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Rayman Legends Wii U Demo Coming Later This Month


Ubisoft brings Rayman Legends online for the first time with a new demo, including the full online challenge mode. The online challenge mode is made up of four levels, including “Murfy’s Dungeon,” exclusive to Wii U. New challenges are added daily and weekly, and each comes with its own individual leaderboards. The demo will be available in late April.

34 thoughts on “Rayman Legends Wii U Demo Coming Later This Month”

      1. …Okay?
        I haven’t. Well, Ubi’s upper staff anyway. Devs aren’t to blame, obviously.
        This demo’s honestly not much of a consolation, but at least we’re getting something additional and of substance. In the end, I guess that’s /alright/, but it’s still not /good/.

    1. why the -_- ? I will happily download this online challenge mode for free. Ubisoft have redeemed themselves if you ask me. Maybe , just maybe they thought they should let people on all platforms play Rayman Legends. I don’t think they were just being spitefull towards Wiiu.

      1. The only reason they had to postpone the game was because of M$ crappy release policies! A game can’t be released multi platform for the 360 if it is released prior on other consoles. I’m still getting this game but still dislike M$!

        1. I know. But I bet their logic is that Rayman needs to be a multiplat to maximize his audience. He will stay a multiplat as long as there is 3 big console to put him on.

      2. why dont they release rayman origins as a free download for wii u gamers? but the 1080p version we got on ps3, since the wii one was only 480p, rayman origins on ps3 looks awesome in hd, or maybe make a bundle, so everyone who pre orders an buys rayman legends on wii u wil get a free code to download rayman origins which is a port of the ps3 version an so is true hd,or better yet include the damn game on the disk, its not like rayman legends will fill up the whole 25gb which the wii u disks hold, that would be a awesome sorry to Nintendo fans, an in my opinion would make it totally worth it!!!

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  2. 1) Splinter Cell Blacklist
    2) Batman Arkham City Origins
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    Shigeru Miyamoto San making PIKMIN 3 and a new IP priceless :).

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    1. Its never too late… but it is too late for poor old Rayman, in fall, there will be just too many games to choose from.

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  8. Looking forward. After hearing that the Wii U is getting one of my most anticipated releases, Splinter Cell, I’m not upset about the Legends delay anymore. In fact, I’m looking forward to this exclusive free content!

  9. I’m cool with the delay at this point, have plenty of games on the U right now me and the fam are enjoying, so this free demo is nice for the time being.

  10. Wait…that article said that “Murfy’s Dungeon” is exclusive to Wii U. I thought this entire challenge mode was exclusive to Wii U as an apology for the delay?

  11. if people are still bitching about the delay, stfu bitch. ubisoft is actually supporting the wii u and if you were pissed about the delay, i have to wait over a year for pandoras tower

  12. Not interested…yet I feel so bad for the Develoment team because they’re working their living shit out of their lives for this game to come out in all consoles. I will buy the game when the price is low because by the time, I have to buy GTA V for my brother and Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker.

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