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GAME Now Selling Wii U And 3DS eShop Codes

game_logoFrom today, GAME will become the first retailer in Europe to sell Nintendo eShop codes online and in store. The new offering, which coincides with the launch of Fire Emblem, is exclusive to GAME and will allow customers across Europe to purchase digital games for Wii U and 3DS consoles. Customers will be issued codes via till receipt (for in-store purchases) or email (when bought online), ensuring they are the first to get their hands on the latest games.

Once activated, codes can be entered into the Nintendo eShop on the console and the game will be downloaded.  The Nintendo partnership with GAME also makes it possible for gamers across Europe to purchase codes through its online store via PayPal or credit/debit card.
For customers in the UK, GAME is also offering an extra 25% trade-in value on selected game trade-ins* against Nintendo eShop purchases in store.

Thanks, Greg

18 thoughts on “GAME Now Selling Wii U And 3DS eShop Codes”

          1. Could be like gamestop here. There are the only ones doing Nintendo codes on the store while others are just online.

      1. To be honest, there’s no EB Games (gamestop in Australia) that I like going to, but the $5 difference between going there and going another 7 or 8km to go to JB Hi Fi isn’t worth it, so I usually just go to EB even though I’ve actually received the incorrect game in the case once and was also charged double for my Wii U until I went in store with a printed copy of what was taken from my bank account.

        EB Games is pretty much completely fucking useless, and I only go there because it’s easier to get to. The GameStop you use must be better than mine though.

    1. Ugh not another one !

      There is nothing wrong with GAME, why not at least try & support a actual high street game store, there are not many left !

  1. I don’t mind download only but I won’t buy one until it’s cheaper than it is in store and at the moment it’s often more expensive. I mean there’s zero distribution cost, you usually can’t transfer what you’ve bought to another machine (take it to your mates house for example) and you can’t re-sell. In every aspect it’s worse for the consumer and better for the retailer.

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