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Level 5 Teasing A Guild 02 Localisation Announcement?


It looks as though Level 5 is teasing a localisation announcement for Guild02. The developers previously teased the announcement of the original collection of games by releasing a teaser “Black Box” website. Now, it seems that Level 5 International America is teasing another Black Box announcement. Maybe we will get more details in the forthcoming Nintendo Direct which takes place on Wednesday, April 17th.

“The black box is back…! Do you know what it means?”

– Level 5 via Twitter

38 thoughts on “Level 5 Teasing A Guild 02 Localisation Announcement?”

    1. You already said it on many articles, we get it. move on! buy the Ps4 or next box, and go talk about things you like, you’re not contributing for this website.

      1. I will buy the PS4, and the Nextbox, and I already own the Wii U. So at least I can actually make a comment since I actually own the console.

        1. actually you don’t even need to own the WiiU to make a comment here, and you can’t even proof that you have one. Not that I doubt, just saying.

          Also, you said it is terrible, if you don’t like it sell it or play something else.

          I’m also getting a ps4, but that’s because of sony games, I bought the WiiU for Nintendo games, that’s the only thing I care in a console: GAMES. I know I will have a lot of fun with Zelda, Pikmin and Metroid. that’s all I care.

          graphics, features and all else, is just a bonus.

          1. That’s all I care about too. I never said anything bad about Nintendo’s software. They make some of the best games. I’m looking forward to those games as well.

            1. then you just have to be a little patient. By the end of this year, We’ll be playing Mario Kart, Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, Zelda Wind Waker, Mario Wii U, Xenoblade 2 and many other games including Indie Tittles and Virtual Console.

              Also, this time Microsoft will have to win me back with the next xbox. I don’t like their products, My first 360 died in a week, my second in 1 year, now I have a slim and I only bought other 360s because I have spent many money on games and xbox live, If I had to sell things, (not counting digital games) I would have a bigger loss. I still feel like an idiot to have spent so much money on their products. Also, they don’t have many exclusives, so I don’t even think I want to come back.

                1. It really sucks.

                  I’m playing monster hunter and it SUCKS me into that wonderful world, It feels TERRIBLE to turn it off… ;)

              1. LOL! He don’t have a Wiiu , he’s all fucking talk :) . Do you have a Wiiu Klautrec ? if so I would like to add U ?

                1. I already added you Nintendoward. I sent you an invitation telling you ”I’m from mynintendo news”. =)

  1. I guess people will start to steal walter’s identity soon. Successful trolls get trolls copying them them after all. Remember “the real Bill” thing? That caught on for a while

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