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Ace Attorney 5 Limited Edition Announced


Capcom has announced that it plans to release a special limited edition version of the long-awaited Ace Attorney 5. The special edition version of the game include a Phoenix Wright figure, a Phoenix Wright-styled Nintendo 3DS pouch, stickers, and one of three special edition game sleeves. The limited edition version of Ace Attorney 5 comes with the following:

  • Ace Attorney 5 game cartridge
  • 1/10 scale Phoenix Wright figure
  • Wright style pouch
  • Ace Attorney 5 chibi character stickers

20 thoughts on “Ace Attorney 5 Limited Edition Announced”

    1. WOW! U do hate Nintendo. QUESTION: Why continue to visit a blog that supports a company you don’t like? For example, I’m not an Xbox fan. So you’ll never see me on their blogs. Why? Waste of my time. I would like to believe you have more important stuff to do through out the day, instead of trolling every article!

  1. I have no objections to the testimony – I WISH to add the game to my Court Record for further examination…that is, if the defendants don’t have a problem with this! X3

    God, I do loves me some Ace Attorney! <3

    1. Same, I have all their games! and Getting the limited Edition stuff would just be an added bonus! Localize! <3

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