fire_emblem_awakening_marth_screenshotNintendo has explained why characters in Fire Emblem Awakening have deformed feet. Well, apparently, the designers of the strategy role-playing game ultimately decided it wasn’t necessary for characters to have fully-featured feet. In a developer interview, the game’s art director, Toshiyuki Kusakihara, said that, because in-game characters primarily use handheld weapons for combat, he and his team felt it was OK to exclude some detail in their feet.

… We have to ask a question a lot of the fans are wondering — what happened with the feet? (laughs)

Toshiyuki Kusakihara:(Laughs) Well, they’re there…they’re just…omitted a little bit.

The idea was to add a unique sort of deformation to the characters. As for why it ended up like this… At the start of the project, we weren’t entirely sure how many bones and joints we’d be able to use in each character model. As it is now, there’s a joint at the knees, and then there’s nothing below that for the ankles and the feet. This makes it a bit easier to apply animation to models as well. We found out afterward that, with the 3DS, we had more than enough CPU strength available to flesh out the models a bit, add real ankles and so on. We were like “Well, if there’s a next time, maybe there’ll be more ankles…” (laughs)

We thought we could make it something that would work well with the characters, but now I’m not so sure. (laughs) So it’s hard to give a real reason for it, but…well, I think it’s kind of cute, though! (laughs) Isn’t it? They look like they’re wearing high heels. Aren’t high heels the big fashion these days?

Did you get any feedback about this from Japanese players as well?

Kusakihara: Yeah, some people focused on the feet a lot. (laughs) I think if this was a game that involved people kicking and such, we would have put in real ankles. Instead, you’re using handheld weapons for the most part, so we figured we could sort of omit some of the detail down there…

Fire Emblem Awakening launches later this week in Europe and Australia, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS. If you’re still unsure of whether you’re going to purchase the game, to help you decide, check out our Fire Emblem Awakening review.



  1. I like the feet the way they are. Gives the game more creative origionality. Hope it becomes a staple to the franchise and sticks around for the next game! 💋


    • You just showed you ignorance with that comment. The 3DS is a beast, you do know that the whole resident evil 5 was running on the 3DS right? The next generation leader and clear winner is the 3DS, now craw back under that under used bridge troll.


    • So you obviously didn’t read the article. They said they found out they had more than enough power to create feet, but didn’t feel the need to put them on. Read the article, or gET OUT YOU FOOL.


    • More accurately,

      “Nintendo cost-cutting and underpowered 3DS hardware has sales over 30 million and is the fasting selling console of ALL TIME.”

      And since you broke the yolk of being facetious in a shameless and embarrassing attempt to entertain yourself allow me to introduce you to some other “underpowered” and “cost-cutting” systems.

      Nintendo Color TV Game
      Atari 2600
      GameBoy Advance

      That is every single generation for console and handheld systems for 40 years. What do all those “underpowered” and “cost-cutting” systems have in common?

      They WON.

      *drops mic and walks off the stage*


      • All systems you mentioned except for the DS, the 3DS and the Wii weren’t underpowered. These were equipped with up to date hardware for the time they came out.

        The 3DS is far away from being a beast because even a piss poor Apple A4 CPU which is a Single core ARM Cortex A8 design is outperforming the 3DS’ stone age ARM11-MP-core. On the GPU side of things it had a little headroom but that is gone and almost every mid range to high end smartphone TI, Mali, Power VR or Adreno graphics processor is leaving the underclocked Pica200 in the dust.


        • Show me a phone or vita game as good as Revelations , Kid icarus , Mario Kart 7 , 3D land , Fire emblem , Luigi’s mansion 2.

          Luigi’s mansion 2 is leaving prety much all phone graphics in the dust. You should know Phones can only use a fraction of their specs as they are multi taskers.


            • It’s easy to sgow a phone game that smokes everything on the 3DS. Three simple terms “DEAD TRIGGER THD”.

              The games on a phone can use the whole GPU power because the only time it gets used outside of games is for hardware acceleration during UI interactions. On the CPU side of things there isn’t even anything that can stress s modern processor like the S4 pro’s or the new Qualcomm Gen because Android is a lightweight OS which is doing a very good job at memory and resource management. The iPhone on the other hand is an optimized hardware that is using as little power as possible to save it up for more demanding things that’s why there is little to no Multitasting on Apple devices.

              The PS Vita is well beyond anything that is possible on the Wii or the 3DS. Because of its 4 “core” GPU and its 4 core CPU (3 for games) it has a lot of potential for paralell processing.


            • He said ”as good” not ”looks as good”.
              News flash: games aren’t just about having better graphics.
              Though if there is ONE vita game that is as good as the titles he mentionned, it’s Persona 4 Golden. Aside from that, the vita library is extremely lacking.


            • I didn’t say graphically idiot I said ”as good” . Wipeout on Vita is a boring piece of shit with an annoying commentator and horrible out of date dubstep menu music.


        • PSP was more powerful than the DS, 360 and PS3 are more powerful than the Wii and Vita is more powerful than the 3DS.

          I’m not sure what your second paragraph was all about. The whole point of my post was to show that systems that either are weaker or weakest have won every single console war. ALL OF THEM. In my list of so-called “underpowered” consoles is the 3DS. So I don’t know why you went on this dissertation about the specs of the 3DS being inferior to Apple computers ans so forth. You just basically further proved my point.


          Do you even know what you are talking about? That was a failure of truly epic proportions.


      • The 3DS is the fastest selling for the first year. The DS sold just under 30 million in its third year alone. No console has come close yet.


  2. Anyone that can afford a 3DS XL and has not bought one needs to now. It has over 25 real AAAA famitsu titles on it. In every genre. Soon to get niño kuni, it already has monster hunter 3 Ultimate, Mario Kart 7, Super Mario bros 3DS, Fire Emblem awakening, Luigi’s mansion 2, Res revelations and a slew of other wonderful titles.

    Alba what can we expect for this new week?


    • Whoa slow down there Nino Kuni wasnt offically announced. I like defending nintendo like any other but dont be putting no false hope in people :p


    • Ni No Kuni – Not announced
      MH3U – It’s pretty cool
      MK7 – Meh, MKDS is far superior
      SMB 3DS – Sucks
      Fire Emblem – Loved the demo (Haven’t go the game yet in Aus :(
      LM2 – Best 3DS game to date IMO
      RE Revelations – Meh


  3. To me this sound like spin to cover up something that went wrong in the modeling process. I think that they probably wanted to use a base mesh for all the characters in the game rather than a separate mesh for each character.

    Whomever modeled the character either forgot to add the feet or something got messed up on the feet and they didn’t have the luxury of time to go back a remodel it.


  4. the ultimate hippies they have there feet underground because they can breath the earths soil. uuuuugggghhhhh a tree or 2 is not going to do anything and digging your feet in soil to sure that you are earth!!


  5. We who belong to the true core of Nintendo’s Swarm do not need to worry about such tiny insignificant things like small feet on game characters…

    When I played the demo, it was not even on my list of observation…

    Aslong as the game itself is great, their anatomy is for nothing…

    Wind Waker characters have even smaller feet and the game is a beast…


    • Then I guess you wouldn’t mind if they released a blurry, jaggy game of stick figure characters and sold it to you for $50+. Are people really this stupid? That’s it! Ive lost complete hope in humanity… =__=


    • @Nintendrone Commander
      Nope, Windwaker was the WORST game in the Zelda series (CDI aside). Where to begin? Ah, let me name just a few of the countless things wrong with this game 1. Repetive sailing: MY GOD did they rape the concept of sailing!


    • Cont.>Especially when hunting for Triforce pieces. The hours spent on purely sailing…*shudders* 2. You can’t even dive like in previous OoT/MM. You’d think they’d have added that feature, w/all the damn water, maybe even an underwater dungeon, but no.


    • 3. How can I take a Zelda game seriously, when [Link] resembles a Powerpuff Girl? It’s too “cartoony”. When I first saw what Ganondorf was reduced to, I burst out in a mixture of laughter & tears. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as hard…


      • Because the art style was directed that way…

        And a highly object of it being the worst in the series as Incan name Link’s Awakening and Four Swords there before WW…


    • 4. The main hero isn’t even part of the original hero’s bloodline. In fact, the game itself actually makes a point in telling you that the hero isn’t related to Link AT ALL, which to me, leaves this game out. 5. Last on the list, the game’s way too easy.


  6. This “no feet” talk reminds me of the idea of the Star Fox team in the SNES game having robotic feet to avoid blood from their upper bodies rushing to their lower legs, preventing them from passing out.


  7. Intelligent Systems made one hell of a game, of course Iwata greenlit the budget and resources for these guys to make such a well crafted game. Check out why I think Iwata should be around at Nintendo for a bit longer.


  8. Majority of people on here are so frustrating. I hate seeing other people get tormented by others, it’s not fair, and it’s pathetic. Everyone has opinions, but don’t go throwing them around like they’re facts.

    No the Wii U hasn’t done well at launch, but neither did the Nintendo DS. Look at the DS now, it has sold way over 100million units easily. I’m not saying the Wii U will achieve this, but Nintendo has plans in place.

    Anyway, it doesn’t matter. I have a Wii U, I’ll buy games for it when some decent first party games come out. If you don’t like that, then so what? If it has a flop like the Gamecube, at least I’ll know I was one of the people who enjoyed the console for what it was, and I wasn’t just a person jumping on a bandwagon to strike down the underdog.


  9. I didn’t even notice the feet when I tried out the demo (yeah, still don’t have the actual game) but even so, does it really matter how their feet look? :P Also, am I the only one who thinks that this guy (laughs) a little too much?


  10. I guess 360/PS3 douche-bags who play CoD with 5 year olds have “fun”. I certainly don’t. I like Nintendo, I like Xbox, and I like Play Station. Play Station exists only because Nintendo cut a project in the first place. Honestly, it doesn’t really matter what system you play. Have fun playing it and don’t bash others. And yes I do contradict myself. I don’t care.


  11. These sad people who cant accept that nintendo sega and atari are the REAL game producers microsoft and sony are computer companies


  12. Pc master race a load of people who only own a pc for gaming to cut costs. X Box master race a load of 6 year olds who play cod 24/7 .Playstaton master race 42 year old 622 pounds lives with his mom and dad once had a girlfriend but dumped her for his waifu. Nintendo master race people who get less games but are given less dlc and more complete games


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