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Coaster Crazy From Frontier Coming To Wii U eShop (Trailer)

From Frontier Developments, the creators of RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 and LostWinds, comes a rollercoaster game unlike any other – ‘Coaster Crazy Deluxe’ for Wii U on Nintendo eShop. Coaster Crazy Deluxe’s innovative blend of Crazy character gameplay challenges and Frontier’s incredible, easy to use 3D coaster construction system has players meeting the demands of their Crazy customers in order to build a cash making worldwide coaster empire.

Using their proprietary development technology and vast experience of coaster building games, Frontier has embraced the innovative control features of Wii U: building coasters in glorious 3D is effortless with stylus and/or the Wii UTM GamePad’s buttons and sticks; turn the GamePad to move the in-game view and flick the Gamepad upwards to eject the Crazies from the coaster. Coaster Crazy Deluxe will be available only on Nintendo eShop, pricing and release date to be announced soon.

58 thoughts on “Coaster Crazy From Frontier Coming To Wii U eShop (Trailer)”

  1. The game looks interesting, and I love rollarcoaster simulations. But the textures look a bit stale, though I do love the idea of throwing all the passengers out of their seats. :)

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        1. waited 8 months for xenoblade, 6 months for last story and over a year for pandoras tower and they were already in english too, yea pikmin is a horrible wait!!

  3. I hope it’s more like RollerCoaster Tycoon, more than a RollerCoaster creator.
    And by that I mean, I hope you manage a theme park, and not just build coasters.
    If it is like RollerCoaster Tycoon, I’ll buy it in a heartbeat.

  4. I feel like a lot of people will shoulder this off as shovel ware, but it actually looks pretty impressive. I didn’t expect much from the trailer, but it looks very customizeable. Hope it isn’t JUST roller coasters. This game could be really fun. 💋

    1. do you think you could make a roller coaster that makes a huge jump so the all die…. thats so funny like the old ones, why would those stupid fucks go on a ride that is clearly not done just a death jump, and make a sign called roller death haha

  5. I used to have a roller coaster building game called Ultimate Ride that I enjoyed when I was younger. This doesn’t look quite as good or as flexible with construction but it seems like it’s worth trying.


  6. The game that everyone wants! *sarcastic

    The textures are bad, the gameplay mechanics are as good as a mobile game, overpriced, will get you bored in a few hours at best, shovelware title. If I wanted to watch people on a roller coaster, I would watch a real one myself, or better yet, ride on one with a way more better experience than looking into a tiny screen.


    Moving on.

  7. holy shit!! haha zoo tycoon is so funny, breaking the dinosaurs out and everybody running away!! then the dinosaurs are taking shits everywhere and the little ones start getting eaten by the big ones. that game was funny has hell when i was younger because you could easily screw everybodys good time with a jurassic park incident haha.

  8. oh this looks great, worth buying a WiiU for, this game is out on ios for free & i had no interest in it then for free let alone paying money for it, it is all good & well supporting the indie developers but where are the proper full fat games for the WiiU Nintendo ?

  9. It’s a good game I have it on my iPhone and I play it everyday bc it has challenges and some levels are really hard haha..

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