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Platinum Games Talk About Sales Struggles And Low Bayonetta Sales


Respected video game developer Platinum Games have sat down with Polygon to discuss a number of issues that have been troubling the acclaimed company. Platinum Games admit that they’re happy with their output, but their sales haven’t met company expectations. They also confess that sales of the original Bayonetta weren’t as much as they had originally hoped for. The development studio is working on a number of projects and they’re also investigating iOS and Android development, and they already have prototypes. Here’s some key points from the feature.

  • They’re happy with their quality, but not their sales.
  • Bayonetta was less than expected.
  • They’re currently working on titles for both first and third parties.
  • They’re investigating iOS and Android development, and already have prototypes.
  • They’re definitely looking into art styles that might appeal more to the West, but also game designs that appeal more to the West.
  • However, they still want to make games that they want to make.
  • They have also had several canceled games, including one in a well known franchise that was far enough along that they could have made a trailer.

47 thoughts on “Platinum Games Talk About Sales Struggles And Low Bayonetta Sales”

        1. Anarchy Reigns was more or less the sequel to MadWorld as it included a bunch of the characters from MadWorld such as the main character Jack.

  1. Ahh what the fuck, dont cancel games Platinum -.-

    I hope they make another Vanguish game.
    Fuck the generic Western gamers, there’s stupid anyway, they all want the same boring shit. They don’t want your games as is then they can fuck off.

    1. The Troll Who Owns a 3DS (AND WII U!)

      oh look at you, you’re so smart. Just because two companies put out the same game over and over again and a lot of people play them means that ALL western gamers are stupid and want the “same boring shit”.

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            1. Not supporting anyone you illiterate fuck. N-Dub is extremely more racist than the guy above. If you took your fanboy goggles off you would see.

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                    1. It has one of two meanings.

                      1) Happy.
                      2) Homosexual.

                      You don’t use it in the happy sense.

            2. Also, I notice how you aren’t attacking Dragon for stereotyping all Western gamers … Different rules for Nintendo fans I assume?

      1. I think you missed the point.
        Look at the sales COD gets.
        That’s a huge amount of the Western market, a stupid market, that unfortunately is impressionable, and makes other devs say “well we want that money too”, unaware that people who play only COD are basically casual gamers.
        No, not at Western devs are like that, obviously, and not all Western gamers are like that. Fact is, why does a shitty game have to create a negative effect on every other developer, throughout the world? The Western market is shit, and it’s being shaped and ruined by a bunch of brain dead fuckwits who keep buying the same shit over and fucking over.

      2. Hey troll who owns a 3DS get you Jewish and black people hating self off our site. He stated “the generic western gamers,” but you had to use your inbred mind to insult God’s people black and Jewish, to appease your fears and insecurities. Keep on moving to your Microsoft bigoted xbox.

        1. Um, that comment wasn’t bigotry though. Use your reading comprehension skills. “The Troll” was making a sarcastic comparison to point out that it’s not fair to judge a group by a few bad examples. Saying all black people steal televisions isn’t fair to say because you’re judging the entire group by bad examples and not looking at the whole picture. That’s a comparison — that’s not advocating racism — if anything, it’s fighting racism and stereotyping.

    1. My thoughts exactly. We must support Bayonetta 2, just like we have monster hunter 3 Ultimate. Or else developers will unleash casual zone FPS galore just like last gen.

    2. Given that they are disappointed with the 1 million sales of Bayonetta I think its looking pretty clear that they are going to be disappointed with Bayonetta 2, except for the fact Nintendo is publishing.

  2. It’s sad that their games don’t sell so well.

    After Nintendo, they’re pretty much the best developer around.

    I hope Bayonetta 2 gets some decent sales. And the Wonderful 101.

    1. They should have used that CryEngine to perfection and ported a vanquish to the Wii. That way Wii U owners would have supported a Vanquish 2.

    1. I’m pretty sure some of Nintendo’s employees are helping out with Bayonetta II. I don’t think it will, by any chance, be a fail.

  3. I will convince my forces to buy Bayonetta 2 so that they will basically make games only for Nintendo, well most of the time…

  4. Platinum games are my favorite developers they are even better than nintendo imo. Metal gear rising,bayonetta,vanquish etc.all of those games are amazing. I cant wait for their upcomin games.

  5. Please work on a Mysterious Murasame Castle reboot after Bayonetta 2, Kamiya-san. I can trust you with this game way more than any of Nintendo’s developers nowadays.

  6. I plan to support Bayonetta 2 and the Wonderful 101. What’s funny however, is all these “so called” core gamers being upset about Bayonetta 2 being a Wii U exclusive, but they didn’t really support the 1st one. So many core games hadn’t meet sales expectations, such as, Dead Space 3, Hitman, and Tomb Raider. This is why many publishers/developers need to develop for ALL consoles in order to maximize profits. Truth be told, regardless of what console you own, if you have one, it’s obvious that you like video games. Therefore every attempt should be made to put a game on every console.

    1. The core gamers are probably the only ones that bought the first game. Fans of the original are the ones upset.

  7. Wow, that’s a shame. Considering that their games are good. I would invest more money into their games than EA and Ubisoft combine

  8. I love PlatinumGames, they are one of my favourite video game developers around. I have only played MadWorld and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and they are awesome games.
    I’m still need to pick up Bayonetta, Vanquish, Infinite Space and Anarchy Reigns.
    I will also defiantly buy Bayonetta 2 and The Wonderful 101 when they are released though I still need to get a Wii U first which I plan on getting soon in a few months.

  9. I been stuck on Metal Gear Rising for most of my morning… I finally just gave up and switched it off. So forgive me if I say that, either Platinum games NEEDS to lower their expectations…. A lot. Their challenging standards. Their Sales standards. Their company standards. You set the bar so high, and think EVERYONE is gonna “dive” into it like a pool of ice cream and love it… then when you fail, and fall short, you can’t understand why. So lower the expectations of “casual players” as some like to refer to them…


    They can close their doors… I never played Vanquish, or Bayonette; whatever the hell it’s called. Only game I ever played from them was MGR. And that in itself was a curve ball from hell… I am utterly disappointed and frustrated that a game I was absolutely pumped for, now; has become a brutal insufferable mess of frustratingly difficult gameplay that would drive any player to the brink of smashing their game to pieces. Never have I struggled with such a game. In general OR the Metal Gear Franchise… And if they do make a second, I will not buy it; only rent it… and if Platinum develops it, I most certainly WILL NOT buy it! I don’t hand out $60 to be given a game to make me miserable, because they wanna be cute and feel going back to a more “challenging” standard will make a game loved again by the players. Their does exist a LIMIT to that… and in last year in a half, we seen plenty games being botched by developers in the face of it…

    This has nothing to do with western developers… or of players who like having their hand held…

    It’s a matter of knowing where to SET the bar on your titles you put out, knowing what’s gonna appeal to the audience, and NOT what your going to try to force on them or shovel down their throat… and knowing to draw the line between an Impossibly CHALLENGING game… and an Excessively overbearing game that hinges on “Perfectionism”.

    THAT is why they are struggling, THAT is why they’re sales are poor, because players aren’t going to sit, and struggle to play a game for 3-4 hours these guys make simply because, they set their standards so high people lose any form of “enjoyment” trying to play and meet them completely.

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