Animal Crossing fans have discovered that Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the Nintendo 3DS is currently priced at $34.99 on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Nintendo 3DS games generally retail for around $39.99, so it’s a little surprising that a huge first party title like Animal Crossing: New Leaf should retail for $34.99. Animal Crossing: New Leaf is due to be released in North America on June 9th.

Thanks, Ahmad



  1. $34.99 (US) or £34.99 (UK)? There is a big difference when converted into different currencies. If it is $34.99 (USO) then that means roughly converted AC:New Leaf will cost around £22 (UK) which doesn’t sound right to me as 3DS games generally retail in the UK for £35 – £40 depending where you shop.


  2. Hmm….I wonder if that means Nintendo’s dropping the price for all future 3DS games. Kind of odd considering they don’t have to do anything to improve sales for the 3DS.


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