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Nintendo Letter Box Update For Europe Now On eShop

nintendo-letter-boxThe brand new update for the Nintendo Letter Box has eventually found its way to European shores. The update, which allows you to use different colours on each page when writing, was originally meant for release on April 4 in Europe, but unfortunately it didn’t quite reach its destination. To retrieve the update, head over to the eShop and click to download the software straight onto your 3DS. North America received the Swapnote update over a week ago, and a list of the updated features can be found here.

8 thoughts on “Nintendo Letter Box Update For Europe Now On eShop”

  1. Once you use Miiverse , this application becomes irrelivant. 3DS needs its own version of Miiverse , THAT WOULD BE AWESOME. And a way to switch it over to the Wiiu Miiverse or back to 3DS miiverse. It would be hard for them to set up now anyway , because they would have to add hundreds of communities of previously released games. :/

    1. They are already planning on doing that. But it’s gonna take long because SHITENDO right? They always take LONG FUCKING TIME TO RELEASE THERE RECYCLED SHOVELWARE TO FEED THEIR HUNGRY FANS. Nostalgia is the only thing keeping nintendo alive. Mario was being milked but now look at Zelda, that’s also starting to get recycled. 4 Zelda games this year? Yep totally not overdoing it.

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