage a friendlist and voicechat games need to feel that way.. starfox needs it f zero and prime.

    1. Pikmin is a Singleplayer game. I would be pissed if it had online. With having a time limit for missions you could get a teammate who fucks you over or AFKs and is useless. Pikmin 3 having multiplayer is Like Zelda have co-op. Does not need to happen.

  11. Now the Wii U is doing well and getting legendary games, Monster hunter 3 Ultimate, Lego city undercover are probably better than any launch window games the PS4 and xbox720 launch games. Monster hunter 3 ultimate alone shall hold up my statement :).

      1. Wooferz how have you been? I have missed you guys. Took some time off. Thus I ended my statement with monster hunter 3 Ultimate. Lego city undercover shall be a collectors game and Lego masterpiece :).

        1. Well, I guess if you like LEGO City that’s fine. But if really doubt it will be better than any of the PS4 launch window games. Especially if Uncharted 4 or MGS5 comes out.

          1. The beat game the PS4 has at launch so far is a multiplat which is Destiny lol. Which I plan on getting on the Wii U.

        2. By the way, nice to see you too. I haven’t been around in a fews days either. Busy travelling in Germany/Switzerland for a few days. Where were you?

  12. yay.. news weve already heard. come on nintendo. i posted amazing suggestions to hold off nintendo fants untill E3 all over miiverse. and one of them was MAKE A FRIGGIN NINTENDO DIRECT AND RELEASE RELEASE DATES OR WONDERFUL 101 AND PIKMIN. also release some info on some third party games or announce some. and what about some miiverse improvements in the april update? throw us a bone nintendo. give us something.

              1. Id just loove to see that. Oh, and definately getting this game. It looks amazing, and quite frankly, Im happy with any co-op. Whether its more battle arena, or a whole storyline to play, so long as there are multiples saves (why wouldnt there be anyway?)

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