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Power Rangers Megaforce Announced For 3DS This Autumn

power rangers go!Namco Bandai have officially announced a release date for the upcoming Power Rangers title for the Nintendo 3DS. The side-scroller, action-adventure game – based on the television series – allows gamers to play as their favourite Power Ranger and defend Earth against the evil Warstar aliens. Go! Go! Power Rangers, anyone, no? Power Rangers MEGAFORCE is set to arrive this coming fall in North America, Europe and Australia.

31 thoughts on “Power Rangers Megaforce Announced For 3DS This Autumn”

      1. It’s still a rip off of a Sentai show that aired in Japan in 2010… They just switched the japanese actors for american people, but you probably already know that.

        1. its not a ripoff. its a translation. the american X-factor isn’t a ripoff of the european one. god, you are dumb.

  1. seriously dude stop with these useless post. its starting to make this site more shityer and shityer everyday.

  2. Wow people still like Power Rangers?
    Personally I’ve never watched a single episode, even when it was popular.

    1. It’s not “people still like” but rather “new people like”…

      I don’t understand why it’s so hard for people to realize that there are new generations of children born every year, and when one age group leaves a target audience, another enters the target audience. If older Power Ranger fans watch the new show, great for Saban, but their main profits are coming from the kids who are now watching the show.

      1. Because that would involve some intelligence and as you can see in every article on this site a good three quarters of everyone who posts on here lacks intelligence.

  3. Sounds awesome, 20 years of Power Rangers, and they’re still going strong. I hope there will be a wii u game as well

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