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Mario and Luigi: Dream Team Bros. Coming July 12 To Europe

The latest Nintendo direct has begun and straight off the mark Mario and Luigi: Dream Team Bros. will be released in Europe this summer, July 12 for the Nintendo 3DS. Flanked by Mario and Luigi, Satoru Iwata talks about the game, you check out the trailer here. Are you looking forward to this game?


  1. Damnit… this game looks too good! I was hoping it would look bad so I wouldn’t have to buy it! Curse you Nintendo for making awesome games!!! I am running out of money because of you! 💋

  2. I recently got into this series, so I won’t be buying this one quite yet (need to beat the others) but I’ll definitely be buying it in the longrun

  3. Oh NO! Not another Princes Peach kidnapping. That’s starting to get REAL tiresome. But this looks awesome!

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