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Nintendo 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro Available On North American Store, Ships April 19th


The official Nintendo of America web store is now selling the Circle Pad Pro XL for those of you that own a Nintendo 3DS XL. The item is available to purchase, but it won’t begin shipping until April 19th. The Circle Pad Pro XL is compatible with games such as Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. Will you be purchasing one?

86 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro Available On North American Store, Ships April 19th”

          1. Sigh… Apparently I’m arguing with a very childish person that stopped maturing at the age 12 (If that age has even been achieved). Go ahead and say whatever you like, but you’re not going to here another response from me. I only take a conversation that is relevant to my interest, and this one is not.

          1. I’d agree. Don’t have time for a pathetic bat. It’s just very plain. Of course, it’s a first gen pokemon(don’t take this the wrong way).

  1. Maybe nintedward will get excited and he will have sex with his 3ds again except with the circle pad pro this time.

        1. Other sources of income. Someone could be paying him royalties. Or he could be on welfare and cheat the system (Not saying he is, just using as example)

          1. Lol , your fragile mind and its conspiracy theories please me greatly.

            I used to work 5-7 days a week , saved up a lot of money and I got inheritance money which is what is. Call it ”undeserved” or whatever , but it’s not my fault certain members of my family (who I loved) are now dead.

            1. Inheritance money is a legitimate source of income. A lot of my investments were bought with inheritance money.

              1. It’s all good. I have a small share in a Health food shop my mother owns. That provides a source of income to me. I also live in an apartment that my mother owns , so I basically get to live here for next to nothing.

            2. Jellybean and I are making conspiracies? Nintendo fanboys think the rest of the industry is plotting against your beloved company.

        2. Heck if I wanted to. I could quit my job and live off my investments. But I’m not because I would get bored as all hell.

          1. You seem like someone who actually knows about the stock market unlike the Nintendrones who only invest in Nintendo and can’t understand when they lose money.

            1. I only know how it operates :P I suck at playing the stock market though. Property market is where I shine.

            2. Ignoring that Some Sony Fanboys invest in Sony that had to sell their headquarters in order to make ends meet. Also ignoring Nintendo’s $200 million headquarters expected to hire over 1,500 new employees. BUT because SONY aint NINTENDO it’s ok to invest in SONY.

    1. Again ? I haven’t stopped having sex with my 3DS , which does infact work perfectly without a CPP on Monster Hunter Ultimate.

  2. am I the only one who doesn’t think this is an abomination? I don’t use it, but I’m totally ok with it. Abomination would be if Nintendo released the XL with a second analog.

    1. As much as the normal 3DS CPP feels nice to hold. They do look pretty ridiculous. And they kinda take away the point of it being easily portable.

                1. Please come back when you learn how to structure a sentence to at least an acceptable level. Until then I’ll go play the Soul Sacrifice demo.

            1. shut up, you are the troll that don’t like nintendo, goes play PS Vita or the dust that it has, bitch!

  3. Make your 3DS XL even more ugly! Just for 29.99.
    I don’t like the design of the XL, it is too… dry, I like more the original 3DS

  4. Yes! I like it, I don’t care what other people say, maybe it’s not ideal, but damn it, it works and it feels pretty good.

  5. Anyone know if the additional shoulder buttons act as secondary L and R buttons? I wanna play Kid Icarus more without worrying about busting my actual L button.

  6. This is awesome, I was just about to import this from Japan too.

    Good thing I didn’t place that order yet

  7. Cristian (Agitokazu)

    Dang this sucks :/ i recently imported mine about 2 weeks ago -_- Nintendo of America your late…

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