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Tales of Symphonia Is The Most Popular Tales Game In The West


Tales of Symphonia producer Hideo Baba has revealed to Destructiod that Tales of Symphonia for the Gamecube was the most popular Tales game in the West. Baba believes that the success of the game was due to the fact that it was the first Tales title that was rendered in 3D polygons. Baba also revealed that the development team had a lot of help from Nintendo which allowed them to reach out to a broader audience.

 “I believe the success of Tales of Symphonia has multiple factors to it, the first being that it was the first Tales title that was rendered in 3D polygons, so we believe that was a huge component to its success.”

“Another huge component was that we had a lot of support from Nintendo, so that allowed us to reach out to a broader audience that we weren’t able to reach before.”

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52 thoughts on “Tales of Symphonia Is The Most Popular Tales Game In The West”

  1. Never got around to playing Tales of Symphonia, though I’m playing through Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of The New World now. However, Tales of Vesperia has been one of my favorite games of all time. I wonder where that one ranked as far as “popular in the west”.

    1. I would take a 3DS version like Tales of Abyss. Tales of Symphonia is a bit better graphically than Abyss though so I don’t know how it would turn out on 3DS.

    2. The GCN version is quite expensive and rare, so I kinda gave up and just downloaded it and played on the Game Cube with a homebrew SD loader thing… At least there’s the benefit of playing the game Undubbed, with original japanese voices that are much better overall.

    1. Do you think that has anything to do whit sales? I played the 360 tales and it was amaizing but they let the ball drop on promoting it Nintendo on the other hand promoted this vigorously wich helped gamecube owners to noticed. I vote for a hd version of this and his wii secuel.

  2. Symphonia was definitely my favorite. It’s very surprising to see that it was the most popular Tales game in the west seeing as how it’s on the GC which didn’t sell too well.

  3. They’d make so much money if they brought more Tales games to the Wii U and 3DS.
    It’s insane NOT to do it at this point!
    We haven’t forgotten Symphonia or Abyss, Baba.
    We bought those games because we loved them, and we’d do it for most of the other games in the series. You stand to make profit from spreading out to every single system this gen, but especially from the Wii U, because the fans never forgot how great Symphonia and Abyss were, and still are.
    Make. It. Happen.

      1. It was a japanese only port for the PS2 which had some removed and included features but wasnt as well recived.

  4. It’s my favorite tales of game so far, and it was the first one I played. It got me into the tales series, and one of my favorite games of all time.

      1. It’s not as pretty as Symphonia but still a very good game. If Symphonia was a 10, Abyss would be an 8.5 or 9.

      2. I think it might be better than Symphonia. Gameplay wise is definitely better. They are both amazing though.

  5. Tales of Vesperia is better. Hope they port it to Wii U. I’d buy it instantly even if I have the 360 version

  6. Excuse me, I believe there’s a typo in this article. For some reason you typed “Symphonia” when you clearly meant “Vesperia.”

  7. A HD version for the wii u would be awesome, and I think Nintendo would help them again if they were to make it, I mean, Nintendo should know the success Tales of Series has at least in Japan. Make it to the west would be another thing, but I bet that if they show it somewhere (like E3 or some convention) it would sell in the west more than other tales of games.

  8. Symphonia was the game that got me into the series, and even though I’ve played the majority of Tales games released here, Symphonia is still the best. The gameplay still works after all these years and it has the best story and characters in the series. I’ve always liked the “grey area” that is normaly used in Tales stories and Symphonia really got me thinking on whether the characters were really doing the right thing.

    I’d take either a Symphonia remake or a Symphonia 3 on Wii U, but only if they put effort into it. They treated Symphonia 2 like crap.

    1. Hey Baba, you say working with Nintendo helped you reach a broader audience?

      I’ve got a great idea. MAKE ANOTHER ONE!!

  9. I love all Tales games. Tales of Symphonia is one of my favorites games ever! Vesperia and Abyss are also just as amazing, but Symphonia was my first Tales game.

  10. I played the shit out of this game on the cube. it’s in fact my fav game of all time. its fucking sequel leaves a lot to be desired. I wanted to see ratatosks true form dammit!

  11. who wants to petition for HD remake or virtual console release!? no im joking. but the creator of the tales series HAS sayed he loves the wii u. we will most likely get either exclusives or multi plats with ps3. but in the case of getting it on VC is highly likely. considering wii u is backwards compat with wii so gamecube games would be on vc, just like wii was backwards with wii u and it had n64 games on vc. so its not out.

    1. If he loves the Wii U, it’d be nice if he showed it, rather than saying “Oh we’ll make a game, if other people support the system first”.

  12. This was a wonderful game and what got me into the Tales franchise in the first place. I still have my copy and NGC, as well as Dawn of The New World. Was not too keen on that one personally and felt it ended too quickly, but overall I love all of the games, as well as the animations ^_^

    Unfortunately they are hardly promoted around here in the UK. I only came across ToS due to GAME themselves advertising it in their upcoming section of their leaflet back in ’04. As for the others you only find out any info from websites mainly. When I pre-ordered Tales of Xillia for ps3 recently in-store the staff members didn’t even have a clue what I was on about until they looked in their folders. I wanted to kill them for that..

    1. I know right. I came across Symphonia when I was fourteen, digging around an insane games bargain bin for something to spend my birthday money on. Little did I know I had stumbbled across one of the greatest games I would ever play. Shame they aren’t promoted more Xx

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