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Luigi-Themed Nintendo 3DS XL Hitting Japan


Japan will be getting yet another Nintendo 3DS XL design. During today’s Japanese Nintendo Direct, Nintendo gave us a first look at the new, Luigi-themed Nintendo 3DS XL, which is shown in the picture above. Considering that this year is the “Year of Luigi,” let’s hope the new design makes it to the West.

38 thoughts on “Luigi-Themed Nintendo 3DS XL Hitting Japan”

  1. Huh. I was expecting an entirely green 3ds XL. Not too shabby, I guess, but I’ll stick with my FE Awakening 3DS

  2. its looks like a camo…
    so far in my oppinion, the best designs are the Zelda 3ds, FE 3ds and the animal crossing white 3ds xl. No special edition 3ds has beaten those three..

    1. This has a “Spring-Time” look, and I’m very happy for everyone who likes it, truly I am.

      But for God’s sake, do they really think Black won’t sell well?

      My first 3DS came in black. My WiiU came in black… Was black really such a sales failure that the XL can’t be produced with a black shell?

      It’s fine, I’m just bitching, I painted mine black, but It’s not a GREAT paint job, just pretty good. I’d like a REAL black one someday.

      1. I’m happy with my Silver. But I agree NOA is being snide when it comes to XL color choices. It’s like they are saving them for a holiday season sales surge or something like that.

        Holiday season you will get White , Black , Silver and maybe a pokemon one or something like that.

    1. I would rather not spend the money on a bundle for a game I’m not quite ready to get into, but I appreciate the thought. :)

  3. You see the way Luigi is defined purely by a single colour and shape? I’d like a single Luigi defined like that in white, centered and with a Green Background. TI think it would look much better.

  4. It would be awesome if they just made the shells removable and create like paintable versions etc. That would be ubercool.

  5. Why can’t they release more stuff like this in North America or better yet, more colours for the 3DS and 3DS XL… I want an Emerald Coloured 3DS XL Nintendo!!!

  6. Excuse me, but this Luigi camo print is the most inspired design out of all the 3DS XL designs. It’s got season and fashion trend in mind along with a great color palette. It’s definitely something you could take out and show off. It’s mature sensibility meets the charm and silliness that is so characteristic of Luigi. I love it!

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