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Nintendo Of America Also Discontinuing Select Online Services For Wii


Nintendo of America has announced that it plans to discontinue a number of select online services for the original Wii in North America. The news comes after Nintendo Australia, Nintendo Europe and Nintendo Japan announced that they were doing the exact same thing. Here are the channels which Nintendo will be closing down, effective from June 28th.

• Forecast Channel

• News Channel

• Everybody Votes Channel

• Nintendo Channel

• Check Mii Out Channel

• Data exchange between Wii friends on WiiConnect24*

*Wii message exchanges via Wii Message Board, Mii exchanges via Mii Channel, and exchanges of messages or data in some game titles will no longer be possible.

Following the discontinuation, the above services will not be available even if they are started up on the Wii menu. However, services other than those mentioned above, such as the automatic receipt of “Today’s Accomplishments” on the Wii Message Board and the Wii Shop Channel are unaffected and can continue to be used.

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42 thoughts on “Nintendo Of America Also Discontinuing Select Online Services For Wii”

  1. It’s sad, but it appears an era has passed. I remember waking up and checking the forecast channel, skimming some news, and generally feeling connected using these services. That said, I have not done so in quite some time, and I am glad that the teams responsible for keeping these programs running will have a chance to move on to bigger and better things.

    I sincerely hope that spiritual successors of these applications appear on the Wii U, maybe in much more integrated and streamlined form. Especially the Nintendo Channel. I really enjoyed firsthand Nintendo news delivered straight to the console.

  2. Imo, this should be the Wii’s last year(once it surpasses 100 million). It’s really confusing people and also, some sales of the Wii could be going to the Wii U.

    1. I came across three families that had enough of the Wii U, they all had trouble with it and got rid of it. I met them while they were repurchasing the original Wii system, and I thought I was the only one having trouble in this area with my Wii U. Sorry to say but I think Wii U was just a poorly designed and named system. I also purchased another Wii since my Wii U will NOT play Wii games.

      1. TJ Hooker… When I purchased the Wii U and had problems connecting to the internet, I have no intentions of sending it back to the store. Instead, I had called Nintendo’s live customer service and helped me out getting the U connected. Unlike your inferior ranting, the Wii U isn’t poorly designed… it’s a revolutionary system. The design is unique for an eco-friendly console with a touchscreen gamepad that plays games, surf the web, socialize with your friends, and as a universal remote control for your HDTV and digital cable/satellite service provider. If I were you, I would use common sense and call the company for help

      2. The Bullet That Killed You

        What are you talking about? My wii U plays every wii game I have. I think you and your family are just stupid. No offenses, but the wii u was is breeze if you read intructions.

    1. It being disabled in Japan and Australia as well. I don’t think there was an announcement yet for Europe, but we will probably still see the same thing there too.

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    2. That’s OK, but if you think I’m going to buy/upgrade anything because you are cutting out the channels we used EVERY morning (Weather, News, Everybody Votes, etc,) or because you are discontinuing everything using WiiConnect24, THINK again!! Sorry, but we’ll keep our current system we’ve had for many years – you can go pound sand!!

    3. This reminds me of an exersice my 2nd grader told me they did at school one day. They talked about “need” vs. “want” and made a list of the things that they “need” . his list was Food, Water, Home and my Mom and my Dad and my family. Simple. I love simple, simple feels good . You are such a great example and you got see a reflection of that!

  3. Even though Wii is in the generation that ps360 existed, it is still more like generation behind that, so it’s normal that those things are closing..
    This only means that more attention and time will be focused on Wii U !

    1. it was way ahead were needed no amount of cell processors not even 1000 core cell can do what wii did it was BEYOND next in generational terms as is wiiu

      idiot brogamers DONT GET IT

  4. Aww, I enjoy using most of those features whenever I use my Wii. That’s too bad. I want a Wii U, but I won’t be able to afford it for a while. Especially with the new Animal Crossing coming soon, and the 6th gen of Pokemon coming this fall… And even when I save up for a Wii U, I probably won’t have enough money left to buy any games for a while.

  5. Please dont touch the servers for Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 :'(I I NEED THOSE TO STAY UP FOR ALL ETERNITY. 4/13/2013 2:28 am i found fights online. I LOVE THIS TITLE FOR ITS THE BEST DRAGON BALL Z EVER MADE:(

  6. Does anyone know if this means Animal Crossing: City Folk will be hit by this? Will we lose the ability to send mail to other people and visit other towns?

  7. I am so sad that they took the nintendo chanel off the wii.I hope that they put it on the 3DS or the wii u.

  8. Too bad. The Wii News was just news, no bias or slant from TV personalities. No ads or pop ups. Organized so you could sift through and read what you want and skip over what you don’t care about. It had 2-3 days of stories in case you missed a day. It had scores within hours of the end of the game. You could silently read it at your own pace, and it was free.

    It was genius. No better source of news.

  9. (Complaint)

    Nintendo shouldn’t discontinue the Wii just yet! I understand about how there is a new product – (Wii U), is out, but doesn’t mean that the Wii should be shut down. The Wii U barely came out, it’s expensive, there isn’t any services on the Wii U, not a variety of Wii games, and I think the Wii is much more better than the Wii U. If Nintendo is SOOO rich, than they SHOULD keep paying for those services!


    Instead of discontinuing the Wii network services, you, Nintendo, should update/upgrade to newer versions of those discontinued channels for people who want them, they should be bought from the Wii Shop Channel. Please! Do it for the people who use the Wii network services!

    Thank you,


  10. I hope they at least make a new version of the Check Mii Out Channel, I loved it soooo much that I cried when I heard the news. I don’t really care for the other channels but the Check Mii Out channel is my favorite channel on the wii

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