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Cut The Rope Coming To Nintendo 3DS eShop


The immensely popular mobile puzzle game Cut the Rope will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS eShop. The game was announced for the platform during this weekends iDEAME, a gathering for indie development in Spain. Cut the Rope 3DS will be developed by Abylight, who are known for a number of WiiWare and DSiWare titles. The Nintendo 3DS version of the game will include all the additional levels from the PC and Mac versions and will also include various achievements and online leaderboards. The pricing and release date for the game is currently unknown. Will you be picking up Cut the Rope for Nintendo 3DS?

208 thoughts on “Cut The Rope Coming To Nintendo 3DS eShop”

  1. Isn’t it already on there technically, as a DSiWare title? Unless this new version will look better in higher resolution.

    1. Dont think so but a bunch of levels had ben ad to the smart phone version that is not avalible on the dsi shop.

      1. Hm I guess that’s an okay reasoning to bring it over again. I just hope the visuals are more upgraded this time. Just in the sense that not everything is so pixelated and edgy.

            1. Damage controll! You have proved to be like pachter so what i said is true also look at hard8 vídeos the dude is all day looking for porn. Thats a hardcore pc gamer and ps3 fan.

                1. Well if you consider pyro,blackbond and mr spagetti12 cool your mom will save a lot of money in proving your retardation.

                  1. And if your example of cool Nintendo gamers are yourself, Nintedward, and N-Dub Nation, then you are competely delusional!

                    1. What did you win? An argument on the Internet that nobody will remember in an hour. Good job, George Lopez 2.0!!

            2. I left the PS scene for the 360 after the ps2/psp era, ps3 didn’t really impress me honestly. Also I’ve been PC for quite a long time as well as Nintendo so I doubt your argument.

  2. The next DS should be multitouch, but has a pen like the surface, where if it close to the screen it will be capacitate.

      1. I don’t mind if its a ds because that’s what is going to greatly distinguish it from the next vita, they are basically the same, if you add the circle pad pro to the 3ds and the next one will probably have that integrated, I also think they need to have superior specs like 720 or even 1080p displays because these rigid graphics are terrible even on vita the best games aren’t great.

    1. I wouldn’t trash talk other systems when your beloved wii u’s are starving and collecting dust at the same time. Launch contained out of bad ports and tech demos aka NSMBU, ZombiU and Nintendoland. Drought until March where you got Grand Theft Auto: Kidz edition, Remake Hunter 3-3 and Need for old g Most Wanted. Now drought for unknown time until horrible 101 and Pikmin 3. After that another drought for unknown time.

      1. *Starving and collecting dust*
        It’s sold more in its 4 month launch frame than its competition because it’s doing a lot of things right, not the least of which was a smarter price point.
        The shitty ports, of which there are very few, are mostly made by shitty companies[looking at you mainly, EA. Grats on that golden poo], and the rest are pretty nice little gems.
        GTA sucks so hard that even Lego City can beat it[I don’t care what the rating system says; the content of the series, objectively, is still immature as fuck], and Monster Hunter is a system mover that even did well on the fucking VITA over in Japan.
        The rest is just a bunch of game’s you’re downplaying for the sake of supporting your weak-ass argument.
        If you can’t handle your precious little systems being trash talked about then you’ve got no right to bitch about it when someone else does it.
        Tuck your tail between your legs and go back to your bridge.

        1. The rest of games are daid tech demos. ZombiU sucks and is only good to see what is possible with gimmick, NSMBU was a normal ass 2D Mario game just like the 3DS game before amd tue Wii game before the 3DS gamr and DS game before the Wii game and the (S)NES games before the DS game. Wii Sports was a tech demo and b00n fils aime said Nintendoland is the Wii U’s Wii sports which makes it to said tech demo. Besides that it also only shows what you can do with gimmicks vut ZombiU is the gimmick introduction for adults and Ninte.doland the one for children. Monster Hunter is a Remake of a Remake (3Ultimate=3G=Tri)

          1. *Made a lot of typos there.

            First of all YES I DO have acess to a Wii U not my own one but I had plenty of time to try my brother’s out.

            But anyways I needed to do a little rant because that troll up there had a somewhat valid point. Wii U IS struggling no matter what people say. I doesn’t help that it sold a lot. The other consoles might have sold as much during their launch windows but they were outsold for longer times (tleast in my country). They still have no system sellers and they probably won’t have until the end of the year. Pikmin 3 is nice but not a “ZOMFHKLIJG MUST HAF DAT” game.

            1. *It doesn’t help*
              Uh, yeah, it does.
              It matters a lot that a system sells well in its first four months.
              It’s got system sellers, otherwise it would not have sold even half of what anything else did. People don’t buy systems to use as paper-weights.
              The only good point you made is that it just needs MORE system sellers.
              And it’s getting them.
              Good games don’t come out lickety-split.

          2. ZombiU has gotten patches that solved a lot of its issues, so it’s now a great game.
            NSMBU is also getting a patch specifically for a new mode featuring Luigi that will be far more challenging, so it’s out of the tech demo running as well.
            Wii Sports sold well because it was more than a tech demo and Nintendoland’s games are more fun than you’re giving them fair credit for.
            Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is an improvement over its predecessors. Being a remake is not a negative, only trolls who dig really hard for any excuse to bash without giving a game a fair trial would say otherwise.
            Also, quit spouting the word gimmick as if it’s a negative until you realize that graphics are just as big a sales gimmick as any type of new control method ever invented.

              1. In your opinion. From a technical standpoint they are both solid games, and both have gotten high scores from users.
                Just because you don’t like them doesn’t make them bad games.
                Same for me and my comment about GTA above; I think the series is absolutely the most stupid attempt at placating the ratings jockeys, who care about an M stamped on their game boxes, that any developer has ever put forth. I hate it with a purple passion.
                Doesn’t change the fact that it sells, and sells well.

                1. I am not a fan of GTA either. You have to admit though NSMBU is vastly inferior to offerings on other consoles and ZombiU is shovelware in disguise.

                  1. If you had asked me to agree with you a month ago, I would have.
                    But then I actually tried both games, after putting aside my misgivings and giving them both a fair chance.
                    NSMBU is as solid a platformer as you’ll ever find, and its later levels are much more varied than people give it credit for. It does set itself apart from its predecessors, but people who don’t look beyond the first world won’t ever know that.
                    ZombieU, while it has room for improvement, did something that none of the recent Resident Evil games managed to do; it brought back a real sense of horror and difficult survival to the survival horror genre.
                    It also takes a step out of the sissy field by actually showing a penalty for deaths, by making you start as a fresh character with no skills carried over, while still giving you the chance to go back and at least re-obtain your gear by killing your former self.
                    It needed more melee options, though, and a way of shaking zombies off.

                    Honestly, no one ever gives either of these games enough credit; they just look at previews without experiencing the entirety of the games for themselves. The journey is more important than the beginning or end of either of them.

  3. i cant wait for madden 14 gt6 deadspace 5 ff17 ac5 cod 12 gow5 halo6 sr4 re7 hitman 5 tombriader 18 killzone 5 resistance 6 god of war 5 jk.

        1. pokemon i really dont understand why, how does people still care about it and 2d mario needs to be harder and more different. please dont make another skyward sword, what the hell was that dog fucking shit!! its like they shit out ideas and ate it up again and it came up crapier

          1. Pokemon?
            People like it for the same reason they like any long-running series; the small changes to the bigger picture.
            Of course, you’ve also got that one side of the fanbase that does the EVA for raising all their Pokemon.
            Lots of hard-core statistical number crunching to raise near-perfect forms of tons of the critters. You’d probably be shocked at how in-depth such a simplistic-looking game series can be.
            As for 2D Mario, NSMBU is getting an entirely new Luigi patch that promises to bring increased difficulty, so keep an eye on that.
            As for Skyward Sword?
            It had a lot of room for improvement, for sure. It needed better side quests and more options for its new item creation/improvement mechanics. It could also have stood to give us more to do in the Sky, especially in terms of aerial combat, and the areas below the clouds could have used some opening up, since even though there was a lot to find in them, they still felt too small compared to past entries.
            But the story was grand and the controls[if one sets up their Wii appropriately and doesn’t swing the controller around like a retarded ADD/OCD-infected gorilla] responded well and really helped the immersion factor. Combat was a step above and beyond other versions and some of the puzzles were remarkably well implemented and clever.[especially during the sand boat area where you had to manipulate time to find your way around the ship]

          2. I would live to strangle that faggy squirrel in your avatar, and then shove it down your throat after I throw you down a flight of stairs. Go die, annoying bitch.

            1. That’s fucking Conker you idiot. Also, throw him down stairs and shove things down his thoart?Internet tough guy exposed!

      1. i wish we had 19 mario platformers.. mario 1 2 3 smw mario 64 sunshine smg1&2 nsmb ds nsmb wii nsmb 3ds nsmb wiiu and a few gameboy mario games… how many cods games did we get this gen? all of them but the 1st one… and they all blow where only the fake mario2 is a bad game.

        1. We did got the first 1 has a download. The only 1 missing is united offensive and in my opinion the best of cod.

                  1. *facepalm*

                    Only two Mario sold over 35 million, one of them (original Super Mario Bros.) was a pack-in for the NES throughout it’s life.

                    Anyway, people who enjoy Mario games will most likely buy it. Someone buying the game = 1 sale. Hence my comment: have fun playing those sales.

        2. Who cares about that CoD shit. Nintendo should dump the kiddy shit and focus on series like Metroid, Xenoblade, Fire Emblem, Eternal Darkness, and F-Zero.

              1. the nintendo fanboys are pretty bad on here or maybe in general, nintendo has been doing fucking i dont know what since the wii came out and there is to many things to count, everybody i know even if they like nintendo there like fuck you nintendo, and reggie is a fucking joke, this is him, my body is ready for non of the good games!!

          1. Catering to both sides helps them sell better than focusing solely on one side.
            It doesn’t matter how much people hate it; it’s a fact that its a smart strategy for sales.
            And big games require big funding, so the more they make off of the “kiddy shit”, the better off their big-names will be.

            1. the skyward thing up there, the faults you said were a lot of the things what i thought were wrong with it too and at least you didnt have annoying blind fanboy response and made good valid points. really after i played that game, i try secret of mana for the snes. that game was way better to me and i didnt think a snes game could be better than a new zelda game right after playing the new zelda

              1. I’d spend so much money on a Secret of Mana remake, but I know it’ll never happen.
                As for my points, well, I responded that way because I was trying to get some decent conversation happening, as a one-time exception.
                You’d get more responses like it, at least from me, if you’d list some of your reasons for not liking a game in a non-hateful way in the future.
                Just a tip.

                1. Oh, and one last tip: Take a look at the indie game Cryamore.
                  If you like Secret of Mana and have even a passing interest in Zelda or Final Fantasy, I think it will make you happy to know that it’s coming to the two systems from past gen[PS3, 360] and the Next-gen Wii U.

                2. I will tell you why Skyward Sword was not a great game:

                  – Forced, often unresponsive motion controls
                  – bare bones story that left a lot to be desired
                  – boring sidequests
                  – areas of the surface were not interconnected
                  – terrible pacing for the first half of the game
                  -uninteresting minor characters
                  – weak character development for demise
                  – limited number of enemies
                  – lack of difficulty settings

                  1. First one is entirely untrue. I set up my Wii appropriately beforehand and got perfect responses from it throughout my entire time playing it.

                    The side-quests I agree with, but the story was anything but bare-bones.

                    Areas of the surface not being connected? That was a part of the plot. You’re forgetting that this takes place in a time when Hyrule wasn’t even tamed by people; a lot of it would likely have been inaccessible to Link without years of travel, if not for the Sky route between them.

                    The slow pacing was meant to match the calm before the storm of the first part of the game. Before the tornado, they had a perfectly normal life above the clouds. It’s meant to reflect that.
                    Minor characters did need more work but I can definitely think of worse examples.[the majority of Skyrim NPC’s for example]

                    Demise came in at the very end of the game because he was literally sealed away all that time, with the only way to see him being in his monster form, so why did you expect deep development for him before that point? There’s no reason to count that as a fault.
                    Limited number of enemies has never been an issue before now. Link to the Past was the same way in enemies-per-battle but they were all still fun.

                    Lack of difficulty? Must not have played the boss rush in Hero mode, but other than that, yeah, it was easy. Didn’t make it less fun, though, and there are plenty of other games that deserve the same criticism.

                    Completely agreed on Fi, though. Captain obvious character of the year award for her, and I’d honestly rather have suffered through Navi again.

                    All in all, though, the game was not horrible by any stretch. Like any game, it had a lot of room for improvement, but it wasn’t a bad game in and of itself unless you were digging for reasons to hate it.

                    1. It was pretty bad. Nintendo overhyped that game. Zelda has really gone downhill. I think after the new titles for 3DS and Wii U Nintendo should put the series to rest. Let’s be serious Zelda will never again hit the peak it did with the two N64 games.

          2. yo sir, make a very good point. i would love to see a new xenoblade game (which we may get soon because thats clearly what X was) metroid game, f-zero, and eternal darkness. alot of times it seems like your trolling but you make valid points sometimes. nintendo needs to make more of these games.

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      1. That pic is yet another demonstration of bad work by developers.
        It’s not the fault of the console itself.
        I mean, take a look at all of the bad-texture areas in Arkham City on the Wii U.
        It’s the same case with the pic he just put up; bad job by the developers who made the pic.
        Both the Wii U and the PS4 have a TON of potential in terms of graphics.
        If a port or a remake ends up shitty at any point, it’s not the system’s fault; it’s the fault of the devs for not optimizing well enough.

        1. You’re right but that idiot has some nerve calling the PS4 a joke in terms of graphics if he/she is a Nintendo fanboy. If he/she is a PC gamer, he/she has a point.

          1. i agree and dissagree. no console is a joke. all of them will be amazing in their own way. wii u is great and ps4 will be great in their own ways. every console cant be the same or please every gamer, they have to differentiate themselves and please the people that like the console. theres a way to like one company and not hate every other console. i wish people would look into it and stop hating. im a ninty fan and i tell it like it is. wii u has horrid load times and freezes like a little bitch when you least expect it and has lesser graphics than ps4. but i still love the thing, and i dont hate other consoles because i love the wii u.

          2. Well, take a look at all the anti-Nintendo trolling that happens around here.
            Can you honestly blame them for lashing out after all the flak that Nintendo gamers get just for BEING Nintendo gamers?

            1. very true. we get most hate out of the gaming comunity. we get flack and hate for liking mario and zelda games or nintendos latest console just because everyone thinks nintendo is “kiddy” or “not hardcore”. its realy a fucking stupid thing and everyone should just go their own ways and not hate at all.

              1. You guys let all this phase you? How sad.

                People give me shit for liking Nintendo, I just ignore them.

                1. Even if you give them facts they will say you are hating. I know I am trolly sometimes but I make a lot of good points Nintendrones are scared to face.

                  1. Only the really horrible ones that feel phased by all the crap being slung at Nintendo will call you a hater.
                    If you’ve actually put up some logical points that don’t turn it into a session of “Oh this Nintendo stuff is inferior to everything else for this and that reason”, then you’ll get more positive responses than negatives, in my experience.
                    Ignore the trolls and go with your own flow.

                    1. Haha! It’s just fun to get the, “Fuck you!!! Nintendo is fucking amazing!!!” replies from Nintedward and the, “Go give head to Kaz Hirai, Jerkofftron!!!” from N-Dub Nation.

                      1. Haha I kinda agree with the N-Dub one. I find it sad how a 39 year old can act the way he does.

                        1. And I agree with you on N-Dub Nation. Most of the time I am just joking around with my comments but that guy is serious. I thought he was a teenager or in his early twenties at first, when I found out he was nearly 40 I laughed my ass off. Not even trolling or being rude I think the guy might be mentally challenged.

                        2. Yeah, the way he acts, he has to have something wrong with him. I’ve never seen anyone over 30 in my life act the way he does. Heck, the only people I’ve seen who act like him are the twelvies who play CoD.

                      2. You fucking idiot. I aint on no welfare and I never said I was. I am not applicable for welfare at the moment as I have too much money in the bank. Have a nice day.

                      3. neutrons one of the “haters” i respect because he DOES make good points sometimes and isnt blind as some

      2. xbox3 and ps4 games are gonna look like shit next to the pc game.. but wiiu has a new controller well a facelift to the standard controller everyone is using thats made up of nintendo dpads and buttonlayouts ect… who care about graphics…. you cant copy them so i doubt ms and sony care about graphics or they wouldn’t be making home consoles running dated tech from 5yrs ago

        1. call of duty??? did poop call us? the god of war? hes a gof wars? grandtheft auto?? ect. im not buying xbox 720 because spinning twice is pointless unless on skates a bike a skateboard or a snowboard

                    1. He is stupid beyond belive. Gimmicks are things that are ad to something that are not needed for it to work. Car radios are a gimmick close caption on tvs are gimmicks even internet and party chat are gimmicks but cause people like to use words whit out knowing the meaning they show there stupidity.

      3. oh man ps4 and xbox3 are running unreleased games from last gen with updated textures hotdog them games all feel the same… yet again. lol

      4. yes gimicks things that work once..light guns wiimote dpad rumble cameras mics save files 3d graphics triggers analog sticks pressure sensor buttons console expansions 4 controller ports memorycards networking… things that only worked once for its time for nintendo

          1. I think even someof the Nintendrones cannot defend NSMB.

            Zelda should just be over with after this generation. If they release a new title for 3DS and Wii U that will make it 18 entries! And let’s be serious they will never make another as good as A Link to the Past or the N64 games.

                1. yea i thought TP was boring and dull at times and majoras mask could of easily past ocarina of time if it had more than 1 year, so it could of been longer. last good zelda was windwaker and the best for me was the n64 titles. i think secret of mana blows zelda lttp out of the water though

          1. yup cant wait for the cycle of cod and mappacks to start over when this gen finally starts with ms and sonys dated wannabe consoles :]

      5. ps4 & 720!!! boom heres cod fight over what version looks better! is it xbox with its controller and pay to play? or sony with its free online and horrible controller? or has N WON ALREADY?! free online and new better standard controller plus mario zelda samus starfox fzero animal crossing pikmin wario yoshi kirby waverace 1080 battalionwars kid icarus mario kart party sports mother & punch-out sounds better then cod halo gow gta dmc killzone re metalgear and every other first and third person gun blade shit coming out

      6. kinect and move bwuahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…. hhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.. haahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

                    1. Sorry, unlike you, plenty of us still like to act civilized on the internet. It saddened me when I heard people like you existed.

      7. anyway games like cut the rope are part of whats “killing” console gaming and handhelds yet its released twice for nintendo.

      8. spikes video game awards are for ps360 fans thats why its full of trash rap music and bad actors… cant wait for ps4 and xbox3!! a new gen will spawn of wannabe rapstars and pop culture influenced whores playing more games for people that cant play video games…. the worst people on the face of this grey ball of shit killing fake worlds for the people that hate reality

      9. im happy nintendo don’t have a user image like that…orange plastic whores and coke dealers that rent apartments and drive jags from 2000

          1. me banned nah i been coming here since this site opened. im too big of a nintendo fanboy for banning isnt that clear yet?

            1. You make jokes about school shootings and think it’s fun. You should be banned, you should be wiped from existence.

                      1. Acronym Definition
                        LAWL Laughing A Whole Lot
                        LAWL Laughing All Wale Like (chat slang)
                        LAWL Laughing at Who’s Laughing
                        LAWL [not an acronym] LOL (Laughing Out Loud) spoken aloud

                        lets make acronyms longer derp

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