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Kickstarter Title Buddy & Me Intended For Wii U Conversion

buddy and meIndie developers Sunbreak Games are hoping to bring their 2D platformer Buddy & Me to the Wii U after a new stretch goal was added to its kickstarter campaign. Created for iOS and Android devices the lighthearted adventure, plugged as a ‘game for everyone’ but with enough depth and challenge for serial gamers, is aiming for enough backers to reach their $40,000 goal. But they only have one week to go, so they need the help of backers to get Buddy & Me converted for the Wii U.

Buddy & Me is a tale focused on friendship where the protagonist is followed by a giant orange mythical flying creature, striking a similar cord to the 80s film The NeverEnding Story. Every night, after the boy has fallen asleep, he is transported to an enchanted forest where he jumps, runs, plays, glides and swings through the treetops with his flying best friend. You can check out the trailer for Buddy & Me here, and if you’d like to pledge your support for the magical game just visit their kickstarter page.

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22 thoughts on “Kickstarter Title Buddy & Me Intended For Wii U Conversion”

  1. 7 days left and they aren’t near their goal and then they add a stretch goal for the Wii U? Maybe it would’ve worked if they did that at the beginning or if they weren’t trying to make an IOS game, nobody wants those

    1. It is the easiest type of game to come out with. And…it is kinda well known that Nintendo fans tend to enjoy platformers, so it actually makes a lot of sense. I don’t think they believe that we ONLY enjoy them, but we are the best bet if they want to make money lol!

    2. Yeah because of this unfortunately, I stay away from most indie games. I don’t like to play only FPS’ or platformers.

  2. Like the Wii but even greater, we shall have great indie games on the Wii U. Games the Vita was supposed to get are being sent straight to the Wii U’s e-shop. Though it looks small, this will show it’s true greatness starting June of this year :).

    1. Since Minecraft came out EVERYONE wants to be an immensely successful indie game developer. I don’t think you are giving some of these games enough credit, however. Some of these indie games coming out for the Wii U look like real fun! I can not wait for the game Noctemis!

  3. If you look at the kick starter page you’ll see that one of the guys used to work at Retro and helped make Metroid Prime. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

  4. I was excited and thought this was an open world platformer, but it’s a runner game, and while I love Bit.Trip.Runner, this game looks much more suited to be a free-roaming platformer. I guess that’s what happens when you develop for the iOS, your control scheme is limited. Another reason why iOS will never win.

  5. I’m not a big fan of the “endless runner” genre of games, but this game does look interesting in its concept.

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