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Pokemon Company Says Next Twelve Months Will Be Biggest In Pokemon History


The Pokemon Company has revealed to MCV that the next twelve months will be among the biggest in Pokemon history. The Pokemon Company is planning to launch a number of new Pokemon related titles, a new TV series, events, a film and new toys throughout 2013. the Pokemon Company will then release the long-awaited Pokemon X and Pokemon Y for the Nintendo 3DS, which is the first ever worldwide release of a major Pokemon game.

“Undoubtedly 2013 is a key year for us to grow and usher in a new era for Pokémon with Pokémon X and Pokémon Y and the introduction of new characters as the launch platform.”

“We believe these games will appeal to all generations both veterans and newcomers to Pokémon.”

– The Pokémon Company International’s marketing director Anthony Cornish

72 thoughts on “Pokemon Company Says Next Twelve Months Will Be Biggest In Pokemon History”

    1. Can everyone just shut up about the ice cream cone family? Its not like they’ve done it before, and besides, if you can turn an ice cream cone into a living thing, then that’s creativity. That’s using your imagination.

    2. It is as stupid a a round Pokémon colored like a Pokéball.
      I mean Voltorb.
      But I agree. It looks stupid. So does Voltorb.
      Anyway… CANNOT WAIT FOR X AND Y!!!

      1. And how about Mr. Mime? ITS A FRIGGING MIME!!!! Alot of people complaints about the ice cream and trash pokémon, but Mr. Mime and Jinx get a free pass? WTF

    3. how about a pokemon that is nothing but slime? ._. there are always original and unoriginal pokemon and there always will be

    1. No matter how you look at it, Ash is the perfect main character for Pokemon. He’s still learning. He loses, but still continues, which is supposed to teach kids that even when you fall down, keep on going, and don’t give up.

      1. ^ Well said.

        I’m going to love the Pokémon franchise a lot this year with all this new stuff (new generation, TV series, etc.)

                1. I LOVE SCOLIPEDE!!!
                  It fast strong and looks awesome.
                  My best team Pokémon.
                  It has Sword dance, Iron defense, Baton pass and Megahorn.

      2. Huh no. Red lost some of his battles, same with all the other Pokédex holders. They lost, learned and came back winning.

        I liked Ash in the beginning, but after 13 or 14 years, enough is enough. Just make him win something and then we can move on to a reboot.

      3. PachirisuTheMurderer

        In one episode he wil INDEED Get shot by something but he will live some generations longer i at least hope

    2. Whoah whoah whoah! WTF is wrong with Ash and Pikachu, if you want them gone, don’t bother watching the anime.. I agree he needs to age a little, or something. Seeing that someone thinks this, makes me sad.

    1. na, thats probably just the usual marketing talk. “its for everyone! it’ll be big! everyone will enjoy it! preorder now to make sure that you’re not the only one to miss out…”, coupled with “no, 30y-old guy, you don’t need to feel ashamed for buying pokemon. its not just for kids, its for everyone! buy now!” :>

  1. “long-awaited” seems to be not true. the games weren’t announced that long ago. if anything, the ruby and sapphire remakes are long-awaited.

  2. Wait they’re the American branch and they said new TV series & film… we’re getting that stuff this year!?

      1. Yeah but the American version is always months behind, which would push the new series and film into the start of 2014. Here they say 2013?

  3. Nintendo Commander

    2013, the year the PS Vita falls into oblivion in Japan as our most powerful weapon (Pokemon) will invade every corner!

    1. I loled way harder that I should have XD. Pokemon will the ps vitas executioner, coffin AND grave.

  4. “and the introduction of new characters as the launch platform.”

    De-marketise this statement for me please, i don’t understand what he is talking about, please explain.

      1. I don’t think Ash is going anywhere for a while. When they use the phrase, “new TV series”,
        they’re most likely reffering to when the anime goes to the XY region saga. The “new TV series” phrase was used when TPCi had a press release about Black & White. They said it because at that time, the english dub was about to begin the Best Wishes Series.

  5. Is it possible Nintendo asked them to do a Wii U game to boost console sales? It’d be a smart move I think…

  6. I hope when they finally lift the lid on this game thats its something we dont expect.
    It’s easy for us to say, “what about customisation?”, “multiple regions?”, “MMO type features?”, but i want to be surprised.

    What if, much like a Mega Man game, you could tackle the gyms in which ever order you wanted, and HM were aquired in a non linear way, so one direction would get you cut, the other would get you surf, and different pokemon live on different routes.
    I know its ambitious, and would require a much smarter and reworked design, in terms of balancing the trainers pokemon and the opponants, but its the sort of thing that would challenge everyone, and give them something new.

  7. I’m pretty excited the game is getting a worldwide release, everyone is getting the same toys as japan,and here is to hoping the anime and movies are much closer ! they may have been keeping all this a huge secret as well as x and y. maybe we get the movies and series only a couple months after ? i mean technically that new mewtwo form or lookalike is from the movie so who knows ? i don’t know what they have up their sleeves but whatever it is if they deliver this right.Pokemon is gonna be HUGE this year!and I’ve been looking forward to a big year for a number of years now!

  8. I only care about X/Y.
    Also, I’m sick of Pikachu… they need to stop shoving him wherever they can because it’s annoying and not necessary.
    Yes people, I can actually play a PKMN game without wanting Pikachu.

    1. as a pokemon fanatic i find your statement a littleeee BULL SHIT. your not a TRUE pokemon fan like me. i uberly think that your trying to make a joke of yourself aaayyyyeeee. now think of what you have done because some people here are just no happy with that

  9. I hope that by ‘New Series’ they mean a TV Series based in the Mystery Dungeon universe because if the Mystery Dungeon Anime shorts are anything to go by. It has a ton of potential.

  10. hopefully, the new pokemon related titles include a game that features Shadow Pokémon, or a 3rd installment to the Shadow Pokémon games

  11. Here are the amounted possiblilties for that they have conveyed.

    1. New games coming out. x and y, but also maybe we might get a secret release like a remake of ruby and saphire….
    2. New tv series, yes it has the potential to be the next season where ash goes to X and Y region… OR

    They could go with the original idea of pokemon in the first place and create a complete new series called pokemon adventures. Which was going to kind of follow in the footsteps of red.

    But yea…

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