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Level 5’s Youkai Watch For Nintendo 3DS Dated For Japan (Trailer)

Level 5 has announced that its latest Nintendo 3DS roleplaying game Youkai Watch (Ghost Watch) will be coming to the handheld on July 11 in Japan. The game will be available at retail and also on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. The game lets players assume the role of either a boy named Keeta or a girl named Fumi as they collect and battle other ghosts. By using the Youkai Watch players can come across other ghosts in the game. There’s currently no word on a Western release for the intriguing game.

42 thoughts on “Level 5’s Youkai Watch For Nintendo 3DS Dated For Japan (Trailer)”

  1. Walter White is here to stay my children. It makes me laugh when I see how many Wii U consoles are on store shelves.

    1. I bet, you´re also standing in front of one of these shelves, pointing your finger on the Wii Us and laughing like a maniac.

    2. Like I told you elder brother Aeolus on numerous occasions, pride cometh before a fall. You like him shall eat your words as well and have no legible excuse for Nintendo’s console selling. Watch your own space and then do the pity walk for yourself in this near future lol. The Wii U is doing well, so are Nintendo’s stock.

        1. I sense you are got upset, good. Overcome your delusion now and embrace greatness as you shall feel our full presence and force soon, just as you are feeling the 3DS vanquish all comers. Yours are mundane and baseless comments, for you ignore history. Again I ask you kindly to change, so as in the coming future you are not butthurt on a nintendo website, because the Sony and Microsoft xbox ones lack intelligence, common sense and humility. That explains why you and yours shall buy an always online machine and xboxlive lol.

    3. The moment you realize those are empty display boxes. My local store has about 40 Wiiu boxes , but they only have about 10 Wiiu’s in stock.

            1. Add my Nintendo network ID on Wiiu go and check my miiverse comments and count all the commets with a tick on them (proves I have the game) You will see that I have a lot more games than someone on ”welfare” could of bought since the Wiiu launched.

              Nuff said.

  2. You could hear the cry of haters when this was confirmed for the 3ds. Wasnt has prety has in bayonetta but close.

  3. It looks a lot like Ni no kuni. specially the graphics. Battles looks more like dragon quest. I would buy it if they release here.

  4. Game looks great and looks fun to play. But what I liked most was de the music, that playful composition and somehow sinister arrangement work really well together and create a really cool atmophere for an otherwise (almost) too soft looking game.

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